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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 09/23/2021

Name Branch Room Phone E-mail
Abdolalizadeh, Ehssan, B.A.Sc. LTG CRL/3402C (240)760-6459
Abnet, Christian C., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chief) MEB SG/6E410 (240)276-7213
Abubakar, Mustapha, M.D., Ph.D. ITEB SG/7E222 (240)276-5091
Advani, Pragati, M.D., Dr.P.H., M.P.H. REB SG/7E528 (240)276-7049
Ahearn, Thomas U., Ph.D., M.P.H. TDRP SG/7E228 (240)276-7587
Albanes, Demetrius, M.D. MEB SG/6E342 (240)276-7212
Albert, Paul S., Ph.D. (Chief) BB SG/7E146 (240)276-7593
Allen, Gloria J. CGB SG/6E510 (240)276-7223
Almani, Farideh (Contractor) CGB SG/6E544 (865)576-8818
Almeida, Jonas S., Ph.D. (Chief Data Scientist) TDRP SG/7E542 (240)276-7977
Alsaggaf, Rotana, Ph.D., M.S. CGB SG/6E530 (240)276-6402
Alter, Blanche P., M.D., M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) CGB
Altintas, Burak, M.D. CGB (240)276-7450
Ammons, Samantha, M.P.H. OEEB SG
Amundadottir, Laufey, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3118 (240)760-6454
Andreotti, Gabriella, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E622 (240)276-7284
Arias, Josh Daniel, M.S. OEEB SG/6E610 (240)276-7166
Aron, Jordan R, B.A. BB SG/7E118
Aryavand, Margarita R., C.F.N.P. CGB SG/6E518 (240)276-5821
Baker, Francine S., B.S. LTG CRL/3416J (240)760-6459
Balasubramanian, Jeya, Ph.D., M.S. TDRP SG 7E310 (240)276-6385
Ballew, Bari, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2124 (240)760-7032
Banday, Abdul Rouf, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3416 (240)760-6455
Barnholtz-Sloan, Jill S., Ph.D. TDRP SG/7E404 (216)577-4418
Barra, Gene J. (Contractor) TDRP (240)276-6573
Bartelloni, Alexis M., M.S.P.H (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Bass, Sara (Contractor) CGR CRL/2108 (240)760-6456
Bayer, Jessica, B.S. (Contractor) CGB SG/6E578 (240)276-6845
Beane Freeman, Laura, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E136 (240)276-7439
Beerman, Michael B. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2116 (240)760-6458
Bell, Bridgett, M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E644 (240)276-7167
Berg, Christine Dorothy (Special Volunteer) OD
Berndt, Sonja I., Pharm.D., Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E126 (240)276-7166
Bernstein, Aaron, M.Phil. TDRP
Berrington de González, Amy, D.Phil. (Chief) REB SG/7E458 (240)276-7376
Bhawsar, Praphulla M. TDRP SG/7E228 (240)276-7977
Black, Amanda, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Associate Director, Biological Resources) OD SG/7E424 (240)276-7411
Blair, Aaron E., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Scientist Emeritus) OEEB SG/6E630 (240)276-7438
Bodelon, Clara, Ph.D., M.S. ITEB SG/7E238 (240)276-7327
Boland, Joseph (Special Volunteer) CGR
Borrego, David, Ph.D. (Independent Research Scholar) REB SG/7E438 (240)276-5414
Bouk, Aaron J. (Contractor) CGR CRL/1414H (240)760-6461
Bradley, Marie, Ph.D., MScPH, MPharm (Special Volunteer) ITEB
Brandt, Carolyn, B.S. REB SG/7E510
Breeze, Charles, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E618 (240)276-7280
Bremer, Renée, M.S. CGB SG/6E518 (240)276-7266
Brodie, Seth, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) CGR
Brotzman, Michelle Joy, M.P.H. (Study Manager) TDRP SG/7E446 (240)276-5793
Brown, Derek, Ph.D., M.S. ITEB SG/7E226 (240)276-7146
Brown, Jalen K., B.S. IIB SG/6E226 (678)571-1829
Brown, Kevin, Ph.D. (Head) LTG CRL/3126 (240)760-6463
Brown, Maria T. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2306F (240)760-6464
Brown, Sandra SG/6E220 (240)276-7183
Buck, Lauren (Contractor) OD Off-site (301)680-9770
Buller, Ian, Ph.D., M.A. OEEB SG/2W166 (240)276-7061
Burdett, Laurie, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2102 (240)760-6465
Butler, Eboneé Nicole, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E-332 (240)276-5041
