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Title: Physical activity and risk of ovarian cancer: a prospective cohort study in the United States.
Authors: Hannan LM,  Leitzmann MF,  Lacey JV Jr,  Colbert LH,  Albanes D,  Schatzkin A,  Schairer C
Journal: Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev
Date: 2004 May
Branches: MEB, BB
PubMed ID: 15159308
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Increased physical activity may lower the risk of ovarian cancer by reducing the frequency of ovulation, decreasing body fat, or diminishing chronic inflammation. Previous epidemiological studies examining the association between physical activity and risk of ovarian cancer have been inconsistent. We investigated the association of physical activity with ovarian cancer in a prospective cohort of 27,365 individuals from the Breast Cancer Detection Demonstration Project. During 227,045 person-years of follow-up, 121 cases of ovarian cancer were ascertained. Usual physical activity during the past year was assessed by a self-administered questionnaire. After adjusting for potential risk factors for ovarian cancer, the relative risks (95% confidence intervals) across increasing quintiles of total physical activity were 1.0, 0.73 (0.43-1.25), 0.84 (0.50-1.40), 0.56 (0.31-1.00), and 0.70 (0.41-1.21), respectively (P for trend = 0.13). In this prospective cohort study among U.S. women, we found no overall significant association between physical activity and risk of ovarian cancer, although the results are suggestive of an inverse association.