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DCEG Staff Directory

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Last Updated: 05/27/2016

Abnet, Christian C., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chief) MEB SG/6E344 (240)276-7213
Adams, Lilly OD SG/7E418 (240)276-5063
Albanes, Demetrius, M.D. MEB SG/6E342 (240)276-7212
Allen, Gloria J. GEB SG/6E418 (240)276-7223
Alter, Blanche P., M.D., M.P.H. CGB SG/6E452 (240)276-7239
Amundadottir, Laufey, Ph.D. LTG ATC/134E (301)594-8131
Anderson, William F., M.D., M.P.H. BB SG/7E144 (240)276-7318
Andreotti, Gabriella, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E622 (240)276-7284
Banday, Abdul Rouf, Ph.D. LTG ATC/134K (301)443-2072
Barry, Kathryn Hughes, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E618 (240)276-7283
Bass, Sara (Contractor) CGR ATC/152M (301)443-2986
Bassig, Bryan, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E634
Bayanjargal, Ariunaa, B.S. LTG ATC BG/RM 127 (301)435-4064
Beachler, Daniel, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E220 (240)276-5852
Beane Freeman, Laura, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E610 (240)276-7439
Beerman, Michael B. (Contractor) CGR ATC/152K (301)496-3696
Behan, Sally (Contractor) MEB SG/7E124 (240)276-6780
Bell, Bridgett OEEB SG/6E130 (240)276-7167
Bell, Tammy LTG ATC/134A (301)435-4064
Berg, Christine Dorothy (Contractor) OD SG/7E228 (240)276-7366
Berliner, Karen E., Ph.D. (Special Assistant for Biological Resources) HGP SG/7E344 (240)276-7354
Berndt, Sonja I., Pharm.D., Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E126 (240)276-7166
Berrington de González, Amy, D.Phil. (Chief) REB SG/7E452 (240)276-7376
Besson-Maury, Caroline, M.D., Ph.D. IIB SG/6E214 (240)276-7183
Best, Ana, Ph.D. BB SG/7E626 (240)276-7808
Bhatia, Kishor, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E216
Black, Amanda, Ph.D., M.P.H. EBP SG/7E582 (240)276-7411
Blair, Aaron E., Ph.D., M.P.H. (Scientist Emeritus) OEEB SG/6E558 (240)276-7438
Bodelon, Clara, Ph.D., M.S. CGB SG/7E220 (240)276-7327
Boland, Joseph (Contractor) CGR ATC/152C (301)435-6163
Bolton, Kelly, M.Phil, M.D. (Special Volunteer) LTG ATC/152H (301)594-5638
Booth, Benjamin, Ph.D., M.S. OEEB SG/6E626 (240)276-7286
Bouville, Andre, Ph.D. (Contractor) REB SG/7E590 (240)276-7416
Bremer, Renée, M.S. (Contractor) CGB SG/6E560 (240)276-7266
Brenner, Alina V., M.D., Ph.D. REB SG/7E532 (240)276-7391
Brinton, Louise A., Ph.D. (Scientific Advisor for International Activities) OD SG/7E102 (240)276-7296
Brodie, Seth, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR ATC/225B (301)402-3410
Brown, Kevin, Ph.D. LTG ATC/152D (301)402-9326
Brown, Sandra IIB SG/6E220 (240)276-7183
Buck, Laurie (Contractor) OD Off-site (301)680-9770
Burdett, Laurie, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR ATC/152A (301)435-0037
Cadena, Gabriela (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E646 (240)276-7294
Cahoon, Elizabeth (Lisa), Ph.D., M.H.S., S.M. REB SG/7E524 (240)276-7401
Camargo, Maria-Constanza, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E206 (240)276-7175
