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Title: Planning the human variome project: the Spain report.
Authors: Kaput J,  Cotton RG,  Hardman L,  Watson M,  Al Aqeel AI,  Al-Aama JY,  Al-Mulla F,  Alonso S,  Aretz S,  Auerbach AD,  Bapat B,  Bernstein IT,  Bhak J,  Bleoo SL,  Blöcker H,  Brenner SE,  Burn J,  Bustamante M,  Calzone R,  Cambon-Thomsen A,  Cargill M,  Carrera P,  Cavedon L,  Cho YS,  Chung YJ,  Claustres M,  Cutting G,  Dalgleish R,  den Dunnen JT,  Díaz C,  Dobrowolski S,  dos Santos MR,  Ekong R,  Flanagan SB,  Flicek P,  Furukawa Y,  Genuardi M,  Ghang H,  Golubenko MV,  Greenblatt MS,  Hamosh A,  Hancock JM,  Hardison R,  Harrison TM,  Hoffmann R,  Horaitis R,  Howard HJ,  Barash CI,  Izagirre N,  Jung J,  Kojima T,  Laradi S,  Lee YS,  Lee JY,  Gil-da-Silva-Lopes VL,  Macrae FA,  Maglott D,  Marafie MJ,  Marsh SG,  Matsubara Y,  Messiaen LM,  Möslein G,  Netea MG,  Norton ML,  Oefner PJ,  Oetting WS,  O'Leary JC,  de Ramirez AM,  Paalman MH,  Parboosingh J,  Patrinos GP,  Perozzi G,  Phillips IR,  Povey S,  Prasad S,  Qi M,  Quin DJ,  Ramesar RS,  Richards CS,  Savige J,  Scheible DG,  Scott RJ,  Seminara D,  Shephard EA,  Sijmons RH,  Smith TD,  Sobrido MJ,  Tanaka T,  Tavtigian SV,  Taylor GR,  Teague J,  Töpel T,  Ullman-Cullere M,  Utsunomiya J,  van Kranen HJ,  Vihinen M,  Webb E,  Weber TK,  Yeager M,  Yeom YI,  Yim SH,  Yoo HS,  Contributors to the Human Variome Project Planning Meeting
Journal: Hum Mutat
Date: 2009 Apr
Branches: CGR
PubMed ID: 19306394
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: The remarkable progress in characterizing the human genome sequence, exemplified by the Human Genome Project and the HapMap Consortium, has led to the perception that knowledge and the tools (e.g., microarrays) are sufficient for many if not most biomedical research efforts. A large amount of data from diverse studies proves this perception inaccurate at best, and at worst, an impediment for further efforts to characterize the variation in the human genome. Because variation in genotype and environment are the fundamental basis to understand phenotypic variability and heritability at the population level, identifying the range of human genetic variation is crucial to the development of personalized nutrition and medicine. The Human Variome Project (HVP; was proposed initially to systematically collect mutations that cause human disease and create a cyber infrastructure to link locus specific databases (LSDB). We report here the discussions and recommendations from the 2008 HVP planning meeting held in San Feliu de Guixols, Spain, in May 2008.