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Title: A pathology study of malignant and benign ovarian tumors among atomic-bomb survivors--case series report.
Authors: Inai K,  Shimizu Y,  Kawai K,  Tokunaga M,  Soda M,  Mabuchi K,  Land CE,  Tokuoka S
Journal: J Radiat Res
Date: 2006 Mar
Branches: REB
PubMed ID: 16571918
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: The present article describes the series of incident primary ovarian tumors in the Life Span Study (LSS) cohort of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation, with particular emphasis on case ascertainment and characterization of histological features of the tumors. We identified 723 ovarian tumors (260 malignant, 463 benign) in 648 individuals of about 70,000 female LSS subjects; 71 cases had more than one ovarian tumor. We histologically confirmed 601 tumors (182 malignant, 419 benign tumors). The most frequent histological type was common epithelial tumor (90.7% for malignant and 59.7% for benign tumors). The distributions of ovarian tumors by histological type were similar to those from other studies. Among malignancies, the frequency of common epithelial types relative to other tumor types increased with radiation dose (p = 0.02). Among benign tumors, the relative frequency of sex-cord stromal tumors increased with radiation dose (p = 0.04). The women with mucinous cancer had better survival than those with serous cancers (p = 0.03). Within tumor types, there was no consistent pattern of survival by radiation dose. Variations in histological types of ovarian tumors in response to radiation dose, suggested by the case series data need to be followed up by population-based incidence analysis.