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  • Title: Chernobyl or Chornobyl

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Authors:Yeager M,  Machiela MJ,  Kothiyal P,  Dean M,  Bodelon C,  Suman S,  Wang M,  Mirabello L,  Nelson CW,  Zhou W,  Palmer C,  Ballew B,  Colli LM,  Freedman ND,  Dagnall C,  Hutchinson A,  Vij V,  Maruvka Y,  Hatch M,  Illienko I,  Belayev Y,  Nakamura N,  Chumak V,  Bakhanova E,  Belyi D,  Kryuchkov V,  Golovanov I,  Gudzenko N,  Cahoon EK,  Albert P,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Mabuchi K,  Stewart C,  Getz G,  Bazyka D,  Berrington de Gonzalez A,  Chanock SJ
Title:Lack of transgenerational effects of ionizing radiation exposure from the Chernobyl accident.
Journal: Science 372(6543):725-729
Date:2021 May 14
PubMed ID:33888597
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Morton LM,  Karyadi DM,  Stewart C,  Bogdanova TI,  Dawson ET,  Steinberg MK,  Dai J,  Hartley SW,  Schonfeld SJ,  Sampson JN,  Maruvka Y,  Kapoor V,  Ramsden DA,  Carvajal-Garcia J,  Perou CM,  Parker JS,  Krznaric M,  Yeager M,  Boland JF,  Hutchinson A,  Hicks BD,  Dagnall CL,  Gastier-Foster JM,  Bowen J,  Lee O,  Machiela MJ,  Cahoon EK,  Brenner AV,  Mabuchi K,  Drozdovitch V,  Masiuk S,  Chepurny M,  Zurnadzhy LY,  Hatch M,  Berrington de Gonzalez A,  Thomas GA,  Tronko MD,  Getz G,  Chanock SJ
Title:Radiation-related genomic profile of papillary thyroid cancer after the Chernobyl accident.
Journal: Science
Date:2021 Apr 22
PubMed ID:33888599
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Zupunski L,  Yaumenenka A,  Ryzhov A,  Veyalkin I,  Drozdovitch V,  Masiuk S,  Ivanova O,  Kesminiene A,  Pukkala E,  Moiseev P,  Prysyazhnyuk A,  Schüz J,  Ostroumova E
Title:Breast cancer incidence in the regions of Belarus and Ukraine most contaminated by the Chernobyl accident: 1978 to 2016.
Journal: Int J Cancer 148(8):1839-1849
Date:2021 Apr 15
PubMed ID:33064313
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Morton Lindsay M.,  Karyadi Danielle,  Stewart Chip,  Bogdanova Tetiana,  Dawson Eric,  Steinberg Mia,  Dai Jieqiong,  Hartley Stephen,  Schonfeld Sara,  Sampson Joshua,  Maruvka Yosi,  Kapoor Vidushi,  Ramsden Dale,  Carvajal-Garcia Juan,  Perou Chuck,  Parker Joel,  Krznaric Marko,  Yeager Meredith,  Boland Joseph,  Hutchinson Amy,  Hicks Belynda,  Dagnall Casey,  Gastier-Foster Julie,  Bowen Jay,  Lee Olivia,  Machiela Mitchell,  Cahoon Elizabeth,  Brenner Alina,  Mabuchi Kiyohiko,  Drozdovitch Vladimir,  Masiuk Sergii,  Chepurny Mykola,  Zurnadzhy Liudmyla Yu,  Hatch Maureen,  de Gonzalez Amy Berrington,  Thomas Gerry,  Tronko Mykola,  Getz Gad,  Chanock Stephen
Title:Molecular characterization of papillary thyroid cancer in relation to ionizing radiation dose following the Chernobyl accident.
Journal: Clin Cancer Res 27(8 Suppl):Abstract PO-055
Date:2021 Apr
Branches:BB, CGR, ITEB, LGS, OD, REB
PubMed ID:not available
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Chumak V,  Bakhanova E,  Kryuchkov V,  Golovanov I,  Chizhov K,  Bazyka D,  Gudzenko N,  Trotsuk N,  Mabuchi K,  Hatch M,  Cahoon EK,  Little MP,  Kukhta T,  Berrington de Gonzalez A,  Chanock SJ,  Drozdovitch V
Title:Estimation of radiation gonadal doses for the American-Ukrainian trio study of parental irradiation in Chornobyl cleanup workers and evacuees and germline mutations in their offspring.
Journal: J Radiol Prot
Date:2021 Mar 22
Branches:LGS, OD, REB, TDRP
PubMed ID:33752181
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Masiuk S,  Chepurny M,  Buderatska V,  Kukush A,  Shklyar S,  Ivanova O,  Boiko Z,  Zhadan N,  Fedosenko G,  Bilonyk A,  Lev T,  Talerko M,  Kutsen S,  Minenko V,  Viarenich K,  Drozdovitch V
Title:Thyroid doses in Ukraine due to 131I intake after the Chornobyl accident. Report I: revision of direct thyroid measurements.
Journal: Radiat Environ Biophys
Date:2021 Mar 4
PubMed ID:33661398
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Kukhta T,  Minenko V,  Trofimik S,  Drozdovitch V
Title:Reliability of thyroid doses due to 131I intake exceeding 5 Gy in a cohort of Belarusian children exposed to Chernobyl fallout.
Journal: Radiat Environ Biophys 60(1):179-191
Date:2021 Mar
PubMed ID:33392786
PMC ID: PMC7904619 [available on March 01, 2022]