Cahoon, Elizabeth K., Ph.D., M.H.S., S.M. (Stadtman Investigator) REB SG/7E452 (240)276-7401
Camargo, Maria Constanza, Ph.D. (Stadtman Investigator) MEB SG/6E338 (240)276-7175
Cantor, Kenneth, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) OEEB
Caporaso, Neil E., M.D. (Scientist Emeritus) OD SG/7E422 (240)276-7150
Carroll, Raymond (Adjunct) BB Off-site
Carvajal Raventos, Loretto J. IIB SG (240)620-0693
Castle, Philip, Ph.D. CGB SG/5E410 (240)276-7120
Chandler, Patricia OD SG/7E420 (240)276-7360
Chang, Chi Dan Vicky, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E128 (240)276-7262
Chanock, Stephen J., M.D. (Director) OD SG/7E412 (240)276-7150
Chapman, Lesley Maraina, Ph.D. CGB (240)858-3036
Char, Erin Mei-Ling, B.A. LTG CRL/3402D (240)760-6459
Chatterjee, Nilanjan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) TDRP Off-site
Chaturvedi, Anil K., Ph.D. CGB SG/6E238 (240)276-7193
Check, David BB SG/7E624 (240)276-7430
Chen, Xiaojian (Contractor) CGB SG/7E610 (240)276-7677
Chen, Yingxi (Cimo), M.D., Ph.D. MEB SG/6E328 (240)276-5886
Cheung, Li, Ph.D. BB SG/7E612 (240)276-5812
Chizhov, Konstantin, Ph.D. REB SG/7E570 (240)276-6907
Choi, Jiyeon, Ph.D. (Stadtman Investigator) LTG CRL/3116 (240)760-6474
Chowdhury, Salma, M.S. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2306E (240)760-6475
Chung, Charles (Contractor) CGR ATC/152D (240)760-6476
Cioffi, Gino, M.P.H. (Contractor) TDRP
Clarke, Megan A., Ph.D., M.H.S. (Stadtman Investigator) CGB SG/6E552 (240)276-7823
Cohen, Camryn M., B.S. CGB SG/6E556 (240)276-7271
Cole, Nathan, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2116 (240)760-6478
Cole, Sarah Spring, M.D. CGB SG/6E436 (240)276-5241
Collins, Irene, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG CRL/3316J (240)760-6479
Colón-Matos, Frank J., B.S. ITEB
Cook, Michael B., Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) MEB
Costello, Maura Kate (Contractor) OD SG/7E422 (240)276-7611
Cullen, Michael, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) CGR
Cunnane, Aileen (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Curtis, Rochelle E., M.A. REB SG/7E516 (240)276-7384
Cusack, Julie M., M.P.H. (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E404 (301)580-6723
D'Arcy, Monica E, Ph.D. BB SG/6E208 (240)276-5757 monica.d'
Dagnall, Casey (Contractor) CGR CRL/2228 (240)760-6482
Dai, Jieqiong (Contractor) CGR CRL/2122 (240)760-7873
Dawsey, Sanford M., M.D. MEB SG/6E302 (240)276-7194
Dawson, Eric, B.S. (Special Volunteer) LGS
De Andrade, Kelvin, Ph.D., M.Sc. CGB SG/6E514 (240)276-5110
DePietro, Deanna, M.P.H. TDRP SG/7E308 (240)276-7320
Dean, Michael, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3130 (240)760-6484
Derderian, Vana SG/7E556 (202)695-3032
Desai, Kanan, M.D., M.P.H. CGB SG/6E554 (240)276-5879
Devesa, Susan S., Ph.D. (Contractor) IIB SG/6E216 (240)276-7410
Dogbe, Nadine, M.Sc. OEEB SG/6E128 (240)276-7280
Dores, Graca, Ph.D. M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) REB
Drozdovitch, Vladimir, Ph.D. REB SG/7E548 (240)276-7399
Duggan, Maire A., M.D., FRCPC (Guest Researcher) ITEB
Duong, Denise REB SG/7E531 (240)276-7390
Edelson, Jacob L., M.S. TDRP SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Egemen, Didem (Contractor) CGB SG/7E610 (240)276-6775
Elrod, Julia, B.A. BB SG/7E614 (240)276-7190
Emanuel, Brigid R. (Contractor) CGR CRL/1414C
Engels, Eric A., M.D., M.P.H (Chief) IIB SG/6E226 (240)276-7186
Erickson, Patricia, M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E560 (240)276-6264
Etemadi, Arash, M.D., Ph.D. MEB SG/6E310 (240)276-7197
Etievant, Lola Emma Claudine, Ph.D. BB
Falk, Roni T., M.S. MEB SG/6E344 (240)276-7329
Famiglietti, Alexandra, B.S., B.A. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E202 (240)276-7212
Fan, Sharon Shaoqi, M.P.H. (Research Analyst - ORISE Fellow) ITEB SG/7E204 (240)276-6032
Farhat, Zeinab, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/2W144 (646)701-2321
Feng, James Xinmeng, B.S. LTG CRL/3402F (240)760-6459
