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Authors:Gothe NP,  Ehlers DK,  Salerno EA,  Fanning J,  Kramer AF,  McAuley E
Title:Physical Activity, Sleep and Quality of Life in Older Adults: Influence of Physical, Mental and Social Well-being.
Journal: Behav Sleep Med 18(6):797-808
Date:2020 Nov-Dec
PubMed ID:31713442
PMC ID: PMC7324024 [available on November 01, 2021]

Authors:Berrigan D,  Liu A,  Belcher BR,  Chao A,  Fang L,  Matthews CE,  Wang B,  Wang L,  Wang N,  Wang Y,  Yang L,  Linet MS,  Potischman N
Title:Physical Activity, Step Counts, and Grip Strength in the Chinese Children and Families Cohort Study.
Journal: Int J Environ Res Public Health 17(17)
Date:2020 Aug 26
Branches:MEB, REB
PubMed ID:32859094
PMC ID: PMC7504127

Authors:Van Alsten SC,  Rabkin CS,  Sawada N,  Shimazu T,  Charvat H,  Yamaji T,  Inoue M,  Kemp TJ,  Pinto LA,  Camargo MC,  Tsugane S,  Song M
Title:Metabolic Syndrome, Physical Activity, and Inflammation: A Cross-Sectional Analysis of 110 Circulating Biomarkers in Japanese Adults.
Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 29(8):1639-1646
Date:2020 Aug
Branches:IIB, MEB
PubMed ID:32467351
PMC ID: PMC7528457

Authors:Saint-Maurice PF,  Sampson JN,  Keadle SK,  Willis EA,  Troiano RP,  Matthews CE
Title:Reproducibility of Accelerometer and Posture-derived Measures of Physical Activity.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 52(4):876-883
Date:2020 Apr
Branches:BB, MEB
PubMed ID:31688655
PMC ID: PMC7078017 [available on April 01, 2021]

Authors:Stamatakis E,  Koster A,  Hamer M,  Rangul V,  Lee IM,  Bauman AE,  Atkin AJ,  Aadahl M,  Matthews CE,  Mork PJ,  Askie L,  Cistulli P,  Granat M,  Palm P,  Crowley PJ,  Stevens M,  Gupta N,  Pulakka A,  Stenholm S,  Arvidsson D,  Mishra G,  Wennberg P,  Chastin S,  Ekelund U,  Holtermann A
Title:Emerging collaborative research platforms for the next generation of physical activity, sleep and exercise medicine guidelines: the Prospective Physical Activity, Sitting, and Sleep consortium (ProPASS).
Journal: Br J Sports Med 54(8):435-437
Date:2020 Apr
PubMed ID:31076396
PMC ID: PMC7146929

Authors:Matthews CE,  Moore SC,  Arem H,  Cook MB,  Trabert B,  HÃ¥kansson N,  Larsson SC,  Wolk A,  Gapstur SM,  Lynch BM,  Milne RL,  Freedman ND,  Huang WY,  Berrington de Gonzalez A,  Kitahara CM,  Linet MS,  Shiroma EJ,  Sandin S,  Patel AV,  Lee IM
Title:Amount and Intensity of Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Lower Cancer Risk.
Journal: J Clin Oncol 38(7):686-697
Date:2020 Mar 1
Branches:MEB, REB
PubMed ID:31877085
PMC ID: PMC7048166

Authors:Papadimitriou N,  Dimou N,  Tsilidis KK,  Banbury B,  Martin RM,  Lewis SJ,  Kazmi N,  Robinson TM,  Albanes D,  Aleksandrova K,  Berndt SI,  Timothy Bishop D,  Brenner H,  Buchanan DD,  Bueno-de-Mesquita B,  Campbell PT,  Castellví-Bel S,  Chan AT,  Chang-Claude J,  Ellingjord-Dale M,  Figueiredo JC,  Gallinger SJ,  Giles GG,  Giovannucci E,  Gruber SB,  Gsur A,  Hampe J,  Hampel H,  Harlid S,  Harrison TA,  Hoffmeister M,  Hopper JL,  Hsu L,  María Huerta J,  Huyghe JR,  Jenkins MA,  Keku TO,  Kühn T,  La Vecchia C,  Le Marchand L,  Li CI,  Li L,  Lindblom A,  Lindor NM,  Lynch B,  Markowitz SD,  Masala G,  May AM,  Milne R,  Monninkhof E,  Moreno L,  Moreno V,  Newcomb PA,  Offit K,  Perduca V,  Pharoah PDP,  Platz EA,  Potter JD,  Rennert G,  Riboli E,  Sánchez MJ,  Schmit SL,  Schoen RE,  Severi G,  Sieri S,  Slattery ML,  Song M,  Tangen CM,  Thibodeau SN,  Travis RC,  Trichopoulou A,  Ulrich CM,  van Duijnhoven FJB,  Van Guelpen B,  Vodicka P,  White E,  Wolk A,  Woods MO,  Wu AH,  Peters U,  Gunter MJ,  Murphy N
Title:Physical activity and risks of breast and colorectal cancer: a Mendelian randomisation analysis.
Journal: Nat Commun 11(1):597
Date:2020 Jan 30
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:32001714
PMC ID: PMC6992637

