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Title: Induction and persistence of chromosome aberrations in human lymphocytes exposed to neutrons in vitro or in vivo: Implications of findings in 'retrospective' biological dosimetry
Authors: Littlefield LG,  McFee AF,  Sayer AM,  O'Neill JP,  Kleinerman RA,  Maor MH
Journal: Radiat Prot Dosim
Date: 2000 Mar
Branches: REB
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PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Evaluated the induction and persistence of chromosome aberrations in lymphocytes exposed in vitro to highly efficient 1 MeV monoenergetic neutrons and in patients who received 14 MeV neutrons as therapy for tumors. After multiple cell divisions in vitro, almost all asymmetrical aberrations had been eliminated and the frequency of one-way translocations was reduced dramatically. Most two-way translocations survived multiple cell divisions. Classical methods were used to evaluate persistence of aberrations in patients who received fractionated neutron therapy to tumors in many different sites. Study results are discussed in relation to the possible use of translocations as retrospective dosimeters