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Title: A mitochondrial target sequence polymorphism in manganese superoxide dismutase predicts inferior survival in breast cancer patients treated with cyclophosphamide.
Authors: Glynn SA,  Boersma BJ,  Howe TM,  Edvardsen H,  Geisler SB,  Goodman JE,  Ridnour LA,  Lønning PE,  Børresen-Dale AL,  Naume B,  Kristensen VN,  Chanock SJ,  Wink DA,  Ambs S
Journal: Clin Cancer Res
Date: 2009 Jun 15
Branches: CGR
PubMed ID: 19509150
PMC ID: PMC2697269
Abstract: PURPOSE: Manganese superoxide dismutase protects against oxidative damage and modulates the efficacy of chemotherapeutic drugs. A functional single-nucleotide polymorphism in codon 16 of SOD2 (rs4880), which encodes manganese superoxide dismutase, results in a substitution of valine by alanine (Val16Ala). We hypothesized that this single-nucleotide polymorphism affects breast cancer survival of patients receiving chemotherapy. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN: Two patient populations from the United States (n = 248) and Norway (n = 340) were genotyped for Val16Ala. Kaplan-Meier survival and Cox proportional hazards regression analyses were used to examine the relationship between Val16Ala and disease-specific survival. RESULTS: Val16Ala was significantly associated with breast cancer outcome in both patient populations. Carriers of the Ala allele had inferior survival rates in the multivariate analysis [hazard ratio (HR), 2.44 and 95% confidence interval (95% CI), 1.11-5.37 in U.S. cohort; HR, 1.91 and 95% CI, 1.06-3.45 in Norway cohort for Ala/Ala versus Val/Val]. In an analysis of the combined cohorts, this association was significant for patients receiving adjuvant therapy (HR, 2.47; 95% CI, 1.46-4.19), but not for patients without it (HR, 1.47; 95% CI, 0.57-3.74). After further stratification by type of chemotherapy, the effect of the Ala allele was mostly restricted to cyclophosphamide-containing chemotherapy regimens (HR, 22.0; 95% CI, 5.22-92.9; Ala/Ala versus Val/Val). CONCLUSION: The Val16Ala polymorphism affects survival of patients receiving cyclophosphamide-containing chemotherapy. The findings provide the first evidence pointing toward a mechanism for cyclophosphamide resistance in breast cancer patients.