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Title: Evaluation of reversed-phase liquid chromatographic columns for recovery and selectivity of selected carotenoids.
Authors: Epler KS,  Sander LC,  Ziegler RG,  Wise SA,  Craft NE
Journal: J Chromatogr
Date: 1992 Mar 20
Branches: EBP
PubMed ID: 1577914
PMC ID: not available
Abstract: Sixty commercially available and five experimental liquid chromatography columns were evaluated for the separation and recovery of seven carotenoid compounds. Methanol- and acetonitrile-based solvents (either straight or modified with ethyl acetate or tetrahydrofuran) were compared to determine which solvent systems and which columns provided better selectivity and recovery. Methanol-based solvents typically provided higher recoveries than did acetonitrile-based solvents. Polymeric C18 phases generally provided better selectivity for the difficult separation of lutein and zeaxanthin than did monomeric C18 phases.