Authors:Little MP,  Azizova TV,  Hamada N
Title:Low- and moderate-dose non-cancer effects of ionizing radiation in directly exposed individuals, especially circulatory and ocular diseases: a review of the epidemiology.
Journal: Int J Radiat Biol :1-49
Date:2021 Feb 26
PubMed ID:33471563
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Drozdovitch V
Title:Radiation Exposure to the Thyroid After the Chernobyl Accident.
Journal: Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 11:569041
PubMed ID:33469445
PMC ID: PMC7813882

Authors:Abend M,  Pfeiffer RM,  Port M,  Hatch M,  Bogdanova T,  Tronko MD,  Mabuchi K,  Azizova T,  Unger K,  Braselmann H,  Ostheim P,  Brenner AV
Title:Utility of gene expression studies in relation to radiation exposure and clinical outcomes: thyroid cancer in the Ukrainian-American cohort and late health effects in a MAYAK worker cohort.
Journal: Int J Radiat Biol 97(1):12-18
Branches:BB, REB
PubMed ID:32310011
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Bazyka D,  Hatch M,  Gudzenko N,  Cahoon EK,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Chumak V,  Bakhanova E,  Belyi D,  Kryuchkov V,  Golovanov I,  Mabuchi K,  Illienko I,  Belayev Y,  Bodelon C,  Machiela MJ,  Hutchinson A,  Yeager M,  de Gonzalez AB,  Chanock SJ
Title:Field Study of the Possible Effect of Parental Irradiation on the Germline of Children Born to Cleanup Workers and Evacuees of the Chornobyl Nuclear Accident.
Journal: Am J Epidemiol 189(12):1451-1460
Date:2020 Dec 1
Branches:CGR, ITEB, OD, REB
PubMed ID:32613232
PMC ID: PMC7822640

Authors:Talerko MM,  Lev TD,  Drozdovitch VV,  Masiuk SV
Title:Reconstruction of the Radioactive Contamination of the Territory of Ukraine by Iodine-131 During Initial Period of the Chornobyl Accident Using the Results from Numerical Model WRF.
Journal: Probl Radiac Med Radiobiol 25:285-299
Date:2020 Dec
PubMed ID:33361841
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Hamada N,  Azizova TV,  Little MP
Title:An update on effects of ionizing radiation exposure on the eye.
Journal: Br J Radiol 93(1115):20190829
Date:2020 Nov 1
PubMed ID:31670577
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Minenko V,  Viarenich K,  Zhukova O,  Kukhta T,  Podgaiskaya M,  Khrutchinsky A,  Kutsen S,  Bouville A,  Drozdovitch V
Title:Activity concentrations of 131I and other radionuclides in cow's milk in Belarus during the first month following the Chernobyl accident.
Journal: J Environ Radioact 220-221:106264
Date:2020 Sep
PubMed ID:32658640
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Kesminiene A,  Moissonnier M,  Veyalkin I,  Ostroumova E
Title:Uncertainties in Radiation Doses for a Case-control Study of Thyroid Cancer Among Persons Exposed in Childhood to 131I from Chernobyl Fallout.
Journal: Health Phys
Date:2020 Jun 11
PubMed ID:32541353
PMC ID: PMC7728628 [available on December 11, 2021]

Authors:Cahoon EK
Title:Commentary: Breast cancer risk among women exposed to fallout after the Chernobyl accident.
Journal: Int J Epidemiol 49(2):456-458
Date:2020 Apr 1
PubMed ID:32215648
PMC ID: PMC7266548

