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Last Updated: 07/24/2014

Infections and Immunoepidemiology Branch
Hildesheim, Allan, Ph.D. (Chief) SG/6E102 240-276-7101
Aka, Peter, MS.C., M.P.H., Ph.D. SG/6E214 240-276-7179
Bhatia, Kishor, Ph.D. SG/6E216
Brown, Sandra SG/6E220 240-276-7183
Camargo, Maria-Constanza, Ph.D.,M.S., M.H.A. SG/6E206 240-276-7175
Chaturvedi, Anil K., Ph.D. SG/6E238 240-276-7193
Coghill, Anna, Ph.D. SG/6E222 240-276-7184
Engels, Eric A., M.D., M.P.H SG/6E226 240-276-7186
Goedert, James J., M.D. SG/6E106 240-276-7103
Jain, Shivani SG/6E118 240-276-7108
Jones, Gieira, M.S. SG/6E204 240-276-7615
Koshiol, Jill, Ph.D SG/6E212 240-276-7178
Kreimer, Aimée R., Ph.D SG/6E104 240-276-7102
Kuhs, Krystle, Ph.D., M.P.H. SG/6E210 240-276-7177
Marks, Morgan, Ph.D. (Special Volunteer) Off-site
Mbulaiteye, Sam M., M.D. SG/6E118 240-276-7108
Navard, Ingrid (Contractor) SG/6E120 240-276-7109
Nogueira, Leticia, Ph.D., M.P.H. SG/6E208 240-276-7176
O'Brien, Thomas R., M.D., M.P.H. SG/6E108 240-276-7104
Pinto, Ligia A., Ph.D. (SAIC Principal Investigator Contractor) SG/6E234 240-276-7192
Rabkin, Charles S, M.D. SG/6E110 240-276-7105
Robbins, Hilary SG/6E228 240-276-7187
Safaeian, Mahboobeh, Ph.D. SG/6E224 240-276-7185
Shiels, Meredith, Ph.D., M.H.S. SG/6E218 240-276-7182
Yanik, Elizabeth, Sc.M., Ph.D. SG/6E226 240-276-7781