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DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 06/16/2021

Name Room Phone E-mail
Chanock, Stephen J., M.D. (Director) SG/7E412 (240)276-7150
Ballew, Bari, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2124 (240)760-7032
Bass, Sara (Contractor) CRL/2108 (240)760-6456
Beerman, Michael B. (Contractor) CRL/2116 (240)760-6458
Boland, Joseph (Special Volunteer)
Bouk, Aaron J. (Contractor) CRL/1414H (240)760-6461
Brodie, Seth, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer)
Brown, Maria T. (Contractor) CRL/2306F (240)760-6464
Burdett, Laurie, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2102 (240)760-6465
Chowdhury, Salma, M.S. (Contractor) CRL/2306E (240)760-6475
Chung, Charles (Contractor) ATC/152D (240)760-6476
Cole, Nathan, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2116 (240)760-6478
Cullen, Michael, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2112 (240)760-6481
Dagnall, Casey (Contractor) CRL/2228 (240)760-6482
Dai, Jieqiong (Contractor) CRL/2122 (240)760-7873
Dean, Michael, Ph.D. CRL/3130 (240)760-6484
Emanuel, Brigid R. (Contractor) CRL/1414C
Golubeva, Yelena G. (Contractor) CRL/2208 (240)760-7628
Hicks, Belynda (Contractor) CRL/2212 (240)760-6492
Higson, Herb (Contractor) CRL/2306J (240)760-6493
Hilsabeck, Remy E. (Contractor) CRL/2206 (240)760-7389
Hutchinson, Amy, M.S. (Contractor) CRL/2216 (240)760-6496
Johnston, Leslie A., B.S. (Contractor) CRL/1414I (240)760-6369
Jones, Brandon (Contractor) CRL/2418G (240)276-7214
Jones, Kristie (Contractor) CRL/2232 (240)760-6499
Kapoor, Vidushi (240)276-5864
Katta, Shilpa (Contractor) CRL/3250 (240)760-6502
Lawrence, Scott M. (Contractor) CRL/2208 (240)760-7047
Lee, Hyo Jung (Elisa) (Contractor) CRL/2306A (240)760-6508
Lee, Seung K. (Contractor) CRL/2418D (240)760-7786
Leumas, Elizabeth A. (Contractor) CRL/2306G (240)760-6509
Li, Shengchao (Contractor) CRL/3220 (240)760-6511
Li, Tong (Contractor) CRL/2136 (240)760-6512
Li, Xin (Contractor) CRL/3246 (240)760-7787
Liu, Jia (Contractor) CRL/2124 (240)276-5039
Luo, Wen (Contractor) CRL/3222 (240)760-6515
Malasky, Mike (Contractor) CRL/1414E (240)760-6519
Manning, Michelle (Contractor) CRL/2212 (240)760-6513
McCoy, Marshall (Contractor) CRL/2418J (240)760-6521
Modi, Naisarg (Contractor) CRL/2418A (240)760-7421
Montes, Claudia P. (Contractor) CRL/2418B (240)276-5345
Mutreja, Karun, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2220 (240)760-6923
O'Hanlon, Timothy M. (Contractor) CRL/1414F (240)760-6997 tim.o'
O'Neil, Adri (Contractor) CRL/2418H (240)760-6527
O'Neil, Eamonn P. (Contractor) CRL/2128 (240)760-6528 eamonn.o'
Olanich, Mary E. (Contractor) CRL/2218 (240)760-6913
Owens, Valencia, B.S. CRL/1414B (240)276-7223
Packirisamy, Padma Ramya (Contractor) CRL/2134 (240)760-6529
Palmer, Cameron D. (Contractor) CRL/2244 (240)760-7081
Rao, Keerthi S. (Contractor) CRL/2418C (240)760-6088
Shastry, Amulya (Contractor) CRL/2120 (240)760-6755
Siler, Mariannne (Contractor) CRL/2114 (240)760-6537
So, Elizabeth (Contractor) CRL/2130 (240)276-5189
Song, Lei (Contractor) SG/7E128 (240)276-7313
Sorto, Jacquelin E. (Contractor) CRL/2418I (240)760-6492
Steinberg, Mia K. (Contractor) CRL/2108 (240)760-6538
Teshome, Kedest (Contractor) CRL/2132 (240)760-6542
Tolley, Katherine M. (Contractor) CRL/2306C (240)760-6543
Tun, Julio (Contractor) CRL/1302D (240)760-6544
Turner, Susan (Contractor) CRL/2118 (240)760-6546
Utermahlen, Bill (Contractor) CRL/2418F (240)760-6567
Viswanathan, Lakshmi D. (Contractor) CRL/2230 (240)760-7169
Vogt, Aurelie, M.S. (Contractor) CRL/2210 (240)760-6775
Wagner, Sarah (Contractor) CRL 1414A (240)760-6549
Wan, Yunhu, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2226 (240)276-5306
Wang, Chaoyu, M.S. (Biologist/Lab Manager) ATC/133G (301)435-7876
Wang, Difei, Ph.D. (Contractor) SG/7E120 (240)276-5092
Wang, Jiahui CRL/3248 (240)760-7034
Wang, Mingyi (Contractor) CRL/2222 (240)760-6553
Wang, Zhaoming (Special Volunteer) ATC/152B
Wenzlick, Sadie (Contractor) ATC/115C (240)760-6487
Williams, Russell D. (Contractor) CRL/2132 (240)276-5619
Wu, Dongjing (Contractor) CRL/3226 (240)760-6554
Yeager, Meredith, Ph.D. (Contractor) CRL/2106 (240)760-6561
Yu, Sherry (Contractor) CRL/2418E (240)760-6568
Zhang, Xijun (Contractor) ATC/152D (301)435-7044
Zhou, Weiyin (Contractor) CRL/3212 (240)760-6564
Zhu, Bin (Contractor) CRL/2234 (240)760-6565