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Authors:Patel DM,  Gyldenkærne S,  Jones RR,  Olsen SF,  Tikellis G,  Granström C,  Dwyer T,  Stayner LT,  Ward MH
Title:Residential proximity to agriculture and risk of childhood leukemia and central nervous system tumors in the Danish national birth cohort.
Journal: Environ Int 143:105955
Date:2020 Jul 22
PubMed ID:32711331
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Hu W,  Downward G,  Wong JYY,  Reiss B,  Rothman N,  Portengen L,  Li J,  Jones RR,  Huang Y,  Yang K,  Chen Y,  Xu J,  He J,  Bassig B,  Seow WJ,  Hosgood HD,  Zhang L,  Wu G,  Wei F,  Vermeulen R,  Lan Q
Title:Characterization of outdoor air pollution from solid fuel combustion in Xuanwei and Fuyuan, a rural region of China.
Journal: Sci Rep 10(1):11335
Date:2020 Jul 9
PubMed ID:32647370
PMC ID: PMC7347641

Authors:Fisher JA,  Freeman LEB,  Hofmann JN,  Blair A,  Parks CG,  Thorne PS,  Ward MH,  Jones RR
Title:Residential Proximity to Intensive Animal Agriculture and Risk of Lymphohematopoietic Cancers in the Agricultural Health Study.
Journal: Epidemiology 31(4):478-489
Date:2020 Jul
PubMed ID:32168021
PMC ID: not available

Authors:VoPham T,  Bertrand KA,  Jones RR,  Deziel NC,  DuPré NC,  James P,  Liu Y,  Vieira VM,  Tamimi RM,  Hart JE,  Ward MH,  Laden F
Title:Dioxin exposure and breast cancer risk in a prospective cohort study.
Journal: Environ Res 186:109516
Date:2020 Jul
PubMed ID:32305677
PMC ID: PMC7363533 [available on July 01, 2021]

Authors:Zhang D,  Jones RR,  Powell-Wiley TM,  Jia P,  James P,  Xiao Q
Title:A large prospective investigation of outdoor light at night and obesity in the NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.
Journal: Environ Health 19(1):74
Date:2020 Jul 1
PubMed ID:32611430
PMC ID: PMC7329409

Authors:Xiao Q,  James P,  Breheny P,  Jia P,  Park Y,  Zhang D,  Fisher JA,  Ward MH,  Jones RR
Title:Outdoor light at night and postmenopausal breast cancer risk in the NIH-AARP diet and health study.
Journal: Int J Cancer
Date:2020 Jun 2
PubMed ID:32488897
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Jones RR,  Stavreva DA,  Weyer PJ,  Varticovski L,  Inoue-Choi M,  Medgyesi DN,  Chavis N,  Graubard BI,  Cain T,  Wichman M,  Beane Freeman LE,  Hager GL,  Ward MH
Title:Pilot study of global endocrine disrupting activity in Iowa public drinking water utilities using cell-based assays.
Journal: Sci Total Environ 714:136317
Date:2020 Apr 20
Branches:BB, MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:32018941
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Sauvé JF,  Stapleton EM,  O'Shaughnessy PT,  Locke SJ,  Josse PR,  Altmaier RW,  Silverman DT,  Liu D,  Albert PS,  Beane Freeman LE,  Hofmann JN,  Thorne PS,  Jones RR,  Friesen MC
Title:Diesel Exhaust Exposure during Farming Activities: Statistical Modeling of Continuous Black Carbon Concentrations.
Journal: Ann Work Expo Health
Date:2020 Mar 27
Branches:BB, OEEB
PubMed ID:32219300
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Patel DM,  Jones RR,  Booth BJ,  Olsson AC,  Kromhout H,  Straif K,  Vermeulen R,  Tikellis G,  Paltiel O,  Golding J,  Northstone K,  Stoltenberg C,  HÃ¥berg SE,  Schüz J,  Friesen MC,  Ponsonby AL,  Lemeshow S,  Linet MS,  Magnus P,  Olsen J,  Olsen SF,  Dwyer T,  Stayner LT,  Ward MH,  International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium
Title:Parental occupational exposure to pesticides, animals and organic dust and risk of childhood leukemia and central nervous system tumors: Findings from the International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C).
Journal: Int J Cancer 146(4):943-952
Date:2020 Feb 15
Branches:OEEB, REB
PubMed ID:31054169
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Jones RR,  Hoek G,  Fisher JA,  Hasheminassab S,  Wang D,  Ward MH,  Sioutas C,  Vermeulen R,  Silverman DT
Title:Land use regression models for ultrafine particles, fine particles, and black carbon in Southern California.
Journal: Sci Total Environ 699:134234
Date:2020 Jan 10
PubMed ID:31793436
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Barry KH,  Jones RR,  Cantor KP,  Beane Freeman LE,  Wheeler DC,  Baris D,  Johnson AT,  Hosain GM,  Schwenn M,  Zhang H,  Sinha R,  Koutros S,  Karagas MR,  Silverman DT,  Ward MH
Title:Ingested Nitrate and Nitrite and Bladder Cancer in Northern New England.
Journal: Epidemiology 31(1):136-144
Date:2020 Jan
Branches:BB, MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:31577632
PMC ID: PMC6927574 [available on January 01, 2021]