Authors:Patel AV,  Friedenreich CM,  Moore SC,  Hayes SC,  Silver JK,  Campbell KL,  Winters-Stone K,  Gerber LH,  George SM,  Fulton JE,  Denlinger C,  Morris GS,  Hue T,  Schmitz KH,  Matthews CE
Title:American College of Sports Medicine Roundtable Report on Physical Activity, Sedentary Behavior, and Cancer Prevention and Control.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 51(11):2391-2402
Date:2019 Nov
PubMed ID:31626056
PMC ID: PMC6814265

Authors:Fairclough SJ,  Christian DL,  Saint-Maurice PF,  Hibbing PR,  Noonan RJ,  Welk GJ,  Dixon PM,  Boddy LM
Title:Calibration and Validation of the Youth Activity Profile as a Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Surveillance Tool for English Youth.
Journal: Int J Environ Res Public Health 16(19)
Date:2019 Oct 2
PubMed ID:31581617
PMC ID: PMC6801945

Authors:Zamorano AS,  Hagemann AR,  Morrison L,  Lee JA,  Liao LM,  Brinton LA,  Park Y,  Toriola AT
Title:Pre-diagnosis body mass index, physical activity and ovarian cancer mortality.
Journal: Gynecol Oncol 155(1):105-111
Date:2019 Oct
Branches:MEB, OD
PubMed ID:31383570
PMC ID: not available

Authors:DiPietro L,  Jin Y,  Talegawkar S,  Matthews CE
Title:The joint associations of weight status and physical activity with mobility disability: The NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.
Journal: Int J Obes (Lond) 43(9):1830-1838
Date:2019 Sep
PubMed ID:30575803
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Arem H,  Matthews CE
Title:Importance of both increasing physical activity and reducing sitting time.
Journal: Br J Sports Med 53(14):853-854
Date:2019 Jul
PubMed ID:29991571
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Pernar CH,  Ebot EM,  Pettersson A,  Graff RE,  Giunchi F,  Ahearn TU,  Gonzalez-Feliciano AG,  Markt SC,  Wilson KM,  Stopsack KH,  Gazeeva E,  Lis RT,  Parmigiani G,  Rimm EB,  Finn SP,  Giovannucci EL,  Fiorentino M,  Mucci LA
Title:A Prospective Study of the Association between Physical Activity and Risk of Prostate Cancer Defined by Clinical Features and TMPRSS2:ERG.
Journal: Eur Urol 76(1):33-40
Date:2019 Jul
PubMed ID:30301696
PMC ID: PMC6451672

Authors:Matthews CE,  Berrigan D,  Fischer B,  Gomersall SR,  Hillreiner A,  Kim Y,  Leitzmann MF,  Saint-Maurice P,  Olds TS,  Welk GJ
Title:Use of previous-day recalls of physical activity and sedentary behavior in epidemiologic studies: results from four instruments.
Journal: BMC Public Health 19(Suppl 2):478
Date:2019 Jun 3
PubMed ID:31159761
PMC ID: PMC6546619

Authors:Matthews CE
Title:Minimizing Risk Associated With Sedentary Behavior: Should We Focus on Physical Activity, Sitting, or Both?
Journal: J Am Coll Cardiol 73(16):2073-2075
Date:2019 Apr 30
PubMed ID:31023431
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Choi KW,  Chen CY,  Stein MB,  Klimentidis YC,  Wang MJ,  Koenen KC,  Smoller JW,  Major Depressive Disorder Working Group of the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium
Title:Assessment of Bidirectional Relationships Between Physical Activity and Depression Among Adults: A 2-Sample Mendelian Randomization Study.
Journal: JAMA Psychiatry 76(4):399-408
Date:2019 Apr 1
Branches:BB, TDRP
PubMed ID:30673066
PMC ID: PMC6450288

