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Q1. How can I submit a new proposal?
In order to submit a new proposal, please send an email to the contact person for the specific study you are interested in. The contact person will help you with the processes and requirements for a new proposal submission. You can find the list of studies and their contact people here.
Q2. Where can I find the format for a new proposal?
You may find the proposal formats below:
  1. Data only
  2. Samples, with or without data
Q3. Which samples are available for use in GEMINI?
GEMINI has collected a different set of urine, blood, hair or nail samples in each individual study. To learn about the availability of a specific sample type in a given study, please use each study's contact information here. To see the general guidelines about sample use, please see here.
Q4. There is a new status for my proposal. What does my current proposal status mean?
Request Under Review
When the status is first submitted an email is sent to the requesting user as acknowledgment of receipt. At this point the request is automatically set to "Request Under Review". At this stage a GEMShare staff member will begin to review the request. If more information is needed from the requesting user the staff member will set the request status to "Pending Requestor Response". Otherwise, the approval process will continue as described below.
Pending Requestor Response
The requestor is notified via email that their input is required for the request. Once the requestor posts a comment in response, or provides the necessary documentation, the status of the request is automatically set to "Request Under Review".
Approved Pending Revision
Request will be approved, but the requestor needs to make a change to it.
Request is approved. Materials are being prepared for delivery.
Materials Not Available
Data and/or Specimens requested cannot be provided.
Request closed due to lack of response from the requestor.
Request Fulfilled
The request has successfully been fulfilled and all parties are notified.
Request Denied
At any point in the review GEMShare may determine that the request should not continue and set the request status to "Request Denied".