Cantor, Kenneth, Ph.D. (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E638 (240)276-7291
Caporaso, Neil E., M.D. (Chief) GEB SG/6E430 (240)276-7228
Carroll, Raymond (Adjunct) BB Off-site
Chandler, Patricia OD SG/7E420 (240)276-7360
Chang, Lienard, M.S. REB SG/7E558 (240)276-7611
Chanock, Stephen J., M.D. (Director) OD SG/7E412 (240)276-7150
Chaturvedi, Anil K., Ph.D. IIB SG/6E238 (240)276-7193
Check, David BB SG/7E624 (240)276-7430
Chernyavskiy, Pavel, Ph.D. REB SG/7E550 (240)276-7360
Choi, Jiyeon, Ph.D. LTG ATC/127 (301)594-7631
Chowdhury, Salma, M.S. (Contractor) CGR ATC/149 (301)451-4957
Chung, Charles (Contractor) CGR ATC/152D (301)402-9326
Chung, Hee Kyoung, Ph.D. LTG ATC/127 (301)443-2072
Coghill, Anna, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E222 (240)276-7184
Cole, Nathan, Ph.D. CGR ATC/134G (301)443-3064
Colli, Leandro, M.D., Ph.D. LGS ATC/127 (301)435-2948
Collins, Irene, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG ATC/127 (301)594-7631
Colt, Joanne S., M.P.H., M.S. (Assistant Branch Chief) OEEB SG/6E140 (240)276-7173
Cook, Michael B., Ph.D. MEB SG/7E106 (240)276-7298
Cornu, Jean-Nicolas, M.D. (Special Volunteer) LTG
Crawford, Christine (Contractor) MEB SG/6E416 (240)276-7222
Cullen, Michael, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR ATC/225A (301)496-4060
Curtis, Rochelle E., M.A. REB SG/7E516 (240)276-7384
Dagnall, Casey (Contractor) CGR ATC/143 (301)435-7902
Dawsey, Sanford M., M.D. MEB SG/6E302 (240)276-7194
Dawson, Eric LGS ATC/127
De Andrade, Kelvin (Special Volunteer) CGB SG/6E532 (240)276-7797
Dean, Michael, Ph.D. (Chief) LTG ATC/134D (301)451-9584
Debacker, Danielle (Contractor) CGR 1066/101 (301)846-7356
Decastro, Rosamma, M.S.N., C.R.N.P. CGB SG/6E546 (240)276-7261
Delattre, Olivier , Ph.D. OD 7E218 (240)476-7150
Demarco, Maria, M.P.H. CGB SG/6E532
Derderian, Vana SG/7E556 (202)695-3032
Derkach, Andriy, Ph.D. BB SG/7E624 (240)276-5574
Devesa, Susan S., Ph.D. (Contractor) BB SG/7E580 (240)276-7410
Diaw, Lena, Ph.D. (Contractor) LTG ATC BG/RM 130 (301)435-5451
Doody, Michele M., M.S. REB Off-site (240)276-7373
Dopart, Pamela, PhD, MPH OEEB SG/ 6E564 (240)276-5551
Drozdovitch, Vladimir, Ph.D. REB SG/7E548 (240)276-7399
Duong, Denise REB SG/7E531 (240)276-7390
Eldridge, Ronald, Ph.D. CGB SG/7E206 (240)276-5854
Engels, Eric A., M.D., M.P.H IIB SG/6E226 (240)276-7186
Etemadi, Arash, M.D., Ph.D. MEB SG/6E310 (240)276-7197
Fadare, Solomon (Contractor) OD SG/SG6E582 (301)594-7631
Falk, Roni T., M.S. MEB SG/7E224 (240)276-7329
Fang, Jun, M.D., Ph.D. LGS ATC/127 (301)435-7616
Faupel-Badger, Jessica, M.P.H., Ph.D. (Adjunct) EBP SG/2W172 (240)276-5650
Feenster, Jacqueline OD SG/7E428 (240)276-7364
Fermo, Christine, B.A. (Special Volunteer) BB SG/7E132 (240)276-6269
Fisher, Victoria A., M.P.H. OD SG/7E338 (240)276-7352
Fraser, Mary C., R.N., M.A. (Contractor) GEB SG/6E520 (240)276-7251
Fraumeni, Joseph F., Jr., M.D. (Special Advisor) OD SG/7E586 (240)276-7413
Freedman, D. Michal, Ph.D., M.P.H. REB SG/7E538 (240)276-7394
Freedman, Neal D., Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E304 (240)276-7195
Freelander, Lauren, M.S. (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E634 (240)276-5857
