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Title: Design and methods in a multi-center case-control interview study.
Authors: Hartge P,  Cahill JI,  West D,  Hauck M,  Austin D,  Silverman D,  Hoover R
Journal: Am J Public Health
Date: 1984 Jan
Branches: EBP
PubMed ID: 6689843
PMC ID: PMC1651387
Abstract: We conducted a case-control study in ten areas of the United States in which a total of 2,982 bladder cancer patients and 5,782 population controls were interviewed. We employed a variety of existing and new techniques to reduce bias and to monitor the quality of data collected. We review here many of the design elements and field methods that can be generally applied in epidemiologic studies, particularly multi-center interview studies, and explain the reasons for our selection of the methods, instruments, and procedures used.