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Title: A road map for efficient and reliable human genome epidemiology.
Authors: Ioannidis JP,  Gwinn M,  Little J,  Higgins JP,  Bernstein JL,  Boffetta P,  Bondy M,  Bray MS,  Brenchley PE,  Buffler PA,  Casas JP,  Chokkalingam A,  Danesh J,  Smith GD,  Dolan S,  Duncan R,  Gruis NA,  Hartge P,  Hashibe M,  Hunter DJ,  Jarvelin MR,  Malmer B,  Maraganore DM,  Newton-Bishop JA,  O'Brien TR,  Petersen G,  Riboli E,  Salanti G,  Seminara D,  Smeeth L,  Taioli E,  Timpson N,  Uitterlinden AG,  Vineis P,  Wareham N,  Winn DM,  Zimmern R,  Khoury MJ,  Human Genome Epidemiology Network and the Network of Investigator Networks
Journal: Nat Genet
Date: 2006 Jan
Branches: EBP, MEB
PubMed ID: 16468121
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Networks of investigators have begun sharing best practices, tools and methods for analysis of associations between genetic variation and common diseases. A Network of Investigator Networks has been set up to drive the process, sponsored by the Human Genome Epidemiology Network. A workshop is planned to develop consensus guidelines for reporting results of genetic association studies. Published literature databases will be integrated, and unpublished data, including 'negative' studies, will be captured by online journals and through investigator networks. Systematic reviews will be expanded to include more meta-analyses of individual-level data and prospective meta-analyses. Field synopses will offer regularly updated overviews.