Friesen, Melissa, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E608 (240)276-7278
Gadalla, Shahinaz, Ph.D., M.B.Bch. (Stadtman Investigator) CGB SG/6E534 (240)276-7254
Gage, Julia C., Ph.D., M.P.H. CGB SG/6E552 (240)276-7264
Gail, Mitchell H., M.D., Ph.D. BB SG/7E138 (240)276-7315
Gallagher, Jecholia OD SG/7E430 (240)276-7365
Garcia-Closas, Montserrat, M.D., Dr.P.H. (Deputy Director) OD SG/7E342 (240)276-7150
Gastwirth, Joseph (Adjunct) BB Off-site
Ghazarian, Armen, M.P.H. MEB SG/7E118 (240)276-7305
Gierach, Gretchen L., Ph.D., MEB SG/7E108 (240)276-7299
Gilbert, Ethel S., Ph.D. (Contractor) REB SG/7E540 (240)276-7395
Giri, Neelam, M.D. CGB SG/6E538 (240)276-7256
Goedert, James J., M.D. IIB SG/6E106 (240)276-7103
Goldin, Lynn R., Ph.D. (Deputy Chief) GEB SG/6E432 (240)276-7229
Goldstein, Alisa M., Ph.D. GEB SG/6E438 (240)276-7233
Gonzalez Bosquet, Jesus (Special Volunteer) LTG
Graubard, Barry I., Ph.D. BB SG/7E140 (240)276-7316
Greene, Mark H., M.D. CGB SG/6E456 (240)276-7242
Gu, Fangyi, M.Med., Sc.D. GEB SG/6E502 (240)276-7243
Han, Paul, M.D., M.P.H (Adjunct) CGB Off-site
Hatch, Maureen C., Ph.D. REB SG/7E508 (240)276-7382
Hautman, Chris (Contractor) CGR ATC/121 (301)443-3029
Henderson, Marianne K., M.S. (Senior Advisor for Division Resources) OD SG/7E424 (240)276-7362
Herr, Megan, Ph.D. REB SG/ 7E506 (240)276-5322
Hicks, Belynda (Contractor) CGR ATC/152E (301)451-4498
Higson, Herb (Contractor) CGR ATC/143 (301)402-5214
Hildesheim, Allan, Ph.D. (Chief) IIB SG/6E102 (240)276-7101
Hill, Ashley, M.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site (202)476-2051
Hines-Harris, Keisha (Contractor) CGR ATC/149 (301)435-7621
Hofmann, Jonathan, Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E132 (240)276-7168
Holmes-Lillie, Sadie GEB SG/6E408 (240)276-7217
Hoover, Robert N., M.D., Sc.D. (Director) EBP SG/7E584 (240)276-7412
Horner, Marie-Josephe, M.S.P.H. (Special Volunteer) LTG
Hoskins, Jason, Ph.D. LTG ATC/127 (301)594-7631
Hu, Nan, M.D., Ph.D. GEB SG/6E434 (240)276-7231
Hu, Wei, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E648 (240)276-7295
Hua, Xing, Ph.D. BB SG/7E616 (240)276-7427
Huang, Jiaqi, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E316 (240)276-5584
Huang, Wen-Yi, Ph.D., M.S.P.H. OEEB SG/6E606 (240)276-7277
Hutchinson, Amy, M.S. (Director of Operations Contractor) CGR 1066/128 (301)846-1689
Hutson, Sadie, M.S.N., Ph.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site (865)974-7585
Huynh, Donna (Contractor) CGB SG/6E578 (240)276-7271
Hyland, Paula, Ph.D., M.P.H. GEB SG/6E424 (240)276-7225
Hyun, Noorie, Ph.D. BB SG/7E604 (240)276-7422
Inoue Choi, Maki, Ph.D., M.S. MEB SG/6E314 (240)276-6329
Jermusyk, Ashley A, Ph.D. LTG ATC BG/RM 127 (301)435-9102
Jessop, Lea, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LGS ATC/127 (301)443-3018
Ji, Bu-Tian, M.D., Dr.P.H. OEEB SG/6E612 (240)276-7279
Jia, Jinping, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) LTG ATC/127 (301)435-9102
Jones, Gieira, M.S. IIB SG/6E204 (240)276-7615
Jones, Kristie (Contractor) CGR ATC/152M (301)435-2157
Jones, Rena, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E116 (240)276-7292
