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Title: Meta-analysis of Genetic Associations in up to 339,224 Individuals Identify 66 New Loci for Bmi, Confirming a Neuronal Contribution to Body Weight Regulation and Implicating Several Novel Pathways.
Authors: Justice Anne,  North Kari,  Loos Ruth,  Vedantam Sailaja,  Day Felix,  Berndt Sonja,  Gustafsson Stefan,  Locke Adam,  Powell Corey,  Bratati Kahali,  Croteau-Chonka Damien,  Winkler Thomas,  Scherag Andre,  Barroso Ines,  Beckmann Jacqui,  Lindgren Cecilia,  Pers Tune,  Visscher Peter,  Willer Cristen,  Yang Jian,  Mohlke Karen,  Hirschorn Joel,  Ingelsson Erik,  Boehnke Michael,  Speliotes Elizabeth
Journal: Circulation
Date: 2013 Mar 26
Branches: OEEB
PubMed ID:
PMC ID: not available