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DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 11/28/2023

Connect Coordinating Center
Name Room Phone E-mail
Gaudet, Mia M., M.S.P.H., Ph.D. (Senior Scientist, Connect for Cancer Prevention Study) SG/7E584
Armani, Joe (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Bransteitter, Brian R (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)858-7978
Brotzman, Michelle Joy, M.P.H. (Study Manager) SG/7E582 (240)276-5793
Cunnane, Aileen (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Cusack, Julie M., M.P.H. (Contractor) SG/7E404 (301)580-6723
DePietro, Deanna, M.P.H. SG/7E308 (240)276-7320
Dowling, Kelsey, M.S. (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Florey, Jessica (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Gerlanc, Nicole M., Ph.D. (Lead Data Analyst) SG/7E566
Hopkins, Domonique C., B.S. (Contractor) SG/7E124 (240)276-7150
Horner, Marie-Josèphe, Ph.D. SG/7E586 (240)276-5056
Johnson, Davin K. (Contractor) (240)276-6573
Kent, Rose (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
King, Keri L. (Contractor) Off-site (404)849-0255
Lu, Warren (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Mazzilli, Kaitlyn M (Contractor) BG 9609 MEDICAL CENTER DRIVE RM 7E404 (240)276-7389
Natarajan, Madhuri, M.P.H. (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-6498
Onyekere, Sandra U. SG/7E404 (240)276-6573
Peters, Jake, Ph.D. (Contractor) SG/1W332 (240)276-6573
Petersen, Tony, Bachelor of Computer Science (Contractor)
Roberts, Amelia M., M.P.H. (Contractor) SG/7E426 (240)276-5793
Sansale, Rebecca J. (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Shin, Hana (Contractor) SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Thomas, Aleah, B.S. SG/7E404 (240)276-7839
Weinstein, Stephanie J., Ph.D. SG/6E426 (240)276-7209
Wentzensen, Nicolas, M.D., Ph.D. SG/6E448 (240)276-7303
Wu, Jing, M.D., M.S. (Contractor)
Wyatt, Kathleen S., M.S. (Contractor) SG/7E318 (240)760-6555