Josse, Pabitra (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E556 (240)276-5098
Journy, Neige, Ph.D, M.P.H. REB SG/7E510 (240)276-7373
Karlins, Eric (Contractor) CGR ATC/152G (301)435-8752
Katki, Hormuzd A., Ph.D. BB SG/7E606 (240)276-7423
Kaufman, Mindy OD SG/7E410 (240)276-7358
Keadle, Sarah, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E566 (240)276-6789
Kelly, Scott Paul, Ph.D. MEB SG/7E214 (240)276-7322
Khincha, Payal, M.B.B.S. CGB SG/6E562 (240)276-7267
Kiser, Kristin, M.H.A., M.S. OE SG/7E438 (240)276-7234
Kitahara, Cari Meinhold, Ph.D. REB SG/7E536 (240)276-7406
Kleinerman, Ruth A., M.P.H. (Deputy Chief) REB SG/7E-456 (240)276-7393
Kohaar, Indu, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) LTG ATC/127 (301)443-9102
Koshiol, Jill, Ph.D (Stadtman Investigator) IIB SG/6E212 (240)276-7178
Koster, Roelof, Ph.D. LGS ATC/134J (301)443-2072
Koutros, Stella, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E124 (240)276-7165
Kovacs, Joseph, B.A. (Special Volunteer) LTG
Kovacs, Michael, M.A. LTG ATC/137D (301)594-9721
Kratz, Christian, M.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site +495115326711
Kreimer, Aimée R., Ph.D IIB SG/6E104 (240)276-7102
Kuhs, Krystle, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) IIB SG/6E210 (240)276-7177
Kuzmin, Gleb, BA REB SG/ 7E570 (240)276-5113
Lam, Nghi Bao, B.S., B.A. LTG ATC BG/RM 127 (301)435-6064
Lan, Qing, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E136 (240)276-7171
Landgren, Annelie M., M.P.H. (Contractor) REB SG/7E436 (240)276-7368
Landi, Maria T., M.D., Ph.D. GEB SG/6E446 (240)276-7236
Landy, Rebecca CGB SG/6E564 (240)276-5760
Larson, Sally (Contractor) CGR 1066/127 (301)846-7248
Lashley, Kerrie (Contractor) CGR ATC/149 (301)451-4496
Lavigne, Jackie, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chief) OE SG/7E450 (240)276-7237
Layne, Tracy M., PhD, MPH MEB SG/6E414 (240)276-7221
Lee, Choonsik, Ph.D. REB SG/7E448 (240)276-7374
Lee, Hyo Jung (Elisa) (Contractor) CGR ATC/149 (301)451-4495
Lenz, Petra, M.D. (Contractor) OEEB SG/6E588 (240)276-7273
Lerro, Cathy, M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E620 (240)276-7813
Li, Shengchao (Contractor) CGR ATC/152D (301)451-8881
Li, Tong (Contractor) CGR ATC/152G (301)435-7905
Li, Zhaohai, Ph.D. BB SG/7E608
Liao, Linda, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E632 (240)276-7288
Lim, Hyeyeun, Ph.D. REB SG/7E504 (240)276-7192
Linet, Martha S., M.D., M.P.H. REB SG/7E458 (240)276-7379
Little, Mark, D.Phil. REB SG/7E450 (240)276-7375
Liu, Angela, B.S. (Special Volunteer) CGB SG/7E216 (240)276-1326
Liu, Wayne, B.S. REB SG/7E564 (240)276-7405
Locke, Sarah, M.S., M.S.P.H. OEEB SG/6E550 (240)276-7263
Loftfield, Erikka, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E332 (240)276-7310
Lou, Ka Lai OD SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Loud, Jennifer T., R.N., C.R.N.P., D.N.P. (Assistant Branch Chief) CGB SG/6E536 (240)276-7255
Louis, Lydia, M.P.H. OEEB SG/6E636 (240)276-6960
Loukissas, Jennifer K., M.P.P. (Communications Manager) OD SG/7E434 (240)276-7367
Lubin, Jay H., Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) BB SG/7E614 (240)276-7426