Fisher, Jared, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E632 (240)276-5061
Fisher, Victoria A., M.P.H. OD SG/7E338 (240)276-7352
Florez Vargas, Oscar, Ph.D., M.Sc. LTG CRL/3108 (240)760-6486
Forbes Shepherd, Rown, Ph.D. CGB SG/6E502 (240)276-7271
Fraumeni, Joseph F., Jr., M.D. (Founding Director Emeritus) OD SG/7E422 (240)276-7150
Freedman, Neal D., Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E432 (240)276-7195
Friesen, Melissa, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E602 (240)276-7278
Frone, Megan Nichole, M.S., C.G.C. (Genetic Counselor) CGB SG/6E542 (240)276-5968
Fu, Sheng, Ph.D. BB SG/7E604 (240)276-5376
Funderburk, Karen M, M.S. LTG CRL/3124 (240)760-6459
Gadalla, Shahinaz, Ph.D., M.B.Bch. (Stadtman Investigator) CGB SG/6E534 (240)276-7254
Gage, Julia C., Ph.D., M.P.H. CGB SG/6E546 (240)276-7264
Gail, Mitchell H., M.D., Ph.D. (NIH Distinguished Investigator) BB SG/7E138 (240)276-7315
García-Closas, Montserrat, M.D., Dr.P.H. (Deputy Director) OD SG/7E342 (240)276-7150
Garland, Lisa R., B.S. (Contractor) LTG CRL/1414J (240)760-6488
Gaudet, Mia M., M.S.P.H., Ph.D. (Senior Scientist, Connect for Cancer Prevention Study) TDRP SG/7E584
Gerlanc, Nicole M., Ph.D. (Lead Data Analyst) TDRP 7E446
Ghosh, Rajrupa, M.P.H., M.Sc. ITEB SG/7E202 (240)276-7217
Gianferante, Matthew, M.D. CGB SG/6E436 (301)440-1663
Gibson, Todd, Ph.D. REB SG/7E538 (240)276-7591
Gierach, Gretchen L., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chief) ITEB SG/7E102 (240)276-7299
Giri, Neelam, M.D. CGB SG/6E538 (240)276-7256
Golden, Alyxandra, B.A. LTG CRL/3402H (240)760-6459
Goldstein, Alisa M., Ph.D. CGB SG/6E438 (240)276-7233
Golubeva, Yelena G. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2208 (240)760-7628
Gorzelitz, Jessica, Ph.D., M.S. MEB SG/2W150 (240)276-5100
Graubard, Barry I., Ph.D. BB SG/7E140 (240)276-7316
Greene, Mark H., M.D. (Scientist Emeritus) CGB SG (240)276-7252
Griffin, Keith T., M.S. REB SG/7E564 (240)276-5632
Gutierrez Escobar, Andres, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E326 (240)276-7175
Gutierrez Torres, Daniela, Sc.D., M.S. MEB SG/6E432 (240)276-7511
Guy, John N OD CRL/3102 (240)760-6489
Haas, Cameron B., Ph.D., M.P.H. IIB SG/6E210 (206)472-9201
Han, Justin Yongli, Ph.D. BB SG/7E614 (240)276-6630
Han, Paul, M.D., M.P.H (Adjunct) CGB Off-site
Hansen, Natasha (Contractor) CGB SG/6E546 (240)276-7264
Haque, Anika T. (Contractor) IIB SG/6E220 (240)620-0576
Hardell, Kaitlyn, Ph.D., M.P.H. REB SG/2W146 (240)276-5626
Harris, Alexandra R., Ph.D., M.P.H. ITEB SG (240)276-6647
Hartley, Stephen W., Ph.D. LGS SG/7E582 (240)276-7355
Harvey, Summer, B.A. CGB (540)454-6812
Hatton, Jessica N. (Contractor) CGB SG/6E578 (240)276-7468
He, Shisi Lydia, M.S. OEEB SG/6E128 (240)276-7280
Heisey, Justin A. (Contractor) OD SG/7E418 (678)726-7261
Henderson, Marianne K., M.S. (Senior Advisor for Division Resources) OD SG/7E590 (240)276-7362
Hennessey, Rebecca, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3316E (240)760-6459
Hicks, Belynda (Contractor) CGR CRL/2212 (240)760-6492
Higgs, Cecilia, M.H.S. (Scientific and Technology Management Specialist) CGB SG/ 6E526 (240)276-7627
Higson, Herb (Contractor) CGR CRL/2306J (240)760-6493
Hill, Ashley, M.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site (202)476-2051
Hilsabeck, Remy E. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2206 (240)760-7389
Ho, Michelle, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3416C (240)760-6459
Hoang, Huu Phuc, Ph.D. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E226 (240)276-6647
Hofmann, Jonathan, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E604 (240)276-7168
Holmes-Lillie, Sadie ITEB SG/7E202 (240)276-7217
Hong, Hyokyoung (Grace), Ph.D., M.S. BB SG/7E628 (240)276-5376
Hoover, Robert N., M.D., Sc.D. (Scientist Emeritus) OD SG/7E422 (240)276-7150
Hopkins, Domonique C., B.S. (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E124 (240)276-7150
