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DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 11/28/2022

Name Room Phone E-mail
Minutillo, Roberto (ARC Manager) SG/7E336 (240)276-7351
Lathrop, Michelle (Deputy ARC Manager) SG/7E302 (240)276-7338
Bien, Lian Thuy SG/7E322 (240)276-6137
Brown, Sandra (240)276-7183
Carpenter, Melissa SG/7E304 (240)276-5816
Coles-Calloway, Sharon SG/7E326 (240)276-7348
Connor, Jennifer SG/7E306 (240)276-7344
Corle, Tricia SG/7E316 (240)276-7320
Doctor, Toni SG/7E312 (240)276-7343
Drice, Cynthia SG/7E334 (240)276-5964
Fenwick, Danielle SG/7E314 (240)276-5994
Fordyce, Candice SG/7E324
Gervase, Debbie SG/7E318 (240)276-7345
Monroe, Jordan SG/7E578 (240)276-6385
Solomon, Lester SG/7E330 (240)276-7350