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Discovering the causes of cancer and the means of prevention

DCEG Staff Directory

Last Updated: 04/09/2021

Biostatistics Branch
Name Room Phone E-mail
Albert, Paul S., Ph.D. (Chief) SG/7E146 (240)276-7593
Aron, Jordan R, B.A. SG/7E118
Arsham, Aryana, Ph.D. SG/7E626 (240)276-7190
Chapman, Lesley Maraina, Ph.D. (240)858-3036
Check, David SG/7E624 (240)276-7430
Cheung, Li, Ph.D. SG/7E612 (240)276-5812
D'Arcy, Monica E, Ph.D. SG/6E208 (240)276-5757 monica.d'
Deng, Lu, Ph.D. SG/7E622 (240)276-7433
Devesa, Susan S., Ph.D. (Contractor) SG/6E216 (240)276-7410
Elrod, Julia SG/7E614 (240)276-7190
Fu, Sheng, Ph.D. SG/7E604 (240)276-5376
Gail, Mitchell H., M.D., Ph.D. (NIH Distinguished Investigator) SG/7E138 (240)276-7315
Graubard, Barry I., Ph.D. SG/7E140 (240)276-7316
Haber, Gregory W., Ph.D. SG/7E-608 (240)276-5323
Han, Justin Yongli, Ph.D. SG/7E614 (240)276-6630
Hong, Grace (Contractor) SG/7E628 (240)276-5376
Joo, LiJin, Ph.D. SG/7E124 (240)276-7008
Katki, Hormuzd A., Ph.D. SG/7E592 (240)276-7423
Kim, Sung Duk, Ph.D. SG/7E606 (240)276-6930
Kundu, Debamita, Ph.D. SG/7E604 (240)276-7485
Landy, Rebecca, Ph.D. SG/7E620 (240)276-5441
Lee, Donghyuk, Ph.D. SG/7E124
Li, Shilan, M.S. SG/7E124 (240)276-7190
Li, Yan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) SG/7E134 (240)276-7190
Li, Zhaohai, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) SG/7E124
Liu, Danping, Ph.D. SG/7E630 (240)276-7760
Liu, Yan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) SG/7E608 (240)276-7190
Lubin, Jay H., Ph.D. (Scientist Emeritus) SG/7E116 (240)276-7426
Mandal, Soutrik, Ph.D. SG/7E132 (240)276-5451
Mehta, Tanvi, B.A. SG/7E614 (240)276-5376
Pfeiffer, Ruth M., Ph.D. SG/7E142 (240)276-7317
Rolls, Adrienne (Program Specialist) SG/7E628 (240)276-5376
Rosenberg, Philip S., Ph.D. SG/7E130 (240)276-7312
Roy, Siddharth, M.S. SG/7E132 (240)276-7190
Sampson, Joshua, Ph.D. SG/7E142 (240)276-7418
Shi, Jianxin, Ph.D. SG/7E122 (240)276-7419
Shin, Yei Eun, Ph.D. SG/7E602 (240)276-5376
Skarzynski, Martin Wlodzimerz, Ph.D. SG/7E126 (240)276-6249
Wang, Lingxiao, M.S. SG/7E134 (240)276-6832
Wu, Ho-Hsiang, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer)
Young, Corey, M.S. SG/7E622 (240)276-5376
Yu, Kai, Ph.D. SG/7E114 (240)276-7433
Zhu, Bin, Ph.D. SG/7E618 (240)276-7420
Carroll, Raymond (Adjunct) Off-site