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DCEG Staff Directory

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Last Updated: 09/01/2015

Radiation Epidemiology Branch
Berrington de González, Amy, D.Phil. (Chief) SG/7E452 240-276-7376
Kleinerman, Ruth A., M.P.H. (Deputy Chief) SG/7E536 240-276-7393
Bouville, Andre, Ph.D. (Contractor) 7E590 240-276-7416
Brenner, Alina V., M.D., Ph.D. SG/7E532 240-276-7391
Cahoon, Elizabeth (Lisa), Ph.D., M.H.S., S.M. SG/7E560 240-276-7401
Chang, Lienard, M.S. SG/7E558 240-276-7611
Chernyavskiy, Pavel , Ph.D. SG 9609/7E550
Curtis, Rochelle E., M.A. SG/7E516 240-276-7384
Doody, Michele M., M.S. Off-site 240-276-7373
Drozdovitch, Vladimir, Ph.D. SG/7E548 240-276-7399
Duong, Denise SG/7E531 240-276-7390
Freedman, D. Michal, Ph.D., M.P.H. SG/7E538 240-276-7394
Gilbert, Ethel S., Ph.D. SG/7E540 240-276-7395
Hatch, Maureen C., Ph.D. SG/7E508 240-276-7382
Journy, Neige, Ph.D, M.P.H. SG/7E510 240-276-7373
Kitahara, Cari Meinhold, Ph.D. SG/7E566 240-276-7406
Landgren, Annelie M., M.P.H. (Contractor) SG/7E436 240-276-7368
Lee, Choonsik, Ph.D. SG/7E448 240-276-7374
Lim, Hyeyeun, Ph.D. SG/7E504 240-276-7192
Linet, Martha S., M.D., M.P.H. SG/7E458 240-276-7379
Little, Mark, D.Phil. SG/7E450 240-276-7375
Liu, Wayne, B.S. SG/7E564 240-276-7405
Lou, Ka Lai (Contractor) SG/7E422 240-276-7389
Mabuchi, Kiyohiko, M.D., Dr.P.H. SG/7E534 240-276-7392
McDonald-Bowen, Emily, M.P.H. SG/7E520 240-276-7290
Moroz, Brian, M.S. (Contractor) SG/7E574 240-276-7408
Morton, Lindsay M., Ph.D. SG/7E454 240-276-7377
Nober, Jenna (Contractor) SG/7E446 240-276-7373
Ntowe, Estelle, M.H.S. SG/7E550 240-276-5381
Peters, Kamau, Ph.D., M.P.H. SG/7E552 240-276-7380
Potischman, Nancy, Ph.D. SG/7E576 240-276-6893
Pyakuryal, Anil Prasad, Ph.D., M.S. SG/7E520 240-276-5587
Simon, Steven L., Ph.D. SG/7E442 240-276-7371
Stine, Kathleen C., M.B.A. SG/7E444 240-276-7372
Ukwuani, Abigail, M.P.A. SG/7E438 240-276-7369
Zamoiski, Rachel, Ph.D. SG/7E502 240-276-7627