Authors:Caporaso NE,  Jones RR,  Stolzenberg-Solomon RZ,  Medgyesi DN,  Kahle LL,  Graubard BI
Title:Insulin Resistance in Healthy U.S. Adults: Findings from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES).
Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 29(1):157-168
Date:2020 Jan
Branches:BB, MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:31641012
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Xiao Q,  Gee G,  Jones RR,  Jia P,  James P,  Hale L
Title:Cross-sectional association between outdoor artificial light at night and sleep duration in middle-to-older aged adults: The NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study.
Journal: Environ Res 180:108823
Date:2020 Jan
PubMed ID:31627155
PMC ID: PMC6996197 [available on January 01, 2021]

Authors:Turner MC,  Gracia-Lavedan E,  Cirac M,  Castaño-Vinyals G,  Malats N,  Tardon A,  Garcia-Closas R,  Serra C,  Carrato A,  Jones RR,  Rothman N,  Silverman DT,  Kogevinas M
Title:Author's reply to: Air pollution and incident bladder cancer: A risk assessment.
Journal: Int J Cancer 145(11):3178
Date:2019 Dec 1
PubMed ID:31423586
PMC ID: not available

Authors:van Breda SG,  Mathijs K,  Sági-Kiss V,  Kuhnle GG,  van der Veer B,  Jones RR,  Sinha R,  Ward MH,  de Kok TM
Title:Impact of high drinking water nitrate levels on the endogenous formation of apparent N-nitroso compounds in combination with meat intake in healthy volunteers.
Journal: Environ Health 18(1):87
Date:2019 Oct 17
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:31623611
PMC ID: PMC6796425

Authors:Lim CC,  Hayes RB,  Ahn J,  Shao Y,  Silverman DT,  Jones RR,  Garcia C,  Bell ML,  Thurston GD
Title:Long-Term Exposure to Ozone and Cause-Specific Mortality Risk in the United States.
Journal: Am J Respir Crit Care Med 200(8):1022-1031
Date:2019 Oct 15
PubMed ID:31051079
PMC ID: PMC6794108 [available on October 15, 2020]

Authors:Jones RR,  VoPham T,  Sevilla B,  Airola M,  Flory A,  Deziel NC,  Nuckols JR,  Pronk A,  Laden F,  Ward MH
Title:Verifying locations of sources of historical environmental releases of dioxin-like compounds in the U.S.: implications for exposure assessment and epidemiologic inference.
Journal: J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 29(6):842-851
Date:2019 Oct
PubMed ID:30302014
PMC ID: PMC6667317