Authors:Yauseyenka V,  Drozdovitch V,  Ostroumova E,  Polyanskaya O,  Minenko V,  Brenner A,  Hatch M,  Little MP,  Cahoon EK,  Kukhta T,  Starastsenka L,  Grakovitch R,  Cheshik A,  Veyalkin I,  Rozhko A,  Mabuchi K
Title:Belarusian in utero cohort: A new opportunity to evaluate the health effects of prenatal and early-life exposure to ionising radiation.
Journal: J Radiol Prot 40(1):280-295
Date:2020 Mar
PubMed ID:31770737
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Minenko V,  Kukhta T,  Trofimik S,  Grakovitch R,  Hatch M,  Cahoon EK,  Veyalkin I,  Polyanskaya O,  Yauseyenka V,  Ostroumova E,  Mabuchi K,  Rozhko A
Title:Thyroid Dose Estimates for a Cohort of Belarusian Persons Exposed in Utero and During Early Life to Chernobyl Fallout.
Journal: Health Phys 118(2):170-184
Date:2020 Feb
PubMed ID:31869316
PMC ID: PMC6931907

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Kryuchkov V,  Bakhanova E,  Golovanov I,  Bazyka D,  Gudzenko N,  Trotsyuk N,  Hatch M,  Cahoon EK,  Mabuchi K,  Bouville A,  Chumak V
Title:Estimation of Radiation Doses for a Case-control Study of Thyroid Cancer Among Ukrainian Chernobyl Cleanup Workers.
Journal: Health Phys 118(1):18-35
Date:2020 Jan
PubMed ID:31764419
PMC ID: PMC6880802

Authors:Zupunski L,  Ostroumova E,  Drozdovitch V,  Veyalkin I,  Ivanov V,  Yamashita S,  Cardis E,  Kesminiene A
Title:Thyroid Cancer after Exposure to Radioiodine in Childhood and Adolescence: 131I-Related Risk and the Role of Selected Host and Environmental Factors.
Journal: Cancers (Basel) 11(10)
Date:2019 Oct 2
PubMed ID:31581656
PMC ID: PMC6826556

Authors:Tronko M,  Brenner AV,  Bogdanova T,  Shpak V,  Cahoon EK,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Tereshchenko V,  Zamotayeva G,  Terekhova G,  Zurnadzhi L,  Hatch M,  Mabuchi K
Title:Reply to letter: Thyroid neoplasia after Chernobyl: A comment.
Journal: Int J Cancer 144(11):2898
Date:2019 Jun 1
PubMed ID:30767217
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Khrouch V,  Minenko V,  Konstantinov Y,  Khrutchinsky A,  Kutsen S,  Kukhta T,  Shinkarev S,  Gavrilin Y,  Luckyanov N,  Voillequé P,  Bouville A
Title:Influence of the external and internal radioactive contamination of the body and the clothes on the results of the thyroidal 131I measurements conducted in Belarus after the Chernobyl accident. Part 1: Estimation of the external and internal radioactive contamination.
Journal: Radiat Environ Biophys 58(2):195-214
Date:2019 May
PubMed ID:31049661
PMC ID: PMC6597175

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Kryuchkov V,  Chumak V,  Kutsen S,  Golovanov I,  Bouville A
Title:Thyroid doses due to Iodine-131 inhalation among Chernobyl cleanup workers.
Journal: Radiat Environ Biophys 58(2):183-194
Date:2019 May
PubMed ID:30847555
PMC ID: PMC6508997

Authors:Kutsen S,  Khrutchinsky A,  Minenko V,  Voillequé P,  Bouville A,  Drozdovitch V
Title:Influence of the external and internal radioactive contamination of the body and the clothes on the results of the thyroidal 131I measurements conducted in Belarus after the Chernobyl accident-Part 2: Monte Carlo simulation of response of detectors near the thyroid.
Journal: Radiat Environ Biophys 58(2):215-226
Date:2019 May
PubMed ID:31053911
PMC ID: PMC6519107

Authors:Hatch M,  Brenner AV,  Cahoon EK,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Bogdanova T,  Shpak V,  Bolshova E,  Zamotayeva G,  Terekhova G,  Shelkovoy E,  Klochkova V,  Mabuchi K,  Tronko M
Title:Thyroid Cancer and Benign Nodules After Exposure In Utero to Fallout From Chernobyl.
Journal: J Clin Endocrinol Metab 104(1):41-48
Date:2019 Jan 1
PubMed ID:30445441
PMC ID: PMC6456983

