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Title: Association between a healthy diet according to who guidelines and all-cause mortality in european and american elderly, the chances project.
Authors: Jankovic N,  Geelen A,  Kampman E,  de Groot C P,  Pikhart H,  Huangfu P,  Bofetta P,  Bueno-de-Mesquita H B,  Kee F,  O'Doherty M,  Franco O H,  Hooven van den E H,  Rooij van F,  Trichopoulou A,  Orfanos P,  Tjonneland A,  Gonzalez C A,  Hallmanns G,  Peeters P H,  Park Y,  Pajak A,  Malyutina S,  Kubinova R,  Feskens E J
Journal: Ann Nutr Metab
Date: 2013
Branches: MEB
PubMed ID:
PMC ID: not available