Authors:Turner MC,  Gracia-Lavedan E,  Cirac M,  Castaño-Vinyals G,  Malats N,  Tardon A,  Garcia-Closas R,  Serra C,  Carrato A,  Jones RR,  Rothman N,  Silverman DT,  Kogevinas M
Title:Ambient air pollution and incident bladder cancer risk: Updated analysis of the Spanish Bladder Cancer Study.
Journal: Int J Cancer 145(4):894-900
Date:2019 Aug 15
PubMed ID:30653254
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Jones RR,  DellaValle CT,  Weyer PJ,  Robien K,  Cantor KP,  Krasner S,  Beane Freeman LE,  Ward MH
Title:Ingested nitrate, disinfection by-products, and risk of colon and rectal cancers in the Iowa Women's Health Study cohort.
Journal: Environ Int 126:242-251
Date:2019 May
PubMed ID:30822653
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Lim CC,  Hayes RB,  Ahn J,  Shao Y,  Silverman DT,  Jones RR,  Thurston GD
Title:Mediterranean Diet and the Association Between Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Risk.
Journal: Circulation 139(15):1766-1775
Date:2019 Apr 9
PubMed ID:30700142
PMC ID: PMC6453737

Authors:Deziel NC,  Beane Freeman LE,  Hoppin JA,  Thomas K,  Lerro CC,  Jones RR,  Hines CJ,  Blair A,  Graubard BI,  Lubin JH,  Sandler DP,  Chen H,  Andreotti G,  Alavanja MC,  Friesen MC
Title:An algorithm for quantitatively estimating non-occupational pesticide exposure intensity for spouses in the Agricultural Health Study.
Journal: J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 29(3):344-357
Date:2019 Apr
Branches:BB, OEEB
PubMed ID:30375516
PMC ID: PMC6470005

Authors:Messier KP,  Wheeler DC,  Flory AR,  Jones RR,  Patel D,  Nolan BT,  Ward MH
Title:Modeling groundwater nitrate exposure in private wells of North Carolina for the Agricultural Health Study.
Journal: Sci Total Environ 655:512-519
Date:2019 Mar 10
PubMed ID:30476830
PMC ID: PMC6581064

Authors:Tikellis G,  Dwyer T,  Paltiel O,  Phillips GS,  Lemeshow S,  Golding J,  Northstone K,  Boyd A,  Olsen S,  Ghantous A,  Herceg Z,  Ward MH,  HÃ¥berg SE,  Magnus P,  Olsen J,  Ström M,  Mahabir S,  Jones RR,  Ponsonby AL,  Clavel J,  Charles MA,  Trevathan E,  Qian ZM,  Maule MM,  Qiu X,  Hong YC,  Brandalise S,  Roman E,  Wake M,  He JR,  Linet MS,  International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium
Title:The International Childhood Cancer Cohort Consortium (I4C): A research platform of prospective cohorts for studying the aetiology of childhood cancers.
Journal: Paediatr Perinat Epidemiol 32(6):568-583
Date:2018 Nov
Branches:OEEB, REB
PubMed ID:30466188
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Caporaso NE,  Gu F,  Klerman EB,  Devesa SS,  Jones RR,  Zhang F,  Cahoon EK,  Graubard BI
Title:Longitude Position in a Time Zone and Cancer Risk-Response.
Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 27(9):1111-1112
Date:2018 Sep
Branches:BB, OEEB, REB
PubMed ID:30181322
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Terzian AS,  Younes N,  Greenberg AE,  Opoku J,  Hubbard J,  Happ LP,  Kumar P,  Jones RR,  Castel AD,  DC Cohort Executive Committee
Title:Identifying Spatial Variation Along the HIV Care Continuum: The Role of Distance to Care on Retention and Viral Suppression.
Journal: AIDS Behav 22(9):3009-3023
Date:2018 Sep
PubMed ID:29603112
PMC ID: PMC6468992

Authors:Lerro CC,  Jones RR,  Langseth H,  Grimsrud TK,  Engel LS,  Sjödin A,  Choo-Wosoba H,  Albert P,  Ward MH
Title:A nested case-control study of polychlorinated biphenyls, organochlorine pesticides, and thyroid cancer in the Janus Serum Bank cohort.
Journal: Environ Res 165:125-132
Date:2018 Aug
Branches:BB, OEEB
PubMed ID:29698872
PMC ID: PMC5999553

Authors:Lim CC,  Hayes RB,  Ahn J,  Shao Y,  Silverman DT,  Jones RR,  Garcia C,  Thurston GD
Title:Association between long-term exposure to ambient air pollution and diabetes mortality in the US.
Journal: Environ Res 165:330-336
Date:2018 Aug
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:29778967
PMC ID: PMC5999582

