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DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 06/21/2024

Genomics Operations
Name E-mail Employment Type
Antolik, Carrie W., M.S. (Research Assoc III, Pre Clinical) Contractor
Chowdhury, Salma K., M.S. (Research Assoc III) Contractor
Hayes-Taylor, Ashley E., B.S. (Research Assoc II) Contractor
Higson, Herb S., B.S. (Associate Scientist I) Contractor
Hilsabeck, Remy E., M.S. (Associate Scientist II) Contractor
Jones, Kristie M., B.S. (Mgr III, Scientist) Contractor
Lee, Elisa, M.S. (Research Assoc III) Contractor
Lou, Hong, Ph.D. (Scientist I) Contractor
Malasky, Michael J., B.S. (Research Assoc III, Pre Clinical) Contractor
Mundy, Amber L., M.S. (Research Assoc I) Contractor
Parker, Beth L., M.S. (Research Assoc II) Contractor
Paul, Sheryl, M.S. (Associate Scientist I) Contractor
Seputro, Ming P., M.S. (Research Assoc I) Contractor
Teshome, Kedest M., M.S. (Associate Scientist II) Contractor
Tolley, Katherine M., B.S. (Research Assoc III) Contractor
Wang, Edward Z., B.S. (Research Assoc I) Contractor
Zeigler, Logan P., M.S. (Research Assoc II) Contractor
Zhao, Tianna, Ph.D. (Scientist III) Contractor