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Title: Trends in Testicular Cancer Incidence in Massachusetts
Authors: Hawk HA,  Gershman ST,  McGlynn KA
Journal: Journal of Registry Management
Date: 2007 Mar
Branches: MEB
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PMC ID: not available
Abstract: This study is the first assessment of testicular cancer incidence trends in Massachusetts for the 2 types of testicular cancer tumors: seminoma and non-seminoma. This study examines the incidence rates by time at diagnosis, age, period of birth, and stage at diagnosis for the period 1982-2002. The study also examines the main course of treatment by stage and histology type of tumor. Age-adjusted incidence rates of testicular cancer in Massachusetts have increased continuously, at a rate of 1.5% per year over the past 2 decades. Seminomas are largely responsible for the overall increasing trend. The divergent long-term trends patterns of seminoma and non-seminoma tumors in Massachusetts are consistent with national trends and suggest different etiologic factors for the 2 histological types. The analysis also found that seminoma tumors were more likely to be diagnosed at an early stage than non-seminoma tumors.