Luo, Wen (Contractor) CGR ATC/152F (301)443-4392
Mabuchi, Kiyohiko, M.D., Dr.P.H. REB SG/7E534 (240)276-7392
Machiela, Mitchell, Sc.D. LGS ATC (301)435-6391
Madigan, M. Patricia MEB SG/7E222 (240)276-7328
Mahaney, Tiffany (Contractor) OD SG/7E408 (240)276-7361
Malasky, Mike (Contractor) CGR ATC/143 (301)443-1708
Manning, Michelle (Contractor) CGR ATC/149 (301)496-4140
Marks, Morgan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) IIB Off-site
Matthews, Charles, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E340 (240)276-7211
Maziarz, Marlena, Ph.D. BB SG/7E622 (240)276-6069
Mbulaiteye, Sam M., M.D. IIB SG/6E118 (240)276-7108
McCabe, Carl, Ph.D. OD SG/7E432 (240)276-7366
McClave, Catherine B., M.S. (Senior Advisor for Division Operations) OD SG/7E440 (240)276-7370
McCoy, Marshall (Contractor) CGR 1066/126 (301)228-4705
McGlynn, Katherine A., Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/7E104 (240)276-7297
McMaster, Mary L., M.D. GEB SG/6E516 (240)276-7248
Merino, Diana, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. REB SG/ 7E574 (240)276-6920
Mille, Matthew M, Ph.D. REB SG/7E522 (240)276-6149
Mirabello, Lisa, Ph.D. (Stadtman Investigator) GEB SG/6E422 (240)276-7258
Miranti, Eugenia MEB SG/6E324 (240)276-5598
Mitchell, Jason (Contractor) CGR ATC/128 (301)435-7619
Moore, Amy, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E628 (240)276-5658
Moore, Lee E., Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E614 (240)276-7281
Moore, Steven C., Ph.D. (Stadtman Investigator) MEB SG/6E306 (240)276-7196
Morillo, Arena del Mar, B.A. REB SG/ 7E558 (240)276-6073
Moroz, Brian, M.S. (Contractor) REB SG/7E574 (240)276-7408
Morton, Lindsay M., Ph.D. REB SG/7E454 (240)276-7377
Moser, Richard, Ph.D. (Adjunct) CGB Off-site
Mosher, Elizabeth , BA REB SE/7E552 (240)276-5436
Moss, Jennifer Lindsay CGB SG/2W164 (240)276-5048
Mullooly, Maeve, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/7E234 (240)276-6287
Mumy, Adam, B.A. (Special Volunteer) LTG
Murphy, Gwen, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E314 (240)276-7199
Myers, Timothy (Biologist/Lab Manager) LGS ATC/127 (301)435-7874
Nam, Jun-Mo, M.S. (Special Volunteer) BB SG/7E136 (240)276-7314
Nelson, Shakira, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E572 (240)276-5716
Nickerson, Michael, Ph.D. LTG ATC/225C (301)451-2724
Nober, Jenna (Program Administrator) REB SG/7E446 (240)276-7373
O'Brien, Thomas R., M.D., M.P.H. IIB SG/6E108 (240)276-7104
O'Neil, Adri (Contractor) CGR ATC/152L (301)435-7622
Oasan, Mila CGB SG/6E526 (240)276-7252
Obajemu, Adeola Arinola (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG ATC/134J (301)443-7902
Oh, Hannah, Sc.D., M.P.H MEB SG/7E220 (240)276-5063
Onabajo, Olusegun, Ph.D. LTG ATC/127 (301)594-7631
Packirisamy, Padma Ramya (Contractor) CGR 1066/101 (301)228-4239
Palakal, Maya (Contractor) MEB SG/7E112 (240)276-7302
Panagiotou, Orestis, M.D., Ph.D. BB SG/7E602 (240)276-7421
Parikh, Hemang, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) LTG ATC/127 (301)435-2746
Parry, Dilys M., Ph.D. (Contractor) GEB SG/6E530 (240)276-7253
Pelc, Timothy (Contractor) CGR 1066/126 (301)228-4406
