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Title: Database of meteorological and radiation measurements made in Belarus during the first three months following the Chernobyl accident.
Authors: Drozdovitch V,  Zhukova O,  Germenchuk M,  Khrutchinsky A,  Kukhta T,  Luckyanov N,  Minenko V,  Podgaiskaya M,  Savkin M,  Vakulovsky S,  Voillequé P,  Bouville A
Journal: J Environ Radioact
Date: 2013 Feb
Branches: REB
PubMed ID: 23103580
PMC ID: PMC3519970
Abstract: Results of all available meteorological and radiation measurements that were performed in Belarus during the first three months after the Chernobyl accident were collected from various sources and incorporated into a single database. Meteorological information such as precipitation, wind speed and direction, and temperature in localities were obtained from meteorological station facilities. Radiation measurements include gamma-exposure rate in air, daily fallout, concentration of different radionuclides in soil, grass, cow's milk and water as well as total beta-activity in cow's milk. Considerable efforts were made to evaluate the reliability of the measurements that were collected. The electronic database can be searched according to type of measurement, date, and location. The main purpose of the database is to provide reliable data that can be used in the reconstruction of thyroid doses resulting from the Chernobyl accident.