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Title: Retrospective dose assessment for the population living in areas of local fallout from the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site Part II: Internal exposure to thyroid.
Authors: Gordeev K,  Shinkarev S,  Ilyin L,  Bouville A,  Hoshi M,  Luckyanov N,  Simon SL
Journal: J Radiat Res
Date: 2006 Feb
Branches: REB
PubMed ID: 16571928
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: A methodology to assess internal exposure to thyroid from radioiodines for the residents living in settlements located in the vicinity of the Semipalatinsk Nuclear Test Site is described that is the result of many years of research, primarily at the Moscow Institute of Biophysics. This methodology introduces two important concepts. First, the biologically active fraction, is defined as the fraction of the total activity on fallout particles with diameter less than 50 microns. That fraction is retained by vegetation and will ultimately result in contamination of dairy products. Second, the relative distance is derived as a dimensionless quantity from information on test yield, maximum height of cloud, and average wind velocity and describes how the biologically active fraction is distributed with distance from the site of the explosion. The parameter is derived in such a way that at locations with equal values of relative distance, the biologically active fraction will be the same for any test. The estimates of internal exposure to thyroid for the residents of Dolon and Kanonerka villages, for which the external exposure were assessed and given in a companion paper (Gordeev et al. 2006) in this conference, are presented. The main sources of uncertainty in the estimates are identified.