Horner, Marie-Josèphe, Ph.D. TDRP SG/6E236 (240)276-5056
Hoskins, Jason, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3114 (240)760-6495
Hossain, Lubna S., B.S. ITEB SG/7E202 (240)276-7217
Hu, Nan, M.D., Ph.D. MEB SG/7E236 (240)276-7231
Hu, Wei, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E648 (240)276-7295
Huang, Wen-Yi, Ph.D., M.S.P.H. MEB SG/6E304 (240)276-7277
Huang, Yu-Han (Special Volunteer) IIB SG/6E220
Hubbard, Aubrey K. ITEB SG (240)276-7217
Hurson, Amber, Ph.D. TDRP SG/7E232 (240)276-7217
Hurwitz, Lauren Michelle, Ph.D. OEEB (240)276-7776
Hutchinson, Amy, M.S. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2216 (240)760-6496
Hutson, Sadie, M.S.N., Ph.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site (865)974-7585
Inoue Choi, Maki, Ph.D., M.S. MEB SG/6E346 (240)276-6329
Irvin, Sarah, M.S. CGB SG/6E512 (240)276-5773
Jackson, Sarah, Ph.D. IIB SG/ 6E210 (240)276-7814
Jessop, Lea, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LGS CRL/3420 (240)760-6498
Ji, Bu-Tian, M.D., Dr.P.H. OEEB SG/6E612 (240)276-7279
Jin, David H. (Contractor) MEB SG/6E (301)881-7012
Johnson, Davin K. (Contractor) TDRP (240)276-6573
Johnston, Leslie A., B.S. (Contractor) CGR CRL/1414I (240)760-6369
Jones, Brandon (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418G (240)276-7214
Jones, Gieira, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E204 (240)276-7615
Jones, Kristie (Contractor) CGR CRL/2232 (240)760-6499
Jones, Rena, Ph.D., M.S. OEEB SG/6E606 (240)276-7292
Josse, Pabitra, M.S. OEEB SG/6E550 (240)276-5098
Kabara, Ilona, Ph.D., M.P.H. IIB SG 6E232 (240)276-6702
Kapoor, Vidushi CGR (240)276-5864
Karwa, Smriti M. (Contractor) MEB SG/6E (240)276-7208
Karyadi, Danielle, Ph.D. LGS SG/7E560 (240)276-5897
Katki, Hormuzd A., Ph.D. (Associate Member) BB SG/7E592 (240)276-7423
Katta, Shilpa (Contractor) CGR CRL/3250 (240)760-6502
Kaufman, Mindy (Special Volunteer) OD
Kemp, Troy, Ph.D. (Contractor) IIB (301)846-6383
Khan, Sairah M., M.P.H., B.S., B.A. (Contractor) ITEB
Khandekar, Azhar, B.S. ITEB SG/7E110 (425)615-5754
Khincha, Payal, MBBS, MSHS CGB SG/6E540 (240)276-7267
Kim, Jung, Ph.D. CGB SG/6E506 (240)276-7252
Kim, Sung Duk, Ph.D. BB SG/7E606 (240)276-6930
King, Keri L. (Contractor) TDRP Off-site (404)849-0255
Kitahara, Cari Meinhold, Ph.D. REB SG/7E456 (240)276-7406
Klein, Alyssa M., M.S. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E234 (240)276-7217
Kleinerman, Ruth A., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) REB
Koka, Hela, M.P.H., M.S. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E208 (240)276-6986
Kong, Hyunkyung, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3316D (240)760-6738
Koshiol, Jill, Ph.D IIB SG/6E212 (240)276-7178
Koutros, Stella, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E616 (240)276-7165
Kraft, Peter, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) TDRP Off-site
Kratz, Christian, M.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site +495115326711
Kreimer, Aimée R., Ph.D IIB SG/6E104 (240)276-7102
Kundu, Debamita, Ph.D. BB SG/7E604 (240)276-7485
Lafferty, Ryan BB SG
Lan, Qing, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E136 (240)276-7171
Landi, Maria T., M.D., Ph.D. ITEB SG/7E106 (240)276-7236
Landy, Rebecca, Ph.D. CGB SG/7E620 (240)276-5441
Lavigne, Jackie, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chief) OE SG/7E450 (240)276-7237
Lawrence, Scott M. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2208 (240)760-7047
Lawrence, Wayne, Dr.P.H., M.P.H. MEB SG/2W142 (240)276-5100
Lee, Chia Han (Contractor) LTG CRL/3416 (240)760-6459
Lee, Choonsik, Ph.D. REB SG/7E448 (240)276-7374
Lee, Donghyuk, Ph.D. BB SG/7E124
Lee, Hyo Jung (Elisa) (Contractor) CGR CRL/2306A (240)760-6508
Lee, Olivia, B.S. ITEB SG/7E202 (240)276-7150
Lee, Seung K. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418D (240)760-7786
Lenz, Petra, M.D. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E216 (240)276-7273