Pemov, Alex, Ph.D., M.D. (Contractor) CGB 10-CRC/1-3872 (301)496-0927
Perez, Vicky, M.A., M.S. OD SG/7E430 (240)276-5879
Peters, June A., M.S., C.G.C. CGB SG/6E548 (240)276-7262
Peters, Kamau, Ph.D., M.P.H. REB SG/7E552 (240)276-7380
Petrick, Jessica, Ph.D. MEB SG/7E230 (240)276-7321
Pfeiffer, Ruth M., Ph.D. BB SG/7E142 (240)276-7317
Pinto, Ligia A., Ph.D. (SAIC Principal Investigator Contractor) IIB SG/6E234 (240)276-7192
Playdon, Mary, PhD, MPH MEB SG/6E406 (240)276-7216
Porter-Gill, Patricia (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG ATC/127 (301)402-9036
Pritchett, Natalie (Contractor) MEB SG/6E310 (240)276-6060
Prokunina-Olsson, Ludmila, Ph.D. LTG ATC/134C (301)443-5297
Purdue, Mark P, Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E604 (240)276-7265
Rabkin, Charles S, M.D. IIB SG/6E110 (240)276-7105
Raj, Preethi, M.S. (Contractor) LTG ATC/134A (301)827-9488
Rao, Nina, B.S. LTG ATC/134J (301)443-2072
Raymond, Melissa MEB SG/6E412 (240)276-7301
Reyes-Guzman, Carolyn, M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) GEB SG/6E504 (240)276-7244
Roberson, David (Contractor) CGR ATC/128 (301)435-5451
Rodriguez, Aaron (Contractor) CGR ATC/152G (301)496-6019
Rogers, Barbara GEB SG/6E428 (240)276-7227
Rolls, Adrienne (Contractor) BB SG/7E628 (240)276-5376
Rosenberg, Philip S., Ph.D. BB SG/7E130 (240)276-7312
Rost, Lauren, BA LTG ATC/127 (301)922-6268
Rothman, Nathaniel, M.D., M.P.H., M.H.S. (Head of Molecular Studies) OEEB SG/6E134 (240)276-7169
Roy, Tawanda MEB SG/6E406 (240)276-7216
Safaeian, Mahboobeh, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) IIB SG/6E224 (240)276-7185
Sampson, Ingrid (Contractor) IIB SG/6E120 (240)276-7109
Sampson, Joshua, Ph.D. BB SG/7E594 (240)276-7418
Savage, Sharon A., M.D. (Chief) CGB SG/6E454 (240)276-7241
Schairer, Catherine, Ph.D. BB SG/7E612 (240)276-7425
Schiffman, Mark, M.D., M.P.H. CGB SG/6E544 (240)276-7259
Schneider-Levinson, Wendy OD SG/7E340 (240)276-7353
Schonfeld, Sara, Ph.D., M.P.H. REB SG/7E540 (240)276-6474
Seow, Wei Jie, M.D., Sc.D. OEEB SG/6E128 (240)276-5310
Shi, Jianxin, Ph.D. BB SG/7E596 (240)276-7419
Shiels, Meredith, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E218 (240)276-7182
Sikdar, Nilabja, M.S., Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) LTG ATC/127 (301)827-9777
Siler, Mariannne (Contractor) CGR ATC/152A (301)443-3214
Silverman, Debra T., Sc.D., Sc.M. (Chief) OEEB SG/6E142 (240)276-7174
Simon, Steven L., Ph.D. REB SG/7E442 (240)276-7371
Sinha, Rashmi, Ph.D. MEB SG/6E336 (240)276-7208
Stewart, Douglas, M.D. (Stadtman Investigator) CGB SG/6E450 (240)276-7238
Stewart, Trish, Ph.D. (Contractor) OEEB (301)496-9093
Stine, Kathleen C., M.B.A. REB SG/7E444 (240)276-7372
Stolzenberg-Solomon, Rachael, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D. MEB SG/6E420 (240)276-7224
Sue, Laura, M.P.H. (Special Volunteer) EBP Off-site
Suman, Shalabh (Contractor) CGR ATC/152G (301)443-3038
Sung, Hyuna, Ph.D., M.A. GEB SG/6E512 (240)276-7820
Taylor, Philip R., M.D., Sc.D GEB SG/6E444 (240)276-7235
Teshome, Kedest (Contractor) CGR ATC/143 (301)443-2987
Tobias, Geoffrey HGP SG/7E554 (240)276-7402
Toro, Jorge, M.D. (Special Volunteer) GEB SG/6E506
