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DCEG Staff Directory

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Last Updated: 05/27/2016

Chanock, Stephen J., M.D. (Director) SG/7E412 (240)276-7150
Garcia-Closas, Montserrat, M.D., Dr.P.H. (Deputy Director) SG/7E342 (240)276-7150
Adams, Lilly SG/7E418 (240)276-5063
Berg, Christine Dorothy (Contractor) SG/7E228 (240)276-7366
Brinton, Louise A., Ph.D. (Scientific Advisor for International Activities) SG/7E102 (240)276-7296
Buck, Laurie (Contractor) Off-site (301)680-9770
Chandler, Patricia SG/7E420 (240)276-7360
Delattre, Olivier , Ph.D. 7E218 (240)476-7150
Fadare, Solomon (Contractor) SG/SG6E582 (301)594-7631
Feenster, Jacqueline SG/7E428 (240)276-7364
Fisher, Victoria A., M.P.H. SG/7E338 (240)276-7352
Fraumeni, Joseph F., Jr., M.D. (Special Advisor) SG/7E586 (240)276-7413
Gallagher, Jecholia SG/7E430 (240)276-7365
Henderson, Marianne K., M.S. (Senior Advisor for Division Resources) SG/7E424 (240)276-7362
Kaufman, Mindy SG/7E410 (240)276-7358
Lou, Ka Lai SG/7E404 (240)276-7389
Loukissas, Jennifer K., M.P.P. (Communications Manager) SG/7E434 (240)276-7367
Mahaney, Tiffany (Contractor) SG/7E408 (240)276-7361
McCabe, Carl, Ph.D. SG/7E432 (240)276-7366
McClave, Catherine B., M.S. (Senior Advisor for Division Operations) SG/7E440 (240)276-7370
Perez, Vicky, M.A., M.S. SG/7E430 (240)276-5879
Schneider-Levinson, Wendy SG/7E340 (240)276-7353
Vassall, Vanessa, MSPH, MCHES SG / 7E-408 (240)276-7365
Voss, Alyssa, M.P.H. SG/7E426 (240)276-7363
Yang, Hannah P., Ph.D., Sc.M. SG/7E238 (240)276-7337
Zahm, Shelia H., Sc.D. (Scientific Advisor - Contractor) SG/7E342 (240)276-7403
Office of Education
Lavigne, Jackie, Ph.D., M.P.H. (Chief) SG/7E450 (240)276-7237
Kiser, Kristin, M.H.A., M.S. SG/7E438 (240)276-7234
Wigfield, Diane SG/7E416 (240)276-7004