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DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 07/15/2024

Lab of Translational Genomics
Name E-mail Employment Type
Prokunina Olsson, Ludmila, Ph.D. (Branch/Lab Director) Employee
Adu Gyamfi, Fosua (Fellow) Fellow
Adu-Gyamfi, Atuahene, B.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Amundadottir, Laufey T., Ph.D. (Senior Investigator) Employee
Antony, Michelle P., B.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Brown, Kevin M., Ph.D. (Senior Investigator) Employee
Bui Raborn, Linh T., Ph.D. (Staff Scientist) Employee
Campos, Natalie N. (Fellow) Fellow
Choi, Ji Yeon, Ph.D. (Investigator, Stadtman) Employee
Collins, Irene, Ph.D. (Biologist / Lab Manager) Employee
Connelly, Katelyn E., Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Dean, Michael C., Ph.D. (Senior Investigator) Employee
Dennis, Abigail J., M.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Fernandez, Elvelyn R. (Fellow) Fellow
Florez Vargas, Oscar R., Ph.D., M.Sc. (Fellow) Employee
Forsythe, Kaitlin M., B.S.A. (Fellow) Fellow
Ho, Michelle, Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Hogshead, Max H., B.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Hoskins, Jason W., Ph.D. (Staff Scientist) Employee
Hullin, Katherine E., B.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Jessop, Lea, Ph.D. (Lab Admin) Employee
Kane, Alexander P., B.A. (Fellow) Fellow
Kayembe, Daniella F. (Fellow) Fellow
Kong, Hyunkyung, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) Volunteer
Lee, Chia Han, M.S. (Fellow) Contractor
Levin, Hannah R. (Fellow) Fellow
Li, Bolun, M.D., Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Luong, Thong T., Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
O'Brien, Aidan, M.Pharm., M.Sc. (Fellow) aidan.o' Fellow
Olena Piontkivska, Helen (Special Volunteer) Volunteer
Papenberg, Brenen W., Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Papiernik, Sophie C. (Fellow) Fellow
Patel, Minal B., Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Perdikis, Tammy L. (Lab Admin) Employee
Ring, Timothy J., B.S. (Special Volunteer) Volunteer
Rodriguez, Isabel C., B.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Scales, Jessica L., Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Sisay, Elelta A., B.A. (Fellow) Fellow
Thakur, Rohit, Ph.D. (Fellow) Employee
Tulsyan, Sonam, Ph.D. (Fellow) Fellow
Xie, Yi, Ph.D. (Biologist / Lab Manager) Employee
Xu, Mai, Ph.D. (Biologist / Lab Manager) Employee
Yan, Wusheng, M.D. (Biologist / Lab Manager) Employee
Yang, Qian (Special Volunteer) Volunteer
Yin, Jinhu T., Ph.D. (Biologist / Lab Manager) Employee
Yon, Joshuah, B.S. (Fellow) Fellow
Zhong, Jun, Ph.D. (Fellow) Employee