Authors:Ward MH,  Jones RR,  Brender JD,  de Kok TM,  Weyer PJ,  Nolan BT,  Villanueva CM,  van Breda SG
Title:Drinking Water Nitrate and Human Health: An Updated Review.
Journal: Int J Environ Res Public Health 15(7)
Date:2018 Jul 23
PubMed ID:30041450
PMC ID: PMC6068531

Authors:Wong JYY,  Margolis HG,  Machiela M,  Zhou W,  Odden MC,  Psaty BM,  Robbins J,  Jones RR,  Rotter JI,  Chanock SJ,  Rothman N,  Lan Q,  Lee JS
Title:Outdoor air pollution and mosaic loss of chromosome Y in older men from the Cardiovascular Health Study.
Journal: Environ Int 116:239-247
Date:2018 Jul
PubMed ID:29698900
PMC ID: PMC5971001

Authors:Stapleton EM,  O'Shaughnessy PT,  Locke SJ,  Altmaier RW,  Hofmann JN,  Beane Freeman LE,  Thorne PS,  Jones RR,  Friesen MC
Title:A task-based analysis of black carbon exposure in Iowa farmers during harvest.
Journal: J Occup Environ Hyg 15(4):293-304
Date:2018 Apr
PubMed ID:29286870
PMC ID: PMC6114936

Authors:Quist AJL,  Inoue-Choi M,  Weyer PJ,  Anderson KE,  Cantor KP,  Krasner S,  Freeman LEB,  Ward MH,  Jones RR
Title:Ingested nitrate and nitrite, disinfection by-products, and pancreatic cancer risk in postmenopausal women.
Journal: Int J Cancer 142(2):251-261
Date:2018 Jan 15
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:28921575
PMC ID: PMC5788281

Authors:Booth BJ,  Jones RR,  Turyk ME,  Freels S,  Patel DM,  Stayner LT,  Ward MH
Title:Livestock and poultry density and childhood cancer incidence in nine states in the USA.
Journal: Environ Res 159:444-451
Date:2017 Nov
PubMed ID:28858758
PMC ID: PMC5784771

Authors:Jones RR,  Weyer PJ,  DellaValle CT,  Robien K,  Cantor KP,  Krasner S,  Beane Freeman LE,  Ward MH
Title:Ingested Nitrate, Disinfection By-products, and Kidney Cancer Risk in Older Women.
Journal: Epidemiology 28(5):703-711
Date:2017 Sep
PubMed ID:28252454
PMC ID: PMC5538922

Authors:Deziel NC,  Freeman LE,  Graubard BI,  Jones RR,  Hoppin JA,  Thomas K,  Hines CJ,  Blair A,  Sandler DP,  Chen H,  Lubin JH,  Andreotti G,  Alavanja MC,  Friesen MC
Title:Relative Contributions of Agricultural Drift, Para-Occupational, and Residential Use Exposure Pathways to House Dust Pesticide Concentrations: Meta-Regression of Published Data.
Journal: Environ Health Perspect 125(3):296-305
Date:2017 Mar
Branches:BB, OEEB
PubMed ID:27458779
PMC ID: PMC5332194

Authors:Deziel NC,  Nuckols JR,  Jones RR,  Graubard BI,  De Roos AJ,  Pronk A,  Gourley C,  Colt JS,  Ward MH
Title:Comparison of industrial emissions and carpet dust concentrations of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and polychlorinated dibenzofurans in a multi-center U.S. study.
Journal: Sci Total Environ 580:1276-1286
Date:2017 Feb 15
Branches:BB, OEEB
PubMed ID:28017415
PMC ID: PMC5330683

Authors:Jones RR,  Weyer PJ,  DellaValle CT,  Inoue-Choi M,  Anderson KE,  Cantor KP,  Krasner S,  Robien K,  Freeman LE,  Silverman DT,  Ward MH
Title:Nitrate from Drinking Water and Diet and Bladder Cancer Among Postmenopausal Women in Iowa.
Journal: Environ Health Perspect 124(11):1751-1758
Date:2016 Nov
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:27258851
PMC ID: PMC5089883

Authors:Zirkle KW,  Nolan BT,  Jones RR,  Weyer PJ,  Ward MH,  Wheeler DC
Title:Assessing the relationship between groundwater nitrate and animal feeding operations in Iowa (USA).
Journal: Sci Total Environ 566-567:1062-1068
Date:2016 Oct 1
PubMed ID:27277210
PMC ID: PMC4980257

Authors:Inoue-Choi M,  Weyer PJ,  Jones RR,  Booth BJ,  Cantor KP,  Robien K,  Ward MH
Title:Atrazine in public water supplies and risk of ovarian cancer among postmenopausal women in the Iowa Women's Health Study.
Journal: Occup Environ Med 73(9):582-7
Date:2016 Sep
Branches:MEB, OEEB
PubMed ID:27371663
PMC ID: PMC5072122

Authors:Gonzales FA,  Jones RR,  Deardorff J,  Windham GC,  Hiatt RA,  Kushi LH
Title:Neighborhood deprivation, race/ethnicity, and urinary metal concentrations among young girls in California.
Journal: Environ Int 91:29-39
Date:2016 May
PubMed ID:26908165
PMC ID: PMC6360017

Authors:DellaValle CT,  Deziel NC,  Jones RR,  Colt JS,  De Roos AJ,  Cerhan JR,  Cozen W,  Severson RK,  Flory AR,  Morton LM,  Ward MH
Title:Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons: determinants of residential carpet dust levels and risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma.
Journal: Cancer Causes Control 27(1):1-13
Date:2016 Jan
Branches:OEEB, REB
PubMed ID:26573845
PMC ID: PMC5358542

Authors:Inoue-Choi M,  Jones RR,  Anderson KE,  Cantor KP,  Cerhan JR,  Krasner S,  Robien K,  Weyer PJ,  Ward MH
Title:Nitrate and nitrite ingestion and risk of ovarian cancer among postmenopausal women in Iowa.
Journal: Int J Cancer 137(1):173-82
Date:2015 Jul 1
PubMed ID:25430487
PMC ID: PMC4405451

Authors:Jones RR,  Barone-Adesi F,  Koutros S,  Lerro CC,  Blair A,  Lubin J,  Heltshe SL,  Hoppin JA,  Alavanja MC,  Beane Freeman LE
Title:Incidence of solid tumours among pesticide applicators exposed to the organophosphate insecticide diazinon in the Agricultural Health Study: an updated analysis.
Journal: Occup Environ Med 72(7):496-503
Date:2015 Jul
Branches:BB, OEEB
PubMed ID:25907210
PMC ID: PMC6423505

Authors:Jones RR,  Hogrefe C,  Fitzgerald EF,  Hwang SA,  Özkaynak H,  Garcia VC,  Lin S
Title:Respiratory hospitalizations in association with fine PM and its components in New York State.
Journal: J Air Waste Manag Assoc 65(5):559-69
Date:2015 May
PubMed ID:25947314
PMC ID: not available

Authors:Jones RR,  DellaValle CT,  Flory AR,  Nordan A,  Hoppin JA,  Hofmann JN,  Chen H,  Giglierano J,  Lynch CF,  Beane Freeman LE,  Rushton G,  Ward MH
Title:Accuracy of residential geocoding in the Agricultural Health Study.
Journal: Int J Health Geogr 13:37
Date:2014 Oct 7
PubMed ID:25292160
PMC ID: PMC4203975

Authors:Jones RR,  Yu CL,  Nuckols JR,  Cerhan JR,  Airola M,  Ross JA,  Robien K,  Ward MH
Title:Farm residence and lymphohematopoietic cancers in the Iowa Women's Health Study.
Journal: Environ Res 133:353-61
Date:2014 Aug
Branches:OEEB, REB
PubMed ID:25038451
PMC ID: PMC4324553

Authors:Weichenthal S,  Villeneuve PJ,  Burnett RT,  van Donkelaar A,  Martin RV,  Jones RR,  DellaValle CT,  Sandler DP,  Ward MH,  Hoppin JA
Title:Long-term exposure to fine particulate matter: association with nonaccidental and cardiovascular mortality in the agricultural health study cohort.
Journal: Environ Health Perspect 122(6):609-15
Date:2014 Jun
PubMed ID:24633320
PMC ID: PMC4050514