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Title: The role of haplotype in 15q25.1 locus in lung cancer risk: results of scanning chromosome 15.
Authors: Ji X,  Gui J,  Han Y,  Brennan P,  Li Y,  McKay J,  Caporaso NE,  Bertazzi PA,  Landi MT,  Amos CI
Journal: Carcinogenesis
Date: 2015 Nov
Branches: ITEB
PubMed ID: 26282330
PMC ID: PMC4635666
Abstract: The role of haplotypes and the interaction of haplotypes and smoking in lung cancer risk have not been well characterized. We analyzed data from an Italian population-based, case-control study with 1815 lung cancer patients and 1959 healthy controls in discovery, and performed a validation using a case-control study with 2983 lung cancer patients and 3553 healthy controls of European ancestry for replication. Sliding window haplotype analysis within chromosome 15, evaluating 4722250 haplotypes and pair-wise haplotype analysis identified that CHRNA5 rs588765-rs16969968 was the most significant haplotype associated with lung cancer risk (omnibus P = 8.3510(-15) in discovery and 7.2610(-14) in replication), and improved the prediction of case status over that provided by the individual SNPs rs16969968 or rs588765 (likelihood ratio test P = 0.006 for rs16969968 and 3.8310(-14) for rs588765 in discovery, 0.009 for rs16969968 and 4.6210(-13) for rs588765 in replication, compared with rs588765-rs16969968). Compared with the wild-type homozygous diplotype, CA/CA homozygote exhibited an approximately 2-fold increase risk for lung cancer (OR = 2.12; 95% CI 1.46-3.07 in discovery, and OR = 2.01; 95% CI 1.51-2.67 in replication). Even among never-smokers, CA/CA homozygote showed an increased risk of lung cancer with borderline significance in discovery (adjusted OR = 1.75, 95% CI 0.96-3.19) and statistical significance in replication (adjusted OR = 2.10, 95% CI 1.12-3.96), compared with combined genotypes (CG/CG + CG/TG). Accordingly, rs588765-rs16969968 may be a genetic marker to lung cancer risk, even among never-smokers.