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Title: Common variants of FUT2 are associated with plasma vitamin B12 levels.
Authors: Hazra A,  Kraft P,  Selhub J,  Giovannucci EL,  Thomas G,  Hoover RN,  Chanock SJ,  Hunter DJ
Journal: Nat Genet
Date: 2008 Oct
Branches: CGR
PubMed ID: 18776911
PMC ID: PMC2673801
Abstract: We identified a strong association (P = 5.36 x 10(-17)) between rs492602 in FUT2 and plasma vitamin B(12) levels in a genome-wide scan (n = 1,658) and an independent replication sample (n = 1,059) from the Nurses' Health Study. Women homozygous for the rs492602[G] allele had higher B(12) levels. This allele is in strong linkage disequilibrium with the FUT2 nonsecretor variant encoding W143X, suggesting a plausible mechanism for altered B(12) absorption and plasma levels.