Title:Pediatric Considerations Before, During, and After Radiological or Nuclear Emergencies.
Journal: Pediatrics 142(6)
Date:2018 Dec
PubMed ID:30478243
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Bogdanova TI,  Saenko VA,  Brenner AV,  Zurnadzhy LY,  Rogounovitch TI,  Likhtarov IA,  Masiuk SV,  Kovgan LM,  Shpak VM,  Thomas GA,  Chanock SJ,  Mabuchi K,  Tronko MD,  Yamashita S
Title:Comparative Histopathologic Analysis of "Radiogenic" and "Sporadic" Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: Patients Born Before and After the Chernobyl Accident.
Journal: Thyroid 28(7):880-890
Date:2018 Jul
Branches:LGS, OD, REB
PubMed ID:29989861
PMC ID: PMC6112184

Authors:Efanov Alexey A,  Brenner Alina V,  Bogdanova Tetiana I,  Kelly Lindsey M,  Liu Pengyuan,  Little Mark P,  Wald Abigail I,  Hatch Maureen,  Zurnadzy Liudmyla Y,  Nikiforova Marina N,  Drozdovitch Vladimir,  Leeman-Neill Rebecca,  Mabuchi Kiyohiko,  Tronko Mykola D,  Chanock Stephen J,  Nikiforov Yuri E
Title:Corrigendum to "Investigation of the Relationship Between Radiation Dose and Gene Mutations and Fusions in Post-Chernobyl Thyroid Cancer".
Journal: J Natl Cancer Inst 110(6):685
Date:2018 Jun 1
Branches:LGS, OD, REB
PubMed ID:29608689
PMC ID: PMC6005104

Authors:Ojha J,  Dyagil I,  Finch SC,  Reiss RF,  de Smith AJ,  Gonseth S,  Zhou M,  Hansen HM,  Sherborne AL,  Nakamura J,  Bracci PM,  Gudzenko N,  Hatch M,  Babkina N,  Little MP,  Chumak VV,  Walsh KM,  Bazyka D,  Wiemels JL,  Zablotska LB
Title:Genomic characterization of chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) in radiation-exposed Chornobyl cleanup workers.
Journal: Environ Health 17(1):43
Date:2018 May 2
PubMed ID:29720177
PMC ID: PMC5930419

Authors:Efanov AA,  Brenner AV,  Bogdanova TI,  Kelly LM,  Liu P,  Little MP,  Wald AI,  Hatch M,  Zurnadzy LY,  Nikiforova MN,  Drozdovitch V,  Leeman-Neill R,  Mabuchi K,  Tronko MD,  Chanock SJ,  Nikiforov YE
Title:Investigation of the Relationship Between Radiation Dose and Gene Mutations and Fusions in Post-Chernobyl Thyroid Cancer.
Journal: J Natl Cancer Inst 110(4):371-378
Date:2018 Apr 1
Branches:LGS, OD, REB
PubMed ID:29165687
PMC ID: PMC6059206

Authors:Hatch M,  Cardis E
Title:Somatic health effects of Chernobyl: 30 years on.
Journal: Eur J Epidemiol 32(12):1047-1054
Date:2017 Dec
PubMed ID:28929329
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Hatch M,  Little MP,  Brenner AV,  Cahoon EK,  Tereshchenko V,  Chaikovska L,  Pasteur I,  Likhtarov I,  Bouville A,  Shpak V,  Bolshova O,  Zamotayeva G,  Grantz K,  Sun L,  Mabuchi K,  Albert P,  Tronko M
Title:Neonatal outcomes following exposure in utero to fallout from Chernobyl.
Journal: Eur J Epidemiol 32(12):1075-1088
Date:2017 Dec
Branches:BB, REB
PubMed ID:28856527
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Tronko M,  Brenner AV,  Bogdanova T,  Shpak V,  Oliynyk V,  Cahoon EK,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Tereshchenko V,  Zamotayeva G,  Terekhova G,  Zurnadzhi L,  Hatch M,  Mabuchi K
Title:Thyroid neoplasia risk is increased nearly 30 years after the Chernobyl accident.
Journal: Int J Cancer 141(8):1585-1588
Date:2017 Oct 15
PubMed ID:28662277
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Xhaard C,  Dumas A,  Souchard V,  Ren Y,  Borson-Chazot F,  Sassolas G,  Schvartz C,  Colonna M,  Lacour B,  Wonoroff AS,  Velten M,  Clero E,  Maillard S,  Marrer E,  Bailly L,  Mariné Barjoan E,  Schlumberger M,  Orgiazzi J,  Adjadj E,  Rubino C,  Bouville A,  Drozdovitch V,  de Vathaire F
Title:Are dietary reports in a case-control study on thyroid cancer biased by risk perception of Chernobyl fallout?
Journal: Rev Epidemiol Sante Publique 65(4):301-308
Date:2017 Aug
PubMed ID:28579185
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Cahoon EK,  Nadyrov EA,  Polyanskaya ON,  Yauseyenka VV,  Veyalkin IV,  Yeudachkova TI,  Maskvicheva TI,  Minenko VF,  Liu W,  Drozdovitch V,  Mabuchi K,  Little MP,  Zablotska LB,  McConnell RJ,  Hatch M,  Peters KO,  Rozhko AV,  Brenner AV
Title:Risk of Thyroid Nodules in Residents of Belarus Exposed to Chernobyl Fallout as Children and Adolescents.
Journal: J Clin Endocrinol Metab 102(7):2207-2217
Date:2017 Jul 1
PubMed ID:28368520
PMC ID: PMC5505199

