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Title: Considerations in setting up and conducting epidemiologic studies of cancer in middle- and low-income countries: the experience of a case-control study of inflammatory breast cancer in North Africa in the past 10 years.
Authors: Soliman AS,  Schairer C
Journal: Cancer Med
Date: 2012 Dec
Branches: MEB
PubMed ID: 23342283
PMC ID: PMC3544462
Abstract: This article illustrates some issues we faced during our experience in conducting an epidemiologic case-control study of inflammatory breast cancer in North Africa. We expect that some of the questions we had to ask in order to address these issues might be helpful to others in setting up epidemiologic studies in developing regions. We describe our experience from different angles including the use of multiple sites to achieve adequate sample size, standardizing diagnosis of disease, identifying cancer cases at the time of diagnosis, control selection procedures, logistics of study implementation, questionnaire development and interviewing, biologic specimens, and procedures for protection of human subjects. We have developed a brief checklist to summarize important issues for conducting future epidemiologic studies in these or similar low- or middle-income countries.