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Title: Evaluation of a questionnaire to assess sedentary and active behaviors in the Southern Community Cohort Study.
Authors: Buchowski MS,  Matthews CE,  Cohen SS,  Signorello LB,  Fowke JH,  Hargreaves MK,  Schlundt DG,  Blot WJ
Journal: J Phys Act Health
Date: 2012 Aug
Branches: MEB
PubMed ID: 21952413
PMC ID: PMC3527833
Abstract: BACKGROUND: Low physical activity (PA) is linked to cancer and other diseases prevalent in racial/ethnic minorities and low-income populations. This study evaluated the PA questionnaire (PAQ) used in the Southern Cohort Community Study, a prospective investigation of health disparities between African-American and white adults. METHODS: The PAQ was administered upon entry into the cohort (PAQ1) and after 12-15 months (PAQ2) in 118 participants (40-60 year-old, 48% male, 74% African-American). Test-retest reliability (PAQ1 versus PAQ2) was assessed using Spearman correlations and the Wilcoxon signed rank test. Criterion validity of the PAQ was assessed via comparison with a PA monitor and a last-month PA survey (LMPAS), administered up to 4 times in the study period. RESULTS: The PAQ test-retest reliability ranged from 0.25-0.54 for sedentary behaviors and 0.22-0.47 for active behaviors. The criterion validity for the PAQ compared with PA monitor ranged from 0.21-0.24 for sedentary behaviors and from 0.17-0.31 for active behaviors. There was general consistency in the magnitude of correlations between the PAQ and PA-monitor between African-Americans and whites. CONCLUSIONS: The SCCS-PAQ has fair to moderate test-retest reliability and demonstrated some evidence of criterion validity for ranking participants by their level of sedentary and active behaviors.