Authors:Saint-Maurice PF,  Coughlan D,  Kelly SP,  Keadle SK,  Cook MB,  Carlson SA,  Fulton JE,  Matthews CE
Title:Association of Leisure-Time Physical Activity Across the Adult Life Course With All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality.
Journal: JAMA Netw Open 2(3):e190355
Date:2019 Mar 1
PubMed ID:30848809
PMC ID: PMC6484624

Authors:Fu E,  White MA,  Hughto JMW,  Steiner B,  Willis EA
Title:Development of the Physical Activity Tracking Preference Questionnaire.
Journal: Int J Exerc Sci 12(5):297-309
PubMed ID:31156755
PMC ID: PMC6541209

Authors:White DA,  Oh Y,  Willis EA
Title:The Effect of Physical Activity Bout Patterns on Metabolic Syndrome Risk Factors in Youth: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2003-2006.
Journal: J Phys Act Health :1-10
Date:2018 Dec 10
PubMed ID:30526223
PMC ID: PMC6715542

Authors:Gu Q,  Spinelli JJ,  Dummer TBJ,  McDonald TE,  Moore SC,  Murphy RA
Title:Metabolic profiling of adherence to diet, physical activity and body size recommendations for cancer prevention.
Journal: Sci Rep 8(1):16293
Date:2018 Nov 2
PubMed ID:30390014
PMC ID: PMC6214951

Authors:Matthews CE,  Keadle SK,  Berrigan D,  Staudenmayer J,  Saint-Maurice P,  Troiano RP,  Freedson PS
Title:Influence of Accelerometer Calibration Approach on Moderate-Vigorous Physical Activity Estimates for Adults.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 50(11):2285-2291
Date:2018 Nov
PubMed ID:29933344
PMC ID: PMC6193831

Authors:Willis EA,  Shearer JJ,  Matthews CE,  Hofmann JN
Title:Association of physical activity and sedentary time with blood cell counts: National Health and Nutrition Survey 2003-2006.
Journal: PLoS One 13(9):e0204277
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:30252884
PMC ID: PMC6155506

Authors:Schmid D,  Matthews CE,  Leitzmann MF
Title:Physical activity and sedentary behavior in relation to mortality among renal cell cancer survivors.
Journal: PLoS One 13(6):e0198995
PubMed ID:29894512
PMC ID: PMC5997343

Authors:Xiao Q,  Keadle SK,  Berrigan D,  Matthews CE
Title:A prospective investigation of neighborhood socioeconomic deprivation and physical activity and sedentary behavior in older adults.
Journal: Prev Med 111:14-20
Date:2018 Jun
PubMed ID:29454077
PMC ID: PMC6485255

Authors:Bai Y,  Allums-Featherston K,  Saint-Maurice PF,  Welk GJ,  Candelaria N
Title:Evaluation of Youth Enjoyment Toward Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior.
Journal: Pediatr Exerc Sci 30(2):273-280
Date:2018 May 1
PubMed ID:29168422
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Potischman N,  Fang L,  Hao L,  Bailey RR,  Berrigan D,  Berry RJ,  Brodie A,  Chao A,  Chen J,  Dodd K,  Feng Y,  Ma G,  He Y,  Fan J,  Kimlin M,  Kitahara C,  Linet M,  Li Z,  Liu A,  Liu Y,  Sampson J,  Su J,  Sun J,  Tasevska N,  Yang L,  Yang R,  Zhang Q,  Wang N,  Wang L,  Yu W
Title:The Chinese Children and Families Cohort Study: The Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Ultraviolet Radiation Data Collection.
Journal: Nutr Today 53(3):104-114
Date:2018 May-Jun
Branches:BB, REB
PubMed ID:29930434
PMC ID: PMC5999376

Authors:Saint-Maurice PF,  Troiano RP,  Berrigan D,  Kraus WE,  Matthews CE
Title:Volume of Light Versus Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity: Similar Benefits for All-Cause Mortality?
Journal: J Am Heart Assoc 7(7)
Date:2018 Apr 2
PubMed ID:29610219
PMC ID: PMC5907606

Authors:Arem H,  Loftfield E,  Saint-Maurice PF,  Freedman ND,  Matthews CE
Title:Physical activity across the lifespan and liver cancer incidence in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study cohort.
Journal: Cancer Med 7(4):1450-1457
Date:2018 Apr
PubMed ID:29533015
PMC ID: PMC5911600

