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Title: Imputation from The 1000 Genomes Project identifies rare large effect variants of BRCA2-K3326X and CHEK2-I157T as risk factors for lung cancer; a study from the TRICL consortium
Authors: Landi Maria Teresa,  Wang Yufei,  Mckay James D,  Rafnar Thorunn,  Wang Zhaoming,  Timofeeva Maria,  Broderick Peter,  Stefansson Kari,  Risch Angela,  Chanock Stephen J,  Christiani David C,  Hung Rayjean J,  Brennan Paul,  Houlston Richard S,  Amos Christopher I
Journal: Cancer Res
Date: 2014 Oct 1
Branches: CGR, ITEB, LTG, OD
PubMed ID:
PMC ID: not available