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Title: Lymphomas and leukemias in the relatives of patients with mycosis fungoides.
Authors: Greene MH,  Pinto HA,  Kant JA,  Siler K,  Vonderheid EC,  Lamberg SI,  Dalager NA
Journal: Cancer
Date: 1982 Feb 15
Branches: CGB
PubMed ID: 7055783
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Of 526 consecutive patients with cutaneous T-cell lymphomas, 21 had first-degree relatives with lymphoproliferative or hematopoietic malignancies. Twenty-nine such tumors occurred in the 21 kindreds. Hodgkin's disease accounted for one-third of this total, with various leukemias (11 cases), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (five cases), and multiple myeloma (three cases) comprising the remainder. These data suggest that genetically-determined immunoregulatory abnormalities may represent a shared pathway of oncogenesis in diverse lymphoproliferative and hematopoietic malignancies.