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Title: Is low dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids associated with depression?
Authors: Hakkarainen R,  Partonen T,  Haukka J,  Virtamo J,  Albanes D,  Lönnqvist J
Journal: Am J Psychiatry
Date: 2004 Mar
Branches: MEB, OD
PubMed ID: 14992986
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: This study examined the association between the dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids and low mood, major depression, and suicide. METHOD: A total of 29,133 men ages 50 to 69 years participated in a population-based trial in Finland. The intake of fatty acids and fish consumption were calculated from a diet history questionnaire. Self-reported depressed mood was recorded three times annually, data on hospital treatments due to a major depressive disorder were derived from the National Hospital Discharge Register, and suicides were identified from death certificates. RESULTS: There were no associations between the dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids or fish consumption and depressed mood, major depressive episodes, or suicide. CONCLUSIONS: Dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids showed no association with low mood level.