Leumas, Elizabeth A. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2306G (240)760-6509
Lewis, Lisa, B.S. (Special Volunteer) CGB SG/6E504 (240)276-7259
Li, Mengying, Ph.D., M.S.P.H. ITEB SG/7E236 (240)276-5188
Li, Shengchao (Contractor) CGR CRL/3220 (240)760-6511
Li, Shilan, M.S. BB SG/7E124 (240)276-7190
Li, Tong (Contractor) CGR CRL/2136 (240)760-6512
Li, Xin (Contractor) CGR CRL/3246 (240)760-7787
Li, Yan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) BB SG/7E134 (240)276-7190
Li, Zhaohai, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) BB SG/7E124
Liao, Linda, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E424 (240)276-7288
Lim, Jungeun, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB (240)276-7212
Lin, Shu-Hong, Ph.D. ITEB SH/7E214 (240)276-7870
Linet, Martha S., M.D., M.P.H. (Scientist Emeritus) REB SG (240)276-7150
Little, Mark, D.Phil. REB SG/7E546 (240)276-7375
Liu, Angela, B.S. (Special Volunteer) CGB
Liu, Danping, Ph.D. BB SG/7E630 (240)276-7760
Liu, Jia (Contractor) CGR CRL/2124 (240)276-5039
Liu, Yan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) BB SG/7E608 (240)276-7190
Liu, Zhiwei, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E230 (240)276-6726
Lloyd, Shaquanna T. (Contractor) IIB SG/220 (240)620-0552
Locke, Sarah, M.S., M.S.P.H. (Assistant Branch Chief) OEEB SG/6E608 (240)276-7263
Loftfield, Erikka, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Stadtman Investigator) MEB SG/6E320 (240)276-7310
Long, Erping, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3112 (240)760-6459
Lord, Brittany, Ph.D. ITEB (240)276-5626
Lou, Hong (Contractor) LTG CRL/3416 (240)760-6514
Lou, Ka Lai TDRP SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Loukissas, Jennifer K., M.P.P. (Chief, Communications Team) OD SG/7E434 (240)276-7367
Lowy, Douglas R, M.D. (Adjunct) TDRP (240)781-4100
Lubin, Jay H., Ph.D. (Scientist Emeritus) BB SG/7E116 (240)276-7426
Luo, Qianlai, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E234 (240)276-5754
Luo, Wen (Contractor) CGR CRL/3222 (240)760-6515
Mabuchi, Kiyohiko, M.D., Dr.P.H. REB SG/7E534 (240)276-7392
Machiela, Mitchell, Sc.D., M.P.H. (Stadtman Investigator) ITEB SG/7E108 (240)760-6518
Madigan, M. Patricia MEB SG/6E580 (240)276-7328
Madrigal, Jessica, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E584 (240)276-7685
Mai, Jim, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. REB SG/7E522 (240)276-6688
Malasky, Amanda S., M.P.H. (Contractor) OD SG/7E422 (240)276-7355
Malasky, Mike (Contractor) CGR CRL/1414E (240)760-6519
Manning, Michelle (Contractor) CGR CRL/2212 (240)760-6513
Mason, Lee K., M.S. TDRP SG/7E542 (240)276-7977
Matthews, Charles, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E444 (240)276-7211
Mbulaiteye, Sam M., M.D. IIB SG/6E118 (240)276-7108
Mburu, Waruiru ITEB SG (240)276-6503
McClain, Kathleen, Ph.D, M.S. MEB SG/6E318 (240)276-6317
McCoy, Marshall (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418J (240)760-6521
McElderry, John, M.S. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E110 (240)276-7217
McGee-Avila, Jennifer K. IIB SG (240)276-6292
McGlynn, Katherine A., Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E446 (240)276-7297
McMaster, Mary L., M.D. CGB SG/6E516 (240)276-7248
McReynolds, Lisa, M.D., Ph.D. (Assistant Clinical Investigator) CGB SG/6E434 (240)276-5047
Medgyesi, Danielle, M.S. (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E626 (240)276-7167
Melton, Ruby Louise (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E128 (240)276-6713
Michels, Kara, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E590 (240)276-7301
Mille, Matthew M, Ph.D. REB SG/7E508 (240)276-6149
Mirabello, Lisa, Ph.D. CGB SG/6E524 (240)276-7258
Modi, Naisarg (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418A (240)760-7421
Montes, Claudia P. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418B (240)276-5345
