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Title: Fine scale mapping of the 17q22 breast cancer locus using dense SNPs, genotyped within the Collaborative Oncological Gene-Environment Study (COGs).
Authors: Darabi H,  Beesley J,  Droit A,  Kar S,  Nord S,  Moradi Marjaneh M,  Soucy P,  Michailidou K,  Ghoussaini M,  Fues Wahl H,  Bolla MK,  Wang Q,  Dennis J,  Alonso MR,  Andrulis IL,  Anton-Culver H,  Arndt V,  Beckmann MW,  Benitez J,  Bogdanova NV,  Bojesen SE,  Brauch H,  Brenner H,  Broeks A,  Brüning T,  Burwinkel B,  Chang-Claude J,  Choi JY,  Conroy DM,  Couch FJ,  Cox A,  Cross SS,  Czene K,  Devilee P,  Dörk T,  Easton DF,  Fasching PA,  Figueroa J,  Fletcher O,  Flyger H,  Galle E,  García-Closas M,  Giles GG,  Goldberg MS,  González-Neira A,  Guénel P,  Haiman CA,  Hallberg E,  Hamann U,  Hartman M,  Hollestelle A,  Hopper JL,  Ito H,  Jakubowska A,  Johnson N,  Kang D,  Khan S,  Kosma VM,  Kriege M,  Kristensen V,  Lambrechts D,  Le Marchand L,  Lee SC,  Lindblom A,  Lophatananon A,  Lubinski J,  Mannermaa A,  Manoukian S,  Margolin S,  Matsuo K,  Mayes R,  McKay J,  Meindl A,  Milne RL,  Muir K,  Neuhausen SL,  Nevanlinna H,  Olswold C,  Orr N,  Peterlongo P,  Pita G,  Pylkäs K,  Rudolph A,  Sangrajrang S,  Sawyer EJ,  Schmidt MK,  Schmutzler RK,  Seynaeve C,  Shah M,  Shen CY,  Shu XO,  Southey MC,  Stram DO,  Surowy H,  Swerdlow A,  Teo SH,  Tessier DC,  Tomlinson I,  Torres D,  Truong T,  Vachon CM,  Vincent D,  Winqvist R,  Wu AH,  Wu PE,  Yip CH,  Zheng W,  Pharoah PD,  Hall P,  Edwards SL,  Simard J,  French JD,  Chenevix-Trench G,  Dunning AM
Journal: Sci Rep
Date: 2016 Sep 7
Branches: MEB, OD, OEEB
PubMed ID: 27600471
PMC ID: PMC5013272
Abstract: Genome-wide association studies have found SNPs at 17q22 to be associated with breast cancer risk. To identify potential causal variants related to breast cancer risk, we performed a high resolution fine-mapping analysis that involved genotyping 517 SNPs using a custom Illumina iSelect array (iCOGS) followed by imputation of genotypes for 3,134 SNPs in more than 89,000 participants of European ancestry from the Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC). We identified 28 highly correlated common variants, in a 53 Kb region spanning two introns of the STXBP4 gene, that are strong candidates for driving breast cancer risk (lead SNP rs2787486 (OR = 0.92; CI 0.90-0.94; P = 8.96 × 10(-15))) and are correlated with two previously reported risk-associated variants at this locus, SNPs rs6504950 (OR = 0.94, P = 2.04 × 10(-09), r(2) = 0.73 with lead SNP) and rs1156287 (OR = 0.93, P = 3.41 × 10(-11), r(2) = 0.83 with lead SNP). Analyses indicate only one causal SNP in the region and several enhancer elements targeting STXBP4 are located within the 53 kb association signal. Expression studies in breast tumor tissues found SNP rs2787486 to be associated with increased STXBP4 expression, suggesting this may be a target gene of this locus.