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Title: Efficiency robust tests for mapping quantitative trait loci using extremely discordant sib pairs.
Authors: Freidlin B,  Zheng G,  Li Z,  Gastwirth JL
Journal: Hum Hered
Date: 2003
Branches: BB
PubMed ID: 12931050
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: In 1972, Haseman and Elston proposed a pioneering regression method for mapping quantitative trait loci using randomly selected sib pairs. Recently, the statistical power of their method was shown to be increased when extremely discordant sib pairs are ascertained. While the precise genetic model may not be known, prior information that constrains IBD probabilities is often available. We investigate properties of tests that are robust against model uncertainty and show that the power gain from further constraining IBD probabilities is marginal. The additional linkage information contained in the trait values can be incorporated by combining the Haseman-Elston regression method and a robust allele sharing test.