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Title: Association of Melanocortin-1 Receptor Variants with Pigmentary Traits in Humans: A Pooled Analysis from the M-Skip Project.
Authors: Tagliabue E,  Gandini S,  García-Borrón JC,  Maisonneuve P,  Newton-Bishop J,  Polsky D,  Lazovich D,  Kumar R,  Ghiorzo P,  Ferrucci L,  Gruis NA,  Puig S,  Kanetsky PA,  Motokawa T,  Ribas G,  Landi MT,  Fargnoli MC,  Wong TH,  Stratigos A,  Helsing P,  Guida G,  Autier P,  Han J,  Little J,  Sera F,  Raimondi S,  M-SKIP Study group
Journal: J Invest Dermatol
Date: 2016 Sep
Branches: BB, ITEB, MEB
PubMed ID: 27251790
PMC ID: PMC5317175