Tota, Joseph, Ph.D., M.S. IIB SG/6E228 (240)276-7183
Trabert, Britton, Ph.D. (Stadtman Investigator) MEB SG/7E122 (240)276-7331
Tran , Van, Ph.D. REB SG/7E564 (240)276-5422
Troisi, Rebecca, Sc.D. EBP Off-site
Tucker, Margaret A., M.D. (Director) HGP SG/7E542 (240)276-7396
Tun, Julio (Contractor) CGR ATC (301)435-3480
Turner, Susan (Contractor) CGR ATC/152J (301)594-7539
Udquim, Krizia-Ivana, BA LTG
Ukwuani, Abigail, M.P.A. REB SG/7E438 (240)276-7369
Utermahlen, Bill (Contractor) CGR 1066/101 (301)846-5503
Van Dyke, Alison, M.D., Ph.D. IIB SG/6E210
Vassall, Vanessa, MSPH, MCHES OD SG / 7E-408 (240)276-7365
Villoing, Daphnée , Ph.D REB SG/7E520 (240)276-5587
Vogt, Aurelie, M.S. (Contractor) CGR ATC/152L (301)435-7615
Vogtmann, Emily, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E574 (240)276-6701
Voss, Alyssa, M.P.H. OD SG/7E426 (240)276-7363
Wagner, Sarah (Contractor) CGR ATC/128 (301)435-7618
Wang, Chaoyu, M.S. (Biologist/Lab Manager) GEB ATC/133G (301)435-7876
Wang, Fang, Ph.D. LTG ATC/133 (301)435-4058
Wang, Mingyi (Contractor) CGR ATC/152F (301)443-0472
Wang, Zhaoming (Contractor) CGR ATC/152B (301)443-3077
Ward, Mary H., Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E138 (240)276-7172
Weinstein, Stephanie J., Ph.D. MEB SG/6E338 (240)276-7209
Wentzensen, Nicolas, M.D., Ph.D. (Deputy Chief) CGB SG/7E114 (240)276-7303
Wenzlick, Sadie (Contractor) CGR 1066/120 (301)846-1587
Wigfield, Diane OE SG/7E416 (240)276-7004
Wilcox, Amber Nicole (Contractor) EBP SG/7E406 (240)276-7046
Wong, Jason , Ph.D. OEEB SG/6E640 (240)276-5149
Wu, Yinglun, B.S. LTG (301)443-2072
Wyatt, Kathleen (Contractor) CGR 1066/101 (301)846-5463
Xiao, Qian, Ph.D., M.P.H. MEB SG/6E330 (240)276-7207
Xiao, Yanzi GEB SG/ 6E502 (240)276-7179
Xie, Yi, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG ATC BG/RM 127 (301)435-4064
Xu, Mai, Ph.D. (Biologist/Lab Manager) LTG ATC/109 (301)594-7631
Yang, Baiyu, Ph.D. MEB SG/7E232 (240)276-5319
Yang, Hannah P., Ph.D., Sc.M. OD SG/7E238 (240)276-7337
Yang, Qi (Contractor) CGR ATC/152D (301)451-8999
Yang, Qi, Ph.D. (Contractor) CGR SG/7E546 (240)276-7398
Yang, Rose, Ph.D., M.P.H. GEB SG/6E426 (240)276-7226
Yanik, Elizabeth, Ph.D. IIB SG/6E226 (240)276-7781
Yeager, Meredith, Ph.D. (Scientific Director Contractor) CGR ATC/152H (301)435-7613
Young, Jennifer CGB SG/6E568 (240)276-7202
Yu, Betty EBP SG/7E578 (240)276-7414
Yu, Guoqin, M.S., Ph.D. GEB SG/6E518 (240)276-7249
Yu, Kai, Ph.D. BB SG/7E630 (240)276-7433
Yu, Kelly, M.P.H., Ph.D. IIB SG/7E046 (240)276-7041
Yu, Sherry (Contractor) CGR 560/21-34 (301)228-4403
Zahm, Shelia H., Sc.D. (Scientific Advisor - Contractor) OD SG/7E342 (240)276-7403
Zamoiski, Rachel, Ph.D. REB SG/7E502 (240)276-7627
Zhang, Han, Ph.D. BB SG/7E628 (240)276-7432
Zhang, Mingfeng, M.D., Ph.D. LTG ATC/134B (301)443-2072
Zhang, Tongwu, Ph.D. LTG ATC/225 (301)443-3352
Zhang, Xijun (Contractor) CGR ATC/152D (301)435-7044
Zhou, Cindy, Ph.D. MEB SG/7E210 (240)276-7324
Zhou, Weiyin (Contractor) CGR ATC/130 (301)435-7620
Zhu, Bin (Contractor) CGR ATC/152B (301)827-9757
Zhu, Bin, Ph.D. BB SG/7E618 (240)276-7420
Ziegler, Regina G., Ph.D., M.P.H. EBP SG/7E588 (240)276-7415