Moore, Steven C., Ph.D. (Stadtman Investigator) MEB SG/6E306 (240)276-7196
Moroz, Brian, M.S. (Contractor) REB SG/7E616 (240)276-7408
Morton, Lindsay M., Ph.D. (Deputy Chief) REB SG/7E454 (240)276-7377
Moser, Richard, Ph.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site
Mulder, Charlotta, B.S. (Special Volunteer) TDRP Off-site
Murray, Cara (Contractor) OE SG/7E416 (240)276-5841
Murray, Taryn E. (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E644 (240)276-7280
Mutreja, Karun, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2220 (240)760-6923
Myers, Timothy (Biologist/Lab Manager) LGS CRL/3308 (240)760-6523
Natarajan, Madhuri, M.P.H. (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E404 (240)276-6498
Naudin, Sabine, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E402
Ney, Gina M., M.D., Ph.D. CGB (330)957-6653
Niewisch, Marena R., M.D. (Special Volunteer) CGB
Nober, Jenna (Program Administrator) REB SG/7E510 (240)276-7373
O'Brien, Aidan, M.Pharm., M.Sc. LTG CRL/3316K (240)760-6459 aidan.o'
O'Brien, Thomas R., M.D., M.P.H. IIB SG/6E108 (240)276-7104
O'Hanlon, Timothy M. (Contractor) CGR CRL/1414F (240)760-6997 tim.o'
O'Neil, Adri (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418H (240)760-6527
O'Neil, Eamonn P. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2128 (240)760-6528 eamonn.o'
Oasan, Mila CGB SG/6E504 (240)276-7252
Oba, Leatrisse, M.D. CGB SG/6E548 (240)276-5396
Obregon, Ixtaccihuatl, B.S. CGB
Olanich, Mary E. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2218 (240)760-6913
Omofuma, Omonefe, Ph.D., M.S. MEB SG/6E590 (240)276-7298
Onabajo, Olusegun, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3108 (240)760-6526
Owens, Valencia, B.S. CGR CRL/1414B (240)276-7223
Packirisamy, Padma Ramya (Contractor) CGR CRL/2134 (240)760-6529
Pal Choudhury, Parichoy, Ph.D. TDRP SG/7E218 (240)276-6298
Palmer, Cameron D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2244 (240)760-7081
Papenberg, Brenen, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3416F (240)760-6459
Pasqual, Elisa, M.D., Ph.D. REB SG/7E520 (240)276-6470
Patel, Bhaumik P. (Contractor) TDRP (240)276-5932
Patel, Harsh, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3402G (240)760-6459
Patel, Shreya (Contractor) MEB SG/6E408 (240)276-7216
Pearce, Emily Eidenier, M.P.H. CGB SG/6E534 (240)276-7254
Pemov, Alex, Ph.D., M.D. (Contractor) CGB 10-CRC/1-3872 (301)496-0927
Perdikis, Tammy (Program Specialist) LTG CRL/3104 (240)760-6459
Peters, June A., M.S., C.G.C. (Special Volunteer) CGB
Pfeiffer, Ruth M., Ph.D. BB SG/7E142 (240)276-7317
Pinheiro, Maisa, Ph.D. CGB SGH/6E504 (240)276-7252
Pinto, Ligia A., Ph.D. (SAIC Principal Investigator Contractor) IIB SG/6E234 (301)846-1766
Pithadia, Kishan REB
Prokunina-Olsson, Ludmila, Ph.D. (Chief) LTG CRL/3106 (240)760-6531
Purandare, Vaishnavi, M.S. (Contractor) MEB SG 6E564 (585)755-9222
Purdue, Mark P, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E140 (240)276-7265
Rabkin, Charles S, M.D. IIB SG/6E110 (240)276-7105
Rafati, Maryam, M.D., Ph.D. (Contractor) CGB SG/6E504 (240)276-7252
Rahman, Mohammed L., M.D., Sc.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E646 (240)276-6691
Raj, Hannah A., B.S. CGB SG/6E502
Ramin, Cody, Ph.D., M.S. REB SG/7E550 (240)276-5626
Ramirez, Yesenia (Contractor) MEB SG/6E (224)381-2118
Rao, Keerthi S. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418C (240)760-6088
Rao, Nina, B.S. LTG CRL/3128 (301)443-2072
Raymond, Melissa MEB SG/6E414 (240)276-7301
Rehling, Thomas E., B.S, M.S. BB SG/7E628 (240)276-5376
Remigio, Richard, Ph.D., M.S., M.Phil. OEEB
Rhee, Jongeun, Sc.D., M.S. OEEB SG/6E628 (240)276-7280
Ring, Timothy, B.S. LTG CRL/3416G (240)760-6459
Rising, Camella J., Ph.D., R.D.N. CGB SG/4E646 (240)276-5518
Risley, Carolann, Ph.D., M.S.N. (Special Volunteer) CGB
Roberts, Amelia M., M.P.H. (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E426 (240)276-5793
Roberts, Sylvia C. (Contractor) ITEB
