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Title: Sex-related alcohol expectancies and high-risk sexual behaviour among drinking adults in Kampala, Uganda.
Authors: Nash SD,  Katamba A,  Mafigiri DK,  Mbulaiteye SM,  Sethi AK
Journal: Glob Public Health
Date: 2016
Branches: IIB
PubMed ID: 26315308
PMC ID: PMC4767548
Abstract: Alcohol consumption, a risk factor for HIV transmission in sub-Saharan Africa, is considered high in Uganda. A cross sectional study was conducted to determine whether sex-related expectations about the effects of alcohol explain the association between alcohol use and risky sexual behaviours in a population-based sample of adults in Kampala. Associations between alcohol use (current and higher risk drinking) and high-risk sexual behaviours (multiple regular partners and casual sex) were tested. In age-sex-adjusted models, having multiple regular partners was associated with current drinking (odds ratio [OR] = 2.76, 95% confidence intervals [CIs] = 1.15, 6.63) and higher risk drinking (OR = 3.35, 95% CI = 1.28, 8.71). Associations were similar but not statistically significant for having a causal sex partner. Sex-related alcohol outcome expectancy was associated with both alcohol use and high-risk sexual behaviour and attenuated relationships between multiple regular partners and both current drinking (OR = 1.94, 95% CI = 0.57, 6.73) and higher risk drinking (OR = 2.44, 95% CI = 0.68, 8.80). In this setting sexual behaviours related with alcohol consumption were explained, in part, by sex-related expectations about the effects of alcohol. These expectations could be an important component to target in HIV education campaigns.