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Title: What is inflammatory breast cancer? Revisiting the case definition.
Authors: Levine PH,  Zolfaghari L,  Young H,  Hafi M,  Cannon T,  Ganesan C,  Veneroso C,  Brem R,  Sherman M
Journal: Cancers (Basel)
Date: 2010 Mar 3
Branches: MEB, IIB
PubMed ID: 24281037
PMC ID: PMC3827596
Abstract: The case definition for inflammatory breast cancer (IBC) is controversial. The American Joint Committee on Cancer defines IBC as redness, warmth and edema involving at least half the breast. The SEER program relies on a pathologic finding of dermal lymphatic invasion and recently added those with clinical involvement of more than 3/4 of the breast. We established a registry to collect information and specimens from IBC patients to clarify the epidemiology and biology of these tumors. The goals of this report are to suggest improvements regarding case definitions and provide data on the variety of presentations relevant to early diagnosis.