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Title: Breast cancer susceptibility polymorphisms and endometrial cancer risk: a Collaborative Endometrial Cancer Study.
Authors: Healey CS,  Ahmed S,  ANECS,  AOCS Management Group,  O'Mara TA,  Ferguson K,  LES,  Lambrechts D,  Garcia-Dios DA,  Vergote I,  Amant F,  NSECG,  Howarth K,  Gorman M,  Hodgson S,  Tomlinson I,  PECS,  Yang HP,  Lissowska J,  Brinton LA,  Chanock S,  Garcia-Closas M,  SASBAC,  Hall P,  Liu J,  SEARCH,  Shah M,  Pharoah PD,  Thompson DJ,  WISE,  Rebbeck TR,  Strom BL,  Dunning AM,  Easton DF,  Spurdle AB
Journal: Carcinogenesis
Date: 2011 Dec
PubMed ID: 21965274
PMC ID: PMC3220608
Abstract: Recent large--scale association studies, both of genome-wide and candidate gene design, have revealed several single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) which are significantly associated with risk of developing breast cancer. As both breast and endometrial cancers are considered to be hormonally driven and share multiple risk factors, we investigated whether breast cancer risk alleles are also associated with endometrial cancer risk. We genotyped nine breast cancer risk SNPs in up to 4188 endometrial cases and 11,928 controls, from between three and seven Caucasian populations. None of the tested SNPs showed significant evidence of association with risk of endometrial cancer.