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Title: Ependymoma, glioblastoma, and acute leukemia in a child.
Authors: Goffman TE,  Woo SY,  Manz H,  McCullough D,  Sinks LF,  Chun BK,  Miller RW
Journal: Med Pediatr Oncol
Date: 1983
Branches: CGB
PubMed ID: 6300625
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: A 5-year-old boy developed an ependymoma; 3 years later, after chemotherapy and radiotherapy, he developed glioblastoma multiforme and acute myeloblastic leukemia. His maternal grandmother had died at a young age of colon cancer. Since ependymoma is not known to predispose to other cancers, the unusual sequence of malignant disease may have been due to combined therapy in a susceptible host.