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Title: Geographic variation in prostate cancer mortality rates among white males in the united states.
Authors: Jemal A,  Devesa S,  Kulldorff M,  Hayes R,  Fraumeni J
Journal: Ann Epidemiol
Date: 2000 Oct 1
Branches: OEEB, BB, OD
PubMed ID: 11018400
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: PURPOSE: The most recent atlas of cancer mortality in the United States revealed elevated prostate cancer mortality rates among white males in the northwest, Rocky Mountain, northcentral, and southeast areas, as well as New England, especially during the 1970-94 period. We wanted to test whether this observed geographic variation was simply due to chance or not.METHODS: We used a spatial scan statistic using mortality data for 506 state economic areas.RESULTS: There were four significant clusters with elevated risks of prostate cancer mortality (P < 0.001). The most prominent cluster was in the northwestern quadrant of the country, followed by clusters in New England, the midwest, and southeast regions. Within the northwestern cluster, we also detected seven significant sub-clusters (P < 0.05).CONCLUSIONS: We concluded that the observed geographic variation of prostate cancer mortality is indeed real, and deserves further study into the underlying determinants.