Rolls, Adrienne (Program Specialist) BB SG/7E628 (240)276-5376
Rosenberg, Philip S., Ph.D. BB SG/7E130 (240)276-7312
Rossi, Nicole Marie, B.S. LTG CRL/3308J (240)760-6459
Rothman, Nathaniel, M.D., M.P.H., M.H.S. (Head of Molecular Studies) OEEB SG/6E134 (240)276-7169
Roy, Siddharth, M.S. BB SG/7E132 (240)276-7190
Roy, Tawanda MEB SG/6E406 (240)276-7216
Russ, Daniel E., Ph.D. TDRP SG/7E554 (240)276-5325
Saha, Monjoy, Ph.D. ITEB SG/7E220 (240)276-7217
Saint-Maurice, Pedro F., Ph.D. MEB SG/6E572 (240)276-7301
Sandoval, Lorena, M.S. (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E202 (240)276-7217
Sang, Jian, Ph.D. ITEB SG/7E204 (240)276-7217
Sant Anna, Hanaisa P., Ph.D. LGS CRL/3132 (240)760-6459
Sargen, Michael, M.D. (Assistant Clinical Investigator) CGB SG/6E542 (240)276-7354
Savage, Sharon A., M.D. (Chief) CGB SG/6E454 (240)276-7241
Schiffman, Mark, M.D., M.P.H. CGB SG/6E544 (240)276-7259
Schiller, John T, Ph.D. (Adjunct) TDRP (240)760-7944
Schneider-Levinson, Wendy OD SG/7E340 (240)276-7353
Schonfeld, Sara, Ph.D., M.P.H. REB SG/7E540 (240)276-6474
Shastry, Amulya (Contractor) CGR CRL/2120 (240)760-6755
Shi, Jianxin, Ph.D. BB SG/7E122 (240)276-7419
Shiels, Meredith, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E218 (240)276-7182
Shin, Jungwook, Ph.D., M.Sc. (Contractor) REB
Shin, Yei Eun, Ph.D. BB SG/7E602 (240)276-5376
Shing, Jaimie Z., Ph.D., M.P.H. IIB SG/6E222 (240)276-7183
Siegel, Atara, M.A. CGB SG/6E566 (240)276-7252
Sierra, Monica, Ph.D., M.S.P.H. IIB SG/6E206 (240)276-7065
Siler, Mariannne (Contractor) CGR CRL/2114 (240)760-6537
Silva Aldana, Claudia T., Ph.D., M.Sc. (Contractor) ITEB SG/7E112 (240)276-5242
Silverman, Debra T., Sc.D., Sc.M. (Chief) OEEB SG/6E142 (240)276-7174
Simon, Steven L., Ph.D. TDRP SG/7E588 (240)276-7371
Sinclair, Bessie (Program Administrator) REB SG/7E520 (240)276-6470
Singh, Iqbal (Contractor) TDRP
Sinha, Rashmi, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E336 (240)276-7208
Skarzynski, Martin Wlodzimerz, Ph.D. BB SG/7E126 (240)276-6249
So, Elizabeth (Contractor) CGR CRL/2130 (240)276-5189
Song, Lei (Contractor) CGR SG/7E128 (240)276-7313
Song, Minkyo, M.D., Ph.D. IIB SG/6E204 (240)276-7985
Sorto, Jacquelin E. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418I (240)760-6492
Sowards, Hayley, B.S. LTG CRL/3316F (240)760-6459
Srivastava, Radhika, B.A. CGB SG/6E522 (804)564-2851
Steinberg, Mia K. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2108 (240)760-6538
Stewart, Douglas, M.D. CGB SG/6E450 (240)276-7238
Stine, Kathleen C., M.B.A. REB SG/7E444 (240)276-7372
Stolzenberg-Solomon, Rachael, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D. MEB SG/6E420 (240)276-7224
Synnott, Naoise, Ph.D., M.P.H. ITEB SG/7E234 (240)276-7202
Taylor, Philip R., M.D., Sc.D (Special Volunteer) MEB SG/6E320 (240)276-7235
Teshome, Kedest (Contractor) CGR CRL/2132 (240)760-6542
Thakur, Rohit, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3122 (240)760-6459
Thompson, Ashley, B.S. CGB SG/6E436 (240)276-5234
Thompson, Mone't, B.S. CGB SG/6E512 (240)276-6906
Tobias, Geoffrey OD SG/7E426 (240)276-7402
Tolley, Katherine M. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2306C (240)760-6543
Tookmanian, Elise M., Ph.D. OD SG/7E422 (240)276-7367
Trabert, Britton, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) MEB
Troisi, Rebecca, Sc.D. TDRP Off-site (603)276-0132
Tucker, Margaret A., M.D. (Scientist Emeritus) TDRP SG/7E422 (240)276-7150
Tun, Julio (Contractor) CGR CRL/1302D (240)760-6544
Turner, Susan (Contractor) CGR CRL/2118 (240)760-6546
Ukwuani, Abigail, M.P.A. REB SG/7E576 (240)276-7369
Utermahlen, Bill (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418F (240)760-6567
Valcarcel, Bryan, M.D. REB SG/7E504
Vasta, Lauren Marie (Special Volunteer) CGB
Veiga, Lene, Ph.D. REB SG/7E532 (240)276-7877
Vij, Vibha (Contractor) REB Shady Grove/7E524 (240)276-6435
Viswanathan, Lakshmi D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2230 (240)760-7169
