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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 08/17/2022

Laboratory of Translational Genomics
Name Room Phone E-mail
Prokunina-Olsson, Ludmila, Ph.D. (Chief) CRL/3106 (240)760-6531
Amundadottir, Laufey, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3118 (240)760-6454
Brown, Kevin, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3126 (240)760-6463
Choi, Jiyeon, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3116 (240)760-6474
Dean, Michael, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3130 (240)760-6484
Parkey, Genevieve E., M.S. (Contractor) (734)478-2138
Perdikis, Tammy (Program Specialist) CRL/3104 (240)760-6459
Amundadottir Lab
Amundadottir, Laufey, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3118 (240)760-6454
Abdolalizadeh, Ehssan, B.A.Sc. CRL/3402C (240)760-6459
Char, Erin Mei-Ling, B.A. CRL/3402D (240)760-6459
Christensen, Trevor A., B.A. CRL/3416 (240)760-6459
Collins, Irene, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) CRL/3316J (240)760-6479
Hoskins, Jason, Ph.D. CRL/3114 (240)760-6495
Hullin, Katherine E., B.S. CRL/3402 (414)704-2804
O'Brien, Aidan, M.Pharm., M.Sc. CRL/3316K (240)760-6459 aidan.o'
Patel, Minal B., Ph.D. CRL/3402 (240)760-6459
Prasad, Gauri, Ph.D.
Zhong, Jun, Ph.D. CRL/3120 (240)276-6459
Brown Lab
Brown, Kevin, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3126 (240)760-6463
Hennessey, Rebecca, Ph.D. CRL/3316E (240)760-6459
Kong, Hyunkyung, Ph.D. CRL/3316D (240)760-6738
Thakur, Rohit, Ph.D. CRL/3122 (240)760-6459
Xu, Mai, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) CRL/3316 (240)760-6557
Choi Lab
Choi, Jiyeon, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3116 (240)760-6474
Golden, Alyxandra, B.A. CRL/3402H (240)760-6459
Kane, Alexander P., B.A. CRL/3402 (973)941-8144
Long, Erping, Ph.D. CRL/3112 (240)760-6459
Patel, Harsh, Ph.D. CRL/3402G (240)760-6459
Yin, Jinhu, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) CRL/3402J
Dean Lab
Dean, Michael, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3130 (240)760-6484
Garland, Lisa R., B.S. (Contractor) CRL/1414J (240)760-6488
Lou, Hong, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/3416 (240)760-6514
Rao, Nina, B.S. CRL/3128 (301)443-2072
Rodriguez, Isabel C., B.S. CRL/3416 (240)760-6459
Rossi, Nicole Marie, B.S. CRL/3308J (240)760-6459
Xie, Yi, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) CRL/3308 (240)760-6556
Prokunina-Olsson Lab
Prokunina-Olsson, Ludmila, Ph.D. (Head) CRL/3106 (240)760-6531
Baker, Francine S., B.S. CRL/3416J (240)760-6459
Florez Vargas, Oscar, Ph.D., M.Sc. CRL/3108 (240)760-6486
Forsythe, Kaitlin M., B.S.A. CRL/3416
Ho, Michelle, Ph.D. CRL/3416C (240)760-6459
Lee, Chia Han (Contractor) CRL/3416 (240)760-6459
Papenberg, Brenen, Ph.D. CRL/3416F (240)760-6459
Ring, Timothy, B.S. CRL/3416G (240)760-6459
Yan, Wusheng, M.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) CRL/3416D (240)760-6558