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Title: Approximate interval estimation of the ratio of binomial parameters: a review and corrections for skewness.
Authors: Gart JJ,  Nam J
Journal: Biometrics
Date: 1988 Jun
Branches: BB
PubMed ID: 3291957
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Various methods for finding confidence intervals for the ratio of binomial parameters are reviewed and evaluated numerically. It is found that the method based on likelihood scores (Koopman, 1984, Biometrics 40, 513-517; Miettinen and Nurminen, 1985, Statistics in Medicine 4, 213-226) performs best in achieving the nominal confidence coefficient, but it may distribute the tail probabilities quite disparately. Using general theory of Bartlett (1953, Biometrika 40, 306-317; 1955, Biometrika 42, 201-203), we correct this method for asymptotic skewness. Following Gart (1985, Biometrika 72, 673-677), we extend this correction to the case of estimating the common ratio in a series of two-by-two tables. Computing algorithms are given and applied to numerical examples. Parallel methods for the odds ratio and the ratio of Poisson parameters are noted.