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Title: Validation of 131I ecological transfer models and thyroid dose assessments using Chernobyl fallout data from the Plavsk district, Russia.
Authors: Zvonova I,  Krajewski P,  Berkovsky V,  Ammann M,  Duffa C,  Filistovic V,  Homma T,  Kanyar B,  Nedveckaite T,  Simon SL,  Vlasov O,  Webbe-Wood D
Journal: J Environ Radioact
Date: 2010 Jan
Branches: REB
PubMed ID: 19783331
PMC ID: PMC2791700
Abstract: Within the project "Environmental Modelling for Radiation Safety" (EMRAS) organized by the IAEA in 2003 experimental data of (131)I measurements following the Chernobyl accident in the Plavsk district of Tula region, Russia were used to validate the calculations of some radioecological transfer models. Nine models participated in the inter-comparison. Levels of (137)Cs soil contamination in all the settlements and (131)I/(137)Cs isotopic ratios in the depositions in some locations were used as the main input information. 370 measurements of (131)I content in thyroid of townspeople and villagers, and 90 measurements of (131)I concentration in milk were used for validation of the model predictions. A remarkable improvement in models performance comparing with previous inter-comparison exercise was demonstrated. Predictions of the various models were within a factor of three relative to the observations, discrepancies between the estimates of average doses to thyroid produced by most participant not exceeded a factor of ten.