Vo, Jacqueline, Ph.D., R.N., M.P.H. REB SG/7E556 (240)276-7781
Vogt, Aurelie, M.S. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2210 (240)760-6775
Vogtmann, Emily, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Stadtman Investigator) MEB SG/6E428 (240)276-6701
Wagner, Sarah (Contractor) CGR CRL 1414A (240)760-6549
Waite, Kristin A., Ph.D. (Contractor) TDRP
Wan, Yunhu, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2226 (240)276-5306
Wang, Chaoyu, M.S. (Biologist/Lab Manager) CGR ATC/133G (301)435-7876
Wang, Difei, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR SG/7E120 (240)276-5092
Wang, Jeanny, M.P.H. IIB (240)276-5407
Wang, Jiahui CGR CRL/3248 (240)760-7034
Wang, Lingxiao, M.S. BB SG/7E134 (240)276-6832
Wang, Mingyi (Contractor) CGR CRL/2222 (240)760-6553
Wang, Neng BB SG
Wang, Youjin, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) CGB
Wang, Zhaoming (Special Volunteer) CGR ATC/152B
Ward, Mary H., Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E138 (240)276-7172
Watts, Eleanor L., D.Phil., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E408 (240)276-7216
Weatherspoon, Octavia OEEB SG/6E130 (240)276-7289
Weinstein, Stephanie J., Ph.D. MEB SG/6E426 (240)276-7209
Wentzensen, Nicolas, M.D., Ph.D. (Deputy Chief) CGB SG/6E448 (240)276-7303
Wenzlick, Sadie (Contractor) CGR ATC/115C (240)760-6487
Werner-Lin, Allison (Contractor) CGB SG/6E504 (240)276-7252
Wigfield, Diane (Program Specialist) OE SG/7E416 (240)276-7004
Williams, Russell D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2132 (240)276-5619
Wilsnack, Catherine D., M.S.W., L.M.S.W. CGB SG/6E512 (240)276-7668
Wong, Donna (Contractor) CGB SG/6E502 (240)276-7271
Wong, Jason, Sc.D. OEEB SG/6E638 (240)276-5149
Wu, Dongjing (Contractor) CGR CRL/3226 (240)760-6554
Wu, Ho-Hsiang, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) BB
Wu, Zeni, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E590 (240)276-7464
Wyatt, Kathleen (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E318 (240)760-6555
Xiao, Yanzi, M.H.S. CGB SG/6E562 (240)276-7179
Xie, Shuai, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB (240)276-7044
Xie, Yi, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG CRL/3308 (240)760-6556
Xu, Mai, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG CRL/3316 (240)760-6557
Yan, Wusheng, M.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG CRL/3416D (240)760-6558
Yang, Hannah P., Ph.D., Sc.M. (Associate Director, Scientific Operations) OD SG/7E440 (240)276-7337
Yang, Rose, Ph.D., M.P.H. ITEB SG/7E104 (240)276-7226
Yano, Yukiko, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E414 (240)276-7213
Ye, Zhuoliang, Ph.D. (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Yeager, Meredith, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR CRL/2106 (240)760-6561
Yepes Torres, Sally Lilian, Ph.D., M.Sc. ITEB SG/7E212 (240)276-7217
Yin, Jinhu, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG CRL/3402J
Young, Corey, M.S. BB SG/7E622 (240)276-5376
Yu, Betty OD SG/7E410 (240)276-7414
Yu, Justine E., Ph.D. (Contractor) OD SG/7E408
Yu, Kai, Ph.D. BB SG/7E114 (240)276-7433
Yu, Kelly, M.P.H., Ph.D. (Assistant Branch Chief) IIB SG/6E224 (240)276-7041
Yu, Sherry (Contractor) CGR CRL/2418E (240)760-6568
Yuan, Fangcheng (Special Volunteer) SG/6E422 (240)276-7224
Zahm, Shelia H., Sc.D. (Contractor) OD (301)502-2090
Zhang, Pei, M.S. BB SG
Zhang, Rui (Contractor) REB SG/7E524 (240)276-7819
Zhang, Tongwu, Ph.D. ITEB SG/7E230 (240)760-6563
Zhang, Xijun (Contractor) CGR ATC/152D (301)435-7044
Zhao, Hui (Contractor) TDRP SG/7E (240)276-6573
Zhao, Wei, Ph.D. ITEB SG/7E220 (240)276-7300
Zhong, Jun, Ph.D. LTG CRL/3120 (240)276-6459
Zhou, Weiyin (Contractor) CGR CRL/3212 (240)760-6564
Zhu, Bin (Contractor) CGR CRL/2234 (240)760-6565
Zhu, Bin, Ph.D. BB SG/7E618 (240)276-7420
Ziegler, Regina G., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) ITEB
Zouiouich, Semi, Ph.D. MEB (240)276-7208