Authors:Peters KO,  Tronko M,  Hatch M,  Oliynyk V,  Terekhova G,  Pfeiffer RM,  Shpak VM,  McConnell RJ,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Zablotska LB,  Mabuchi K,  Brenner AV,  Cahoon EK
Title:Factors associated with serum thyroglobulin in a Ukrainian cohort exposed to iodine-131 from the accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant.
Journal: Environ Res 156:801-809
Date:2017 Jul
Branches:BB, REB
PubMed ID:28505591
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Bazyka D,  Finch SC,  Ilienko IM,  Lyaskivska O,  Dyagil I,  Trotsiuk N,  Gudzenko N,  Chumak VV,  Walsh KM,  Wiemels J,  Little MP,  Zablotska LB
Title:Buccal mucosa micronuclei counts in relation to exposure to low dose-rate radiation from the Chornobyl nuclear accident and other medical and occupational radiation exposures.
Journal: Environ Health 16(1):70
Date:2017 Jun 23
PubMed ID:28645274
PMC ID: PMC5481966

Authors:Finch SC,  Dyagil I,  Reiss RF,  Gudzenko N,  Babkina N,  Lyubarets T,  Bebeshko V,  Romanenko A,  Chumak VV,  Bouville A,  Hatch M,  Little MP,  Bazyka D,  Zablotska LB
Title:Clinical characteristics of chronic lymphocytic leukemia occurring in chornobyl cleanup workers.
Journal: Hematol Oncol 35(2):215-224
Date:2017 Jun
PubMed ID:26806761
PMC ID: PMC5531054

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Chumak V,  Kesminiene A,  Ostroumova E,  Bouville A
Title:Doses for post-Chernobyl epidemiological studies: are they reliable?
Journal: J Radiol Prot 36(3):R36-R73
Date:2016 Sep
PubMed ID:27355439
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Ostroumova E,  Hatch M,  Brenner A,  Nadyrov E,  Veyalkin I,  Polyanskaya O,  Yauseyenka V,  Polyakov S,  Levin L,  Zablotska L,  Rozhko A,  Mabuchi K
Title:Non-thyroid cancer incidence in Belarusian residents exposed to Chernobyl fallout in childhood and adolescence: Standardized Incidence Ratio analysis, 1997-2011.
Journal: Environ Res 147:44-9
Date:2016 May
PubMed ID:26851723
PMC ID: PMC4821667

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Kukhta T,  Minenko V,  Trofimik S,  Bouville A,  Potischman N
Title:Reliability of Questionnaire Data in the Distant Past: Relevance for Radiation Exposure Assessment.
Journal: Health Phys 110(1):74-92
Date:2016 Jan
Branches:MEB, REB
PubMed ID:26606068
PMC ID: PMC4662084

Authors:Bogdanova TI,  Zurnadzhy LY,  Nikiforov YE,  Leeman-Neill RJ,  Tronko MD,  Chanock S,  Mabuchi K,  Likhtarov IA,  Kovgan LM,  Drozdovitch V,  Little MP,  Hatch M,  Zablotska LB,  Shpak VM,  McConnell RJ,  Brenner AV
Title:Histopathological features of papillary thyroid carcinomas detected during four screening examinations of a Ukrainian-American cohort.
Journal: Br J Cancer 113(11):1556-64
Date:2015 Dec 1
Branches:LGS, OD, REB
PubMed ID:26625214
PMC ID: PMC4705885

