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Title: Characterization of the genomic structure of the human vitamin C transporter SVCT1 (SLC23A2).
Authors: Erichsen HC,  Eck P,  Levine M,  Chanock S
Journal: J Nutr
Date: 2001 Oct
Branches: LGS, OD
PubMed ID: 11584081
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), a critical cofactor for intracellular enzymatic reactions, functions as a scavenger of free oxygen radicals and is an essential micronutrient. Vitamin C is actively transported into cells by one of two closely related sodium-dependent transporters, SVCT1 or SVCT2. In this paper, we report the complete sequencing and gene structure of SLC23A2, the gene encoding SVCT1. The1797-bp cDNA sequence (open reading frame) of the SLC23A2 gene was derived from a compact genomic sequence of 7966 bp [translation initiation codon (ATG) to poly A tail], which is divided into 14 exons. Furthermore, repetitive or masked elements constituted 17.98% of the gene; there were 4 Alu sequences and 5 MIR (Mammalian Interspersed Repetitive element) sequences. A search for common variants in SLC23A2, using current bioinformatic tools and direct resequencing of control populations, failed to identify common single nucleotide polymorphisms. The start of transcription was mapped to a position -47 relative to the ATG; the immediate 5' sequence was determined and analyzed for possible consensus binding sites for known transcription factors. Our findings will serve as the foundation for investigation of the regulation and expression of the tissue-specific sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter, SLC23A2.