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Title: Effects of buffer size and shape on associations between the built environment and energy balance.
Authors: James P,  Berrigan D,  Hart JE,  Hipp JA,  Hoehner CM,  Kerr J,  Major JM,  Oka M,  Laden F
Journal: Health Place
Date: 2014 May
Branches: MEB
PubMed ID: 24607875
PMC ID: PMC4028172
Abstract: Uncertainty in the relevant spatial context may drive heterogeneity in findings on the built environment and energy balance. To estimate the effect of this uncertainty, we conducted a sensitivity analysis defining intersection and business densities and counts within different buffer sizes and shapes on associations with self-reported walking and body mass index. Linear regression results indicated that the scale and shape of buffers influenced study results and may partly explain the inconsistent findings in the built environment and energy balance literature.