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Title: An evaluation of peer and professional trainers in a union-based occupational health and safety training program.
Authors: Kurtz JR,  Robins TG,  Schork MA
Journal: J Occup Environ Med
Date: 1997 Jul
Branches: OEEB
PubMed ID: 9253728
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Social cognitive theory posits that behavior can be changed by observing others perform or describe performance of behaviors. This framework was applied to understanding health behavior change associated with workplace health and safety training. Questionnaires were developed and administered to 426 workers at a United Automobile Worker's Union health and safety training program. Participants received training from one of three trainers: (1) local union discussion leaders (LUDLs), (2) professional staff trainers, or (3) LUDLs with professional staff trainers. Data were collected in three phases: before, after, and three months post-training. Findings show that subjects trained by LUDLs identify most closely with their instructors, whereas subjects trained by staff trainers identify least closely with them. In addition, workers trained by LUDLs reported changing behavior as a result of training more often than workers trained by others.