Authors:Raichlen David A.,  Hamilton Marc T.,  Harris Jacob A.,  Hsu Chiu-Hsieh,  Keadle Sarah K.,  Klimentidis Yann C.,  Marx Tyler J.,  Matthews Charles E.,  Pontzer Herman,  Sayre M. Katherine,  Wood Brian M.,  Zderic Theodore W.,  Alexander Gene E.
Title:Fractal patterns of physical activity in hunter-gatherers suggest universal scaling of daily movement in humans
Journal: Am J Phys Anthropol 165(Suppl 66):218-219
Date:2018 Apr
PubMed ID:not available
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Szabo-Reed Amanda N.,  Willis Erik A.,  Lee Jaehoon,  Hillman Charles H.,  Washburn Richard,  Donnelly Joseph
Title:The Relationship Between Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity and Time-on-Task on Academic Achievement
Journal: Ann Behav Med 52(Suppl 1):S343, Abstract B247
Date:2018 Apr
PubMed ID:not available
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Saint-Maurice PF,  Troiano RP,  Matthews CE,  Kraus WE
Title:Moderate-to-Vigorous Physical Activity and All-Cause Mortality: Do Bouts Matter?
Journal: J Am Heart Assoc 7(6)
Date:2018 Mar 22
PubMed ID:29567764
PMC ID: PMC5907548

Authors:McNeil J,  Farris MS,  Ruan Y,  Merry H,  Lynch BM,  Matthews CE,  Courneya KS,  Friedenreich CM
Title:Effects of prescribed aerobic exercise volume on physical activity and sedentary time in postmenopausal women: a randomized controlled trial.
Journal: Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act 15(1):27
Date:2018 Mar 21
PubMed ID:29562927
PMC ID: PMC5863375

Authors:DiPietro L,  Jin Y,  Talegawkar S,  Matthews CE
Title:The Joint Associations of Sedentary Time and Physical Activity With Mobility Disability in Older People: The NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.
Journal: J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci 73(4):532-538
Date:2018 Mar 14
PubMed ID:28958064
PMC ID: PMC5861886

Authors:Mahabir S,  Willett WC,  Friedenreich CM,  Lai GY,  Boushey CJ,  Matthews CE,  Sinha R,  Colditz GA,  Rothwell JA,  Reedy J,  Patel AV,  Leitzmann MF,  Fraser GE,  Ross S,  Hursting SD,  Abnet CC,  Kushi LH,  Taylor PR,  Prentice RL
Title:Research Strategies for Nutritional and Physical Activity Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention.
Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 27(3):233-244
Date:2018 Mar
PubMed ID:29254934
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Huang S,  Signal V,  Sarfati D,  Shaw C,  Stanley J,  McGlynn K,  Gurney J
Title:Physical activity and risk of testicular cancer: a systematic review.
Journal: BMC Cancer 18(1):189
Date:2018 Feb 14
PubMed ID:29444652
PMC ID: PMC5813362

Authors:Schmid D,  Behrens G,  Arem H,  Hart C,  Herr W,  Jochem C,  Matthews CE,  Leitzmann MF
Title:Pre- and post-diagnosis physical activity, television viewing, and mortality among hematologic cancer survivors.
Journal: PLoS One 13(1):e0192078
PubMed ID:29385194
PMC ID: PMC5791989

Authors:Li H,  Zhang Y,  Carroll RJ,  Keadle SK,  Sampson JN,  Matthews CE
Title:A joint modeling and estimation method for multivariate longitudinal data with mixed types of responses to analyze physical activity data generated by accelerometers.
Journal: Stat Med 36(25):4028-4040
Date:2017 Nov 10
Branches:BB, MEB
PubMed ID:28786180
PMC ID: PMC5656438

Authors:Oh H,  Arem H,  Matthews CE,  Wentzensen N,  Reding KW,  Brinton LA,  Anderson GL,  Coburn SB,  Cauley JA,  Chen C,  Goodman D,  Pfeiffer RM,  Falk RT,  Xu X,  Trabert B
Title:Sitting, physical activity, and serum oestrogen metabolism in postmenopausal women: the Women's Health Initiative Observational Study.
Journal: Br J Cancer 117(7):1070-1078
Date:2017 Sep 26
Branches:BB, CGB, MEB, OD
PubMed ID:28817836
PMC ID: PMC5625673

