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Title: Allele-specific expression reveals interactions between genetic variation and environment.
Authors: Knowles DA,  Davis JR,  Edgington H,  Raj A,  Favé MJ,  Zhu X,  Potash JB,  Weissman MM,  Shi J,  Levinson DF,  Awadalla P,  Mostafavi S,  Montgomery SB,  Battle A
Journal: Nat Methods
Date: 2017 Jul
Branches: BB
PubMed ID: 28530654
PMC ID: PMC5501199
Abstract: Identifying interactions between genetics and the environment (GxE) remains challenging. We have developed EAGLE, a hierarchical Bayesian model for identifying GxE interactions based on associations between environmental variables and allele-specific expression. Combining whole-blood RNA-seq with extensive environmental annotations collected from 922 human individuals, we identified 35 GxE interactions, compared with only four using standard GxE interaction testing. EAGLE provides new opportunities for researchers to identify GxE interactions using functional genomic data.