Authors:Rahu K,  Rahu M,  Tekkel M,  Veidebaum T,  Hakulinen T,  Auvinen A,  Bigbee WL,  Hartshorne MF,  Inskip PD,  Boice JD Jr
Title:Chernobyl cleanup workers from Estonia: cohort description and related epidemiological research.
Journal: J Radiol Prot 35(4):R35-45
Date:2015 Dec
PubMed ID:26512763
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Selmansberger M,  Braselmann H,  Hess J,  Bogdanova T,  Abend M,  Tronko M,  Brenner A,  Zitzelsberger H,  Unger K
Title:Genomic copy number analysis of Chernobyl papillary thyroid carcinoma in the Ukrainian-American Cohort.
Journal: Carcinogenesis 36(11):1381-7
Date:2015 Nov
PubMed ID:26320103
PMC ID: PMC4635667

Authors:Zablotska LB,  Nadyrov EA,  Polyanskaya ON,  McConnell RJ,  O'Kane P,  Lubin J,  Hatch M,  Little MP,  Brenner AV,  Veyalkin IV,  Yauseyenka VV,  Bouville A,  Drozdovitch VV,  Minenko VF,  Demidchik YE,  Mabuchi K,  Rozhko AV
Title:Risk of thyroid follicular adenoma among children and adolescents in Belarus exposed to iodine-131 after the Chornobyl accident.
Journal: Am J Epidemiol 182(9):781-90
Date:2015 Nov 1
Branches:BB, REB
PubMed ID:26443421
PMC ID: PMC4751233

Authors:Little MP,  Kwon D,  Zablotska LB,  Brenner AV,  Cahoon EK,  Rozhko AV,  Polyanskaya ON,  Minenko VF,  Golovanov I,  Bouville A,  Drozdovitch V
Title:Impact of Uncertainties in Exposure Assessment on Thyroid Cancer Risk among Persons in Belarus Exposed as Children or Adolescents Due to the Chernobyl Accident.
Journal: PLoS One 10(10):e0139826
PubMed ID:26465339
PMC ID: PMC4605727

Authors:Chumak V,  Drozdovitch V,  Kryuchkov V,  Bakhanova E,  Babkina N,  Bazyka D,  Gudzenko N,  Hatch M,  Trotsuk N,  Zablotska L,  Golovanov I,  Luckyanov N,  Voillequé P,  Bouville A
Title:Dosimetry Support of the Ukrainian-American Case-control Study of Leukemia and Related Disorders Among Chornobyl Cleanup Workers.
Journal: Health Phys 109(4):296-301
Date:2015 Oct
PubMed ID:26313587
PMC ID: PMC4557628

Authors:Gudzenko N,  Hatch M,  Bazyka D,  Dyagil I,  Reiss RF,  Brenner A,  Chumak V,  Babkina N,  Zablotska LB,  Mabuchi K
Title:Non-radiation risk factors for leukemia: A case-control study among chornobyl cleanup workers in Ukraine.
Journal: Environ Res 142:72-6
Date:2015 Oct
PubMed ID:26117815
PMC ID: PMC4609257

Authors:Drozd VM,  Saenko VA,  Brenner AV,  Drozdovitch V,  Pashkevich VI,  Kudelsky AV,  Demidchik YE,  Branovan I,  Shiglik N,  Rogounovitch TI,  Yamashita S,  Biko J,  Reiners C
Title:Major Factors Affecting Incidence of Childhood Thyroid Cancer in Belarus after the Chernobyl Accident: Do Nitrates in Drinking Water Play a Role?
Journal: PLoS One 10(9):e0137226
PubMed ID:26397978
PMC ID: PMC4580601

Authors:Drozdovitch V,  Minenko V,  Golovanov I,  Khrutchinsky A,  Kukhta T,  Kutsen S,  Luckyanov N,  Ostroumova E,  Trofimik S,  Voillequé P,  Simon SL,  Bouville A
Title:Thyroid Dose Estimates for a Cohort of Belarusian Children Exposed to (131)I from the Chernobyl Accident: Assessment of Uncertainties.
Journal: Radiat Res 184(2):203-18
Date:2015 Aug
PubMed ID:26207684
PMC ID: PMC4548301