Authors:Alessa HB,  Chomistek AK,  Hankinson SE,  Barnett JB,  Rood J,  Matthews CE,  Rimm EB,  Willett WC,  Hu FB,  Tobias DK
Title:Objective Measures of Physical Activity and Cardiometabolic and Endocrine Biomarkers.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 49(9):1817-1825
Date:2017 Sep
PubMed ID:28398945
PMC ID: PMC5561485

Authors:Chomistek AK,  Yuan C,  Matthews CE,  Troiano RP,  Bowles HR,  Rood J,  Barnett JB,  Willett WC,  Rimm EB,  Bassett DR Jr
Title:Physical Activity Assessment with the ActiGraph GT3X and Doubly Labeled Water.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 49(9):1935-1944
Date:2017 Sep
PubMed ID:28419028
PMC ID: PMC5561512

Authors:Keadle SK,  Conroy DE,  Buman MP,  Dunstan DW,  Matthews CE
Title:Targeting Reductions in Sitting Time to Increase Physical Activity and Improve Health.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 49(8):1572-1582
Date:2017 Aug
PubMed ID:28272267
PMC ID: PMC5511092

Authors:Welk GJ,  Beyler NK,  Kim Y,  Matthews CE
Title:Calibration of Self-Report Measures of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior.
Journal: Med Sci Sports Exerc 49(7):1473-1481
Date:2017 Jul
PubMed ID:28240704
PMC ID: PMC5474174

Authors:Welk GJ,  Saint-Maurice PF,  Kim Y,  Ellingson LD,  Hibbing P,  Wolff-Hughes DL,  Perna FM
Title:Understanding and Interpreting Error in Physical Activity Data: Insights from the FLASHE Study.
Journal: Am J Prev Med 52(6):836-838
Date:2017 Jun
PubMed ID:28526359
PMC ID: PMC5540695

Authors:Pfister T,  Matthews CE,  Wang Q,  Kopciuk KA,  Courneya K,  Friedenreich C
Title:Comparison of two accelerometers for measuring physical activity and sedentary behaviour.
Journal: BMJ Open Sport Exerc Med 3(1):e000227
PubMed ID:28761711
PMC ID: PMC5530107

Authors:Keadle SK,  Shiroma EJ,  Kamada M,  Matthews CE,  Harris TB,  Lee IM
Title:Reproducibility of Accelerometer-Assessed Physical Activity and Sedentary Time.
Journal: Am J Prev Med 52(4):541-548
Date:2017 Apr
PubMed ID:28062274
PMC ID: PMC5362292

Authors:Schmid D,  Behrens G,  Matthews CE,  Leitzmann MF
Title:Physical Activity and Risk of Colon Cancer in Diabetic and Nondiabetic US Adults.
Journal: Mayo Clin Proc 91(12):1693-1705
Date:2016 Dec
PubMed ID:27916155
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Arem H,  Pfeiffer RM,  Moore SC,  Brinton LA,  Matthews CE
Title:Body mass index, physical activity, and television time in relation to mortality risk among endometrial cancer survivors in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study cohort.
Journal: Cancer Causes Control 27(11):1403-1409
Date:2016 Nov
Branches:BB, MEB, OD
PubMed ID:27730319
PMC ID: PMC5738914

Authors:Matthews CE,  Keadle SK,  Troiano RP,  Kahle L,  Koster A,  Brychta R,  Van Domelen D,  Caserotti P,  Chen KY,  Harris TB,  Berrigan D
Title:Accelerometer-measured dose-response for physical activity, sedentary time, and mortality in US adults.
Journal: Am J Clin Nutr 104(5):1424-1432
Date:2016 Nov
PubMed ID:27707702
PMC ID: PMC5081718

Authors:Shiroma EJ,  Schepps MA,  Harezlak J,  Chen KY,  Matthews CE,  Koster A,  Caserotti P,  Glynn NW,  Harris TB
Title:Daily physical activity patterns from hip- and wrist-worn accelerometers.
Journal: Physiol Meas 37(10):1852-1861
Date:2016 Oct
Branches:MEB, ODOA
PubMed ID:27654140
PMC ID: PMC5360542

Authors:Xiao Q,  Moore SC,  Keadle SK,  Xiang YB,  Zheng W,  Peters TM,  Leitzmann MF,  Ji BT,  Sampson JN,  Shu XO,  Matthews CE
Title:Objectively measured physical activity and plasma metabolomics in the Shanghai Physical Activity Study.
Journal: Int J Epidemiol 45(5):1433-1444
Date:2016 Oct
Branches:BB, MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:27073263
PMC ID: PMC5100606