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Title: Genome-Wide Association Study Meta-Analysis Identifies the SOAT1/AXDND1 Locus To Be Associated With Hip and Forearm Fracture Risk
Authors: Pettersson-Kymmer Ulrika,  Handelman Samuel,  Eriksson Joel,  Bergstrom Ulrica,  Melin Beatrice,  Wibom Carl,  Vandenput Liesbeth,  Rajaraman Preetha,  Hartge Patricia,  Chanock Stephen,  Hallmans Goran,  Lacroix Andrea,  Duggan David,  Kopperberg Charles,  Aragaki Aaron,  Nethander Maria,  Uitterlinden Andre,  Rivadeneira Fernando,  Jackson Rebecca,  Ohlsson Claes
Journal: J Bone Miner Res
Date: 2013 Feb
Branches: EBP, LGS, OD